Introducing Stewards Governance

Hey Essem - I like your comments here about DAOs. If it’s ok, I’d like to share an article I recently posted about DAOs evolving into manufacturing: AI & DAOs - The Rise of The Manufacturing DAO — FrontierDAO

Lets connect and discuss? My twitter is @FrontierDAO (or paigedonner on LinkedIn). I’m also a steward here at Gitcoin.

Cheers -


Gitcoin Username

ETH Address
vinayvasanji.eth / 0x12C6920A4ACC4Dae6B3992903a48ADcBfFe5dC5E

Discord Handle

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining
I care deeply about about digital public infrastructure, and in particular the design and deployment of better, more user-centric, solutions for decentralized identity. Gitcoin is best placed to advance these technologies, and I am excited to support it’s mission as a Steward.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I previously led technical community at Blockchain Commons, an open source technology nonprofit founded by internet cryptography and self-sovereign identity pioneer Christopher Allen. In addition, I cofounded the Humanetics Workshop, an interdisciplinary working group focused on advancing proof of personhood discourse and technologies for cryptoeconomic systems. The project was awarded an Ethereum Foundation grant in 2021. More recently I built Everyname, a name and address middleware protocol that fetches data from any blockchain naming system. It is a free-to-use public good for the community.

  • Gitcoin Username: deana

  • ETH Address: deanay2k.eth

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:
    Long digital optimism. Long public goods. Long positive sum games. Gitcoin’s got it all!

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I’m the co-founder of Boys Club and over the past year and a half, have helped nurture a community of thousands of people - primarily women - around the world. The mission of Boys Club is to bring new voices to the new internet. We do that through our social DAO and Discord, through various media channels, and through IRL events. I write a weekly newsletter on web3, host 2 podcasts and throw events from trivia nights to fireside chats. Boys Club also publishes a physical and digital Zine, and generally we love to experiment with the tech, especially when and where it intersects with culture. I’m also involved with Celo and helped steward the recent rebrand, and love the regenerative finance movement generally. In addition to building community, I’m skilled at translating a complicated, technical world into concepts that anyone can understand, and I’m excited for the opportunity to bring that to Gitcoin.


Gitcoin username: JAYBKMB

ETH Address: 0x246485A4E41130A24574C97cAE042C6E446065B0

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped some of the world’s biggest and best brands engage more effectively with their most important audiences, and in that time, I’ve seen first-hand the power that people possess - when mobilized - to create meaningful change at scale. For the past 2 years, I’ve seen it more intimately as a pro bono senior advisor to KultureCity, the world’s leading nonprofit on sensory needs and invisible disabilities. When I took the plunge into web3 as a strategist and partnerships lead 3 years ago, I saw the potential of this new technology to uplift disenfranchised populations in a variety of ways, and when I first met Kevin Owocki a year ago - and participated in my first Gitcoin funding round on behalf of KultureCity earlier this year - I saw the vision clear as day. Quadratic funding - empowering the will of the people to unlock potentially billions of dollars in corporate funds - ensuring that the causes real people care about most passionately are disproportionately supported - is one of the most consequential opportunities of our time. And I am uniquely qualified to help onboard partner brands, web3 natives and folks who have never even heard of the blockchain but are committed to doing good in the world and in their world.

One of the biggest challenges in front of Gitcoin is making it all make sense for a variety of constituencies. I am not a tech wiz. I’m the guy who for 20 years has dedicated myself to helping people like me - from all walks of life - wrap their heads around technically complex topics, and I’m here to tell you - the blockchain and other key facets of web3 intimidates, confuses and scares not only the mainstream, but many folks who have been immersed in crypto and NFTs for years. As senior web3 strategist for TIME over the past year, I’ve worked with clients including Conde Nast, Nat Geo, Mastercard, the City of Miami, the estate of Frank Sinatra, Paris Hilton and many others to help them better understand this space and find the right opportunities to bring value and scale their communities. I’m confident and excited about playing my part and doing the same on behalf of Gitcoin, an organization I’ve come to love, respect, and want to my very core to help expand this movement.

And make no mistake - Gitcoin is a movement - a movement for good, for equality, for change and for the future.

I look forward to deploying the lessons I’ve learned, relationships I’ve built, and successes I’ve achieved over the past 20 years to good use.

