Steward Council Elections v3 announcement & election results!

ELECTIONS ARE NOW COMPLETE** (post updated 7.26.2023)

Gitcoin has elected the next cohort of members to its Gitcoin Stewards Council. The Gitcoin Stewards Council was created in March 2022 as a governance mechanism and has continued to refine the objectives, selection methods, and compensation of selected Gitcoin Steward Council members.

The newly elected council will serve its new term for 180 days

Gitcoin Workstream Steward Council members:

Member Workstream
@Jeremy Passport
@azeem Public Goods Funding
@Viriya Marketing Memes and Merch
@nategosselin Allo/Grants Stack
@kyle Gitcoin Foundation

Quadratically elected Steward Council members:

External Council Members:

Snapshot results:

Steward Council Voting is now live! (post updated 07.18.2023)

As per the Proposal: V2 of the Steward Council & the [Proposal] - Amendments to the Steward Council the vote for the next Steward Council is now live.

This vote will be conducted on Snapshot using “token weighted quadratic voting” which means every GTC token holder can cast any percentage of their delegates tokens to the candidates using the Quadratic Voting methodology.

Given this is a Quadratic Vote, we are implementing a higher level of sybil protection via Gitcoin Passport. Gitcoin Passport helps users build robust online reputations and enables project leaders to create trustworthy digital experiences. Click here to set up your Gitcoin Passport.

As you setup your Gitcoin passport, you will need to add at least one of the following 25 stamps to your Passport:

  • Google account, ENS owner, Proof of humanity, Twitter account, POAP owner, Facebook account, Brightid, Github account, Grants contributed to at least 1, Grant contributions at least $10, Grant owner of at least 1 Grant, Linkedin account, Discord account, Snapshot voter, Snapshot proposer, ETH at least 1, ETH tx at least 1, ETH gas at least 0.5, Gitcoin GTC at least 10, GTC staked at least 1, Comm GTC staked at least 1, NFT holder, ZkSync account, Lens account, GnosisSafe singer/owner

Click here to vote:

The voting period will close on Tuesday July 25th. Given this may be your first time using or updating your Gitcoin Passport, we recommend NOT waiting until the last moment to vote.

How do I get help?
Send an email to or go to and press on the “chat” button in the bottom left of your screen

Frequently asked questions FAQ:

  • Q: What is quadratic voting and how do my votes count?
    A: See this quick explainer from RadicalxChange

  • Q: I thought we only vote for 5 days - why is this listed as seven?
    A: this vote will end over the weekend, which is not the full five “work” days - so we extend it over the weekend to make sure everyone has plenty of time to vote.

  • Q: Can I change my mind once voted if I see a certain candidate are / are not being upvoted?
    A: Yes, votes can be changed at any time while the proposal is active

  • Q: I (don’t) have a lot of voting power delegated to me, will my vote have a higher/lower impact on the vote as compared to other stewards?
    A: Yes, unlike our last Steward Council vote, we are using token weighted quadratic voting this round and your influence is quadratically calculated based on tokens delegated to you.

  • Q: Do I really need to set up the Gitcoin Passport?
    A: Yes, this tool helps cut down on sybil attacks related to quadratic voting.

  • Q: ok, so how do I set up this Gitcoin passport?
    A: Go to and follow the prompts to link your wallet, and see what stamps you may already have have, and add new stamps as needed

  • Q: I see a lot of stamps on Passport - which one(s) do I need?
    A: To make this easy, we opened up the stamps required to any ONE of these 25 stamps: Google account, ENS owner, Proof of humanity, Twitter account, POAP owner, Facebook account, Brightid, Github account, Grants contributed to at least 1, Grant contributions at least $10, Grant owner of at least 1 Grant, Linkedin account, Discord account, Snapshot voter, Snapshot proposer, ETH at least 1, ETH tx at least 1, ETH gas at least 0.5, Gitcoin GTC at least 10, GTC staked at least 1, Comm GTC staked at least 1, NFT holder, ZkSync account, Lens account, GnosisSafe singer/owner

  • Q: HELP! I cannot seem to get passport working with snapshot! What should I do?
    A: Send an email to or go to and press on the “chat” button in the bottom left of your screen

Got this far??? Now go vote for your favorite Steward to join the steward council!

External Council Members:


Gitcoin Steward Council: Elections thread and update (posted 07/10/2023)


This post is the official announcement of nominees for the Gitcoin Steward Council election. This post also outlines the nominations process and announces the representatives from the individual workstreams.

This post has four sections:

  1. Background on the Stewards Council & election process
  2. How nominees were selected & appointed workstream representatives
  3. Announcement of the nominees
  4. What happens next

As we are piloting a new quadratic voting methodology, this post does not include specific voting instructions. Those specific instructions will be distributed shortly to the voting stewards.

To recall - this is our current voting schedule:

1.Background on the Steward Council:

In May of 2021 Gitcoin launched GTC, the native governance token for Gitcoin. Along with the creation of GTC, the governance of Gitcoin was handed over to the community via a group of individuals known as Stewards. Stewards are trusted leaders with delegated (including self-delegated) voting power to make decisions on behalf of the community.

