November 2021; Who's hiring?

Hey workstream leads, do you have any positions open? Please list them below so that community members know about them!

@DisruptionJoe @ceresstation @kyle @phutchins

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Moonshot Collective is looking for

  1. Product Managers
  2. Software Engineers who know React
  3. Project Managers

Join the telegram and say hi in channel to get involved.

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Gitcoin Holdings is hiring

  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Accounting Manager

Apply at

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Memes, Merch & Marketing is looking for

:card_file_box: Project Managers
:speaking_head: Coordinatooooor
:art: Designers
:video_camera: Video editing & animation
:trophy: Moar Memelords

Head to and click “Join MMM” to get started!


Looks like there are openings posted at Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. as well. I think these are current?


Mostly current. There is a big Notion revamp going on to be launched in a week or two so some may not be updated if anyone thought it was going to be launched sooner. Close enough though.

The new version is going to be much more clear with “roles” as job descriptions clearly linked to the initiatives.


FDD Q4 Openings

Anti-Sybil ML

  1. Data Engineer - Full Time (Same position as Data / DevOps Stream)
  2. Data Scientists - Contributors to the open source feature engineering pipeline
  3. Software Developers - Contributors to the open source feature engineering pipeline

Evaluation Squads

  1. Multiple squads vote to accept new contributors (Squads self govern dRewards (Grant Approvals, ML Human Evaluations, Onboarding reviews, Grant Disputes, Appeals)


  1. Policy Expert (1-5 hrs/wk)
  2. Anti-fraud documentation (1-5 hrs/wk)
  3. Computer Science Expert (1-5 hrs/wk)


  1. Open participation - Contributors voted in by stream

CrossStream DAOops

  1. Project Management - DAO Operations (Full Time)
  2. Onboarding Specialists - host onboarding calls and work with community experience squad (2-10 hrs/wk)
  3. Accounting Help - Support for accounting (10-15 hours)
  4. Legal Contributors (Squad vote to accept new contributors)

User Support

  1. Discord Support (10+ hrs/wk)
  2. Knowledge Base contributors (Squad vote to accept new contributors)
  3. Translators (Squad vote to accept contributors & bounties)

Can’t wait to see more talents working for open source! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Joe, I wonder if this is possible and I just want to ask the following question:

-Could I take on a part time position with Project Management - DAO Operations?

I am currently a Grant Reviews Squad Lead, involved in Policy and also in the Research Group.

You can also count on my for the Onboarding Specialists as it’s my pleasure to bring new people into Gitcoin DAO. It’s a natural role for me as I already briefed a lot of folks on what we’re collectively working at in the FDD, MMM and Moonshot collective streams and directed them to the DAO onboarding procedures afterwards.

I talked with Armand yesterday and he asked if I could help out with the Onboardings. I already told him I would. :slight_smile:

PS. If I take on a Full time position in Project Management - DAO Operations I am worried that I could not contribute to my full capabilities in the Policy, Grant Reviews and Research Squads thus my impact will diminish to an extent over there.



User Support is recruiting:

  1. Discord Support (10+ hrs/wk) (3-5ppl)
  2. Knowledge Base contributors (Squad vote to accept new contributors)
  3. Translators (Squad vote to accept contributors & bounties)

If you’d like to join, please ping me in Discord server.


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Hey Zer8 feel free to dm me on this. I think it makes total sense to help out with onboarding for now (armand mentioned it to me). For any full-time position we’re still defining this, but we can definitely keep on chatting!


FDD Policy Group still looking for a passionate motivated person to join us. We are drafting and maintaining the documents related to the GitcoinDao. It is a great position for folks without computer programming experience. Contribute as much or as little as you like on your schedule. Welcome to the GitcoinDao.

Please message me on discord: David (please DYOR…)#4116 for more information.


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