By helping to steward this workstream, I commit to helping Gitcoin expand upon its successes in a transparent, accountable way, alongside any and all ecosystem partners engaged on this journey.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Senior web3 strategist for TIME across both TIMEPieces (B2C community with 100k members, a dozen drops with 168 of the biggest artists / creators in web3 (Micah Johnson, Drift, Fvckrender, Nyla Hayes, Patrick Amadon, etc) and TIME3 Lab, with clients including Mastercard, Salesforce, the City of Miami, Conde Nast, Universal Music, the estate of Frank Sinatra and others.
  • Led IP acquisition for the largest marketplace on the FLOW blockchain, with clients including the NBA, NFL and CNN
  • Onboarded KultureCity to their first Gitcoin funding round last quarter
  • Head of strategy for the upcoming launch of the F*** THE NEVERS NFT project on behalf of KultureCity, with 100% of proceeds going towards creating safe spaces for kids with autism
  • Interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders in web3 on my show Break it Down with Jay, including Luca Netz of Pudgy Penguins and Loxley of Rug Radio

Gitcoin Username jelena647

ETH Address jelenadjuric.eth

Discord Handle Jelena#6600

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Over the years, Gitcoin’s mission has evolved from a philosophy for how to organize and fund the development of decentralized communities, to operating “in production” and actually funding critically important work throughout the nascent blockchain ecosystem.

My values are perfectly aligned with Gitcoin’s mission statement. This vision ensures that the development of public goods can continue to flourish amidst a complex fundraising environment that often misallocates capital towards maximally extractive goods and services.

Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of core development teams across various protocols including Dfinity, Celo, and most recently, Cosmos. Throughout those experiences, I’ve observed the importance of transparent and well-scoped funding programs that empower development teams to do their best work. This has ranged from purely governance driven fundraising mechanisms to venture-backed incubations. While these mechanisms for capital allocation all serve a unique set of purposes, I’ve repeatedly revisited the “Gitcoin model” which, through its meta-governance structures, continues to create a high standard for community building around decentralized development efforts.

In sum, it would be an honor to serve the Gitcoin community as a Gitcoin steward.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Co-Founder & CEO of Noble (a Cosmos project)
  • Co-Founder of Canadian Web3 Council (a national advocacy organization)
  • Strategic Advisor to Kado Money (a well adopted and successful fiat on/off ramp & wallet for the crypto ecosystem)
  • 6 years of full time experience in blockchains/crypto across a number of roles including: Community Management, Business Development, Product Marketing, Communications, Investor Relations & more :slight_smile:

Name: Vikram

ENS: intheclouds.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

My vision is to make use of innovative technologies and deep wisdom for a global transition towards a Regenerative Economy - a World where our daily actions regenerate our asset base and relationships to self, others and the planet.

I am deeply involved in exploring and developing applications of Web3 (including Blockchain infrastructure, Tokenisation, DeFi, Crypto and NFTs) to Sustainable and Regenerative Development projects.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:


  • Implemented first ever engagement with a DAO for leading Fortune 500 Energy company

  • Developed global Web3 Strategy for accelerating the Energy Transition

  • Led valuation of Renewable Energy Mega-Projects

  • Re-trained 200+ Energy Economists in Project Financing and Renewables valuation techniques

  • Gitcoin Username


  • ETH Address


Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I am deeply passionate about Gitcoin’s mission, and wholeheartedly believe in our potential for significant global impact. I’ve worked in Gitcoin’s MMM Workstream for a year, where I initially took on writing and content management roles before stepping into project and campaign coordination across the various brands (while still overseeing content across all channels). I’ve been full time since September, 2022.

I greatly value effective coordination and understand its crucial role in our collective mission and individual contributions. I equally like to understand tasks and decisions deeply from all angles, actively trying to fill gaps and refine processes. A few of the key initiatives I’ve co-led/led have been to run multiple flagship grants round marketing campaigns (namely Alpha & Beta Round), help navigate our community through the transition from cGrants to Grants Stack and I helped revamp our support pages. I’m currently running campaigns across all products: Grants Stack, Allo Protocol, Gitcoin Passport, alongside the Gitcoin Grants program and the overall Gitcoin brand. I’m working on refining processes of grants round marketing, as well as helping set up processes to become more efficient with our coordination efforts.

I am dedicated to fostering cross-functional improvements and championing decisions that push us towards our shared goals. My intention as a steward is to leverage my experience and skills to boost our strategic and operational efficiency, and I am excited to be a part of the decision-making processes moving forward as we continue to scale, especially in how we intentionally execute on external (and internal) comms.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Currently a full time Project/Campaign Coordinator in the MMM workstream (1year)
    • Working across all the products and within Gitcoin Grants, I have a deep understanding of them, how they tie in with one another and the coordination and crosstream efforts needed to execute efficiently.
  • Managed a ReFi publication at ixo
  • Freelance ReFi writer and researcher
    • A lot of my research centered tokenized carbon markets, ecocredits and impact markets — specifically digging into how to track and measure on-the-ground impact in the ReFi ecosystem.
  • Journalist (previous to web3)

Prior to journalism, I have approximately 6 years of Marketing and Coordination experience.


Gitcoin username: TheCollinsFamily

ETH address: 0x2a2b31342a236d7a4DB3a8F649f26C646DCEe0e2

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: Our life goal is to set a path for a sustainable, prosperous, pluralistic, future for our species. Whether we’re talking about the creation of new nations, new cultures, or new social structures, web3 dramatically expands the options available to us in ways that were not even conceivable during previous attempts to optimize these systems. Gitcoin has been critical in the web3 ecosystem and it is only natural it would play a role in how those systems become threaded into the social and governmental fabric of our world. We want to work to ensure that happens.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have: We wrote the Pragmatist’s Guide to Governance—a book that topped the WSJ’s bestseller list and was described by Glen Weyl (co-creator of quadratic voting and founder of Radical Exchange), as “probably the highest information gain thing I’ve read on [governance] in a good while and probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever read on it. I am far from “agreeing” with most of it, but I don’t thin that’s the point…regardless of your perspective, you’ll get something from this."

In addition to being governance theory nerds, we put a lot of thought and research into how humans function in this new world of technology more broadly. This is something we go deep into on The Green Pill Podcast with Kevin Owocki, Kyle Weiss, and Kevin Olsen. We also cover these topics a lot on our own podcast, Based Camp.

Regarding Web3 specifically: We’ve been stoked about it since we went through a mostly-crypto-startup-saturated 500 Startups batch back in 2014, which is what first got us exposed to the community. We know it has transformative potential and would love to participate in that transformation.

Why we applied as a two-person unit: Web3 dramatically expands the concept of what the granular unit of humanity is as it applies to our relationships with others. While in modern Western culture the individual is the core unit of identity, this has not been the historical norm. Thus, in experimenting with one new model of a cultural group that both values gender equality but is also resistant to prosperity-induced fertility collapse (something that is very rare), we have built a culture in which the core unit of identity is the family itself. As such, our social media accounts, bank accounts, crypto wallets, and emails are shared. We also run all our companies together, run all our foundations together, and write all our books together. (This actually lowers our voting power dramatically in most quadratic voting environments but makes sense since most people know us from our shared identity.)


Gitcoin Username:

ETH Address:

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I am new to web3 but at the same time I am curious and excited to dive into this world and GitCoin in particular. I think that effective and transparent governance should extend beyond closed circles and should be accessible to a wider audience, including newcomers like myself.

Besides that, I spent a major part of my academic journey on sybil defense, and I am keen about contributing my expertise to strengthen systems such as Passport ensuring trustworthiness and reputation of GitCoin and its quadratic funding method.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Proficient Data Scientist and Software Engineer
  • Extensive experience in researching and implementing sybil defense methods throughout my academic career
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We welcome a number of new Gitcoin delegates from exceptionally diverse backgrounds - a deSci scientist and Zuzalu participant, former VP of of product, R&D product manager from the sports and entertainment industry, a physician looking at web3 to improve individual and collective mental health, an tech lead from the Blockchain Commons, the co-founder of Boys Club and advocate of women in web3, a senior strategist for TIME magazine, a web3 multiple-times-founder, a strategic thinker from a Fortune 500 energy provider, a prolific marketer and former journalist, and our first “two person - one entity” steward (s?) with backgrounds as authors, entrepreneurs, and future thinking.

Welcome to @borisdyakov, @meglister, @essemharris @Jag @vinayvasanji, @deana, @JAYBKMB, @Jelena647, @Vikram, @MathildaDV, @TheCollinsFamily

Here is our onboarding plan which will give you a great starting point. Please do hit the “Get connected” component to make sure you have the inside track - and get invited to the fun stuff…

get connected !


Excited to be a part of this! FYI-- I sent you a Discord friend request, and some of the links in that sheet are broken.


It’s great to join the stewardship :pray::fire::rocket:


In the event that this has been discussed elsewhere, I hesitate to create a new topic.

I have noticed that there is no governance voting power for locked GTC on Snapshot - has this been previously voted upon, or did it turn out this way by default?

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Verifying my forum identity for gitcoin governance
addr: 0xA1722470f8C85BCdff47ec350CbFF9c8344a571B
sig: 0x8a1c7ef8b9f38940d1014e7bfa5919da44aa9b7babc39ffd3a85ee7f9ffbb18840a51651b207f42bff9b3a4f16f48584b939bd9601b42040d7b991dc20b178d51b

Gitcoin Username:

hey there is no cgrants anymore so no “Gitcoin Username” really anymore! but from 2017 - 2023 i was !

ETH Address:

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I am Kevin Owocki, one of the co-founders of Gitcoin. I helped usher it through the 2017-2022 market cycle before Passing the Torch in July 2022. Fast forward to September 2023, I plan on reaffiliating with Gitcoin and helping usher it through this market cycle.

The team has made solid strides in decentralizing the tech, expanding the use cases and exploring new growth areas. Im interested in helping the DAO double down on whats working, and figure out if/how we can abandon what’s not.

I think much of the community’s criticism during GG18 of Gitcoin is valid + looking forward to turning the corner together with the team AND the ecosystem.

Anticipated focal areas:

  1. ecosystem legibility (both from gitcoin => ecosystem and ecosystem => gitcoin, also intra-gitcoin i think i can help different subgroups understand each other)
  2. product adoption
  3. financial sustainability
  4. eventual ossification & decentralized governance

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:



I have stumbled upon this in a recent search for stewarding related topics and research about DAOs in general. I am a very active contributor in ENS DAO. A couple years ago I felt a lack of interaction and online socialization for the previous years and decided that I am no longer going to be a sideline speculator contributing to meaningless conversation with unintended people. I decided to get involved and dove straight into ENS contribution and governance. Since then I have nominated myself for meta-governance steward elections and also part of a working group in support of the DAO discussion forum. Naturally, I am an investigative quality assurance guru highly influenced by structure of organizational processes and enforcement of policy of which military service has taught me. I love to challenge that status quo not for the sake of it, but for if good reason and argument is reasonable, ethical and within the bounds of the organization. So really, I suppose that I"m exploring different governance structures as confining myself to ENS and ENS alone can create blindfolds over any leadership accolades that I could develop in other governance environments. Not only that, but simply being in the loops else where can help guide perspective of the ethereum ecosystem in a different manner, removing any hitchiking hidden biases I might display. If anything, it will be great to interact and meet new people.


This noble. Reading this, one question I have is, to what extent has this progressive mission extended beyond the comfort zone of the community to areas such as Africa, where web3 is a key need with proven use cases?

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I am one of the many who have had the opportunity to be on the Greenpill show. That opportunity was greatly impactful. Thank you for what you are doing for economic freedom for the citizens of the world.

Checking back in, was some year/s ago. I’m Philip from Sweden, been in crypto since the creation of ETH. So around 10 years. I have the biggest community in Scandinavia called Cryptocurrencies Sweden that I founded in 2017. We are traders and investors, but I’m also specialized inte cyber security, so often help projects when I got time over to fix security flaws and bugs, anti-patterns and secure code and so on.

Be blessed.


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Gitcoin Username: Sov

ETH Address: 0x5F834C8f70baaEAfAd00662Cd214245c9A1A9ef5

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Since 2020, my journey in the crypto grant ecosystem has been driven by a belief in the power of community-driven initiatives. This experience solidified my commitment to fostering impactful programs. At Gitcoin, I see an opportunity to leverage my unique insights and experiences to further empower the community, enhancing both product adoption and the effectiveness of our programs.

My journey in the crypto grant space, coupled with my leadership experience, aligns with Gitcoin’s mission. As a Steward, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the community, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the crypto grant ecosystem.

What Qualifications / Skills I Have:

  • 10+ years running a mid-sized Systems Integrator.
  • Proficient in program development and project management.
  • Previous experience with local, state, and federal government grants with a 501c3
  • Researching and writing about grant programs since 2020. You can find my work here.
  • Creator and Curator of LlamaoGrants and Blockworks Grantfarm.
  • Creator of Curator Crypto Grant Wire.
  • Creator and Curator of Sov’s Compendium.
  • Grantee Experience: Aave Grants DAO, Polygon Village Grantee
  • Current Partnerships & Program Lead @ Gitcoin
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