To support a move towards more active and engaged governance participation, and recognizing governance took a significant amount of time, the Steward Council was created in March of 2022 and it consisted of the most active and engaged stewards as illustrated by the steward health cards found at

At the conclusion of v2 of the council, several iterative changes were made to the Steward Council which are articulated in this forum post Amendments to the Steward Council. Key to this elections are adjustment in the election mechanism and reducing the number of elected representatives from 10 to 8 (two for each workstream).

A complete history of changes can be found here:

2.How nominees were selected & appointment of workstream representatives

Following Proposal: V2 of the Steward Council, Gitcoin Workstreams worked to identify 3 nominees per work stream and those nominees were reviewed by CSDO. Additionally, the work streams each have one representative who will sit on the Steward Council on their behalf. There has been no recent change changes to the appointed representatives, and they are:

  • PGF: Azeem
  • GPC: Nate
  • MMM: Viriya
  • Passport: Jeremy
  • Gitcoin Foundation: Kyle

3.Announcement of the nominees:

The following steward have been nominated by the Gitcoin Workstream leaders to stand in this upcoming election.

Nominees are encouraged (but not required) to post a comment below with additional information about themselves and why they feel they would be a good addition to this Council. Voting Stewards are encouraged to ask questions here of the candidates, to read their original steward posts above.

4.What happens Next?

  1. Nominees can post up additional information regarding their candidacy this week
  2. Next week, the voting period for the steward council will open for 7 days
  3. Upon closure, the top 8 vote receivers will be announced as the next Steward Council

If you have questions contact shawn:

Discord: shawn16400#5507


Thank you so much @shawn16400, as well as @azeem and the entire Gitcoin team for encouraging me to become a Steward and go through this nomination process. I love everything Gitcoin is doing to democratize access to corporate fundraising and allowing the will of the people to determine where and how these corporations support causes and initiatives that are most consequential in people’s lives. That said, I do believe there are myriad opportunities to level-up on marketing and communications, to demystify the platform for crypto natives and “normies”, to engage potential participants - donors and corporate partners - where they are in their process, and to form stronger bonds within and beyond the ecosystem to scale the message and accelerate progress. I look forward to giving my time and experience to the cause, as I am extremely passionate about this iconic organization and what it represents in modern culture.


Hey guys! I’m not very good at canvassing for votes, but I am a decent marketer, and I’d be honored to bring this skillset to the Gitcoin community. My holy trinity of values are subversion, humor and transparency.

Happy to chat 1:1 with anyone! On twitter @medeana


Thanks @shawn16400 for putting this together, and for @azeem & PGF workstream for the nomination! Since we started engaging with the Gitcoin community last October, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the market, and of course great memories and transformations along the way. I’m very glad to see how the Silicon Valley and Hong Kong hackathons co-hosted with Google Cloud and Gitcoin worked out, and look forward to more events like this moving forward. As the Board member of The Nature Conservancy, it’s also very dear to my heart the impact Gitcoin has made in supporting public goods projects that combat climate change. These types of efforts are what I’m excited to share resources and bring them to the next level together.

My teammate Paige from OKX Ventures has also worked closely with other workstream leaders. With @Viriya’s team, we are excited to bring in other language support of marketing, and future PR collaboration. The integration of Gitcoin Passport and our web3 products has been a great news to the APAC community, thanks to the support from @Jeremy. The next priority for me, on top of forging partnerships with a diversified set of PGF sponsors, is to work with Gitcoin products and MMM teams to convey the right message, increase presence, and expand pipelines in APAC. We are already on the right track.

Not gonna bore you with more words on a Wednesday night! Happy to chat or answer any questions on discord, or just come say hi @JR-OKX#2056


We are beyond excited to have this opportunity and are humbled by how deeply impressive the other candidates for this position are. (To the extent we now kind of doubt we have a shot at getting elected.)

For people wondering the approach we would take to this we were fairly transparent on our appearance on the Green Pill Podcast with Kevin Owocki, Kyle Weiss, and Kevin Olsen. Essentially, we are big nerds when it comes to governance theory (heck, we wrote a book on the subject that Glen Weyl called “probably the highest information gain thing I’ve read on [governance] in a good while"). We would take this position as invested community outsiders to apply the kind of pressure it might be too “politically costly” for someone for someone more socially invested in Web3 to make.

To us web3 is a critical tool that expands the options available when we think about what the next governments and social structures are available to our species. We are publicly best known as the leaders of the pronatalist movement, a position which gives us ties with people trying to create totally novel state governing structures (the charter city movement), as well as many state and national level governments attempting to create sustainable new governance structures. In addition, this position affords us input into many groups starting new experimental social and religious models where web3 will dramatically expand the structures that can be used, (like being able to have us, a married couple, identify as a single person in this election). We hope to act as a bridge between those pushing forward the technology and those building structures where it can be implemented at scale in a way that shapes the future of how humans live.

We encourage anyone who wants to talk to us to reach out! We are always happy to make time.


Hey all:

I’m standing in this election because, simply, I believe in the Gitcoin mission. I love NFTs and all the other cool stuff that blockchain technology enables just as much as everyone else, but it would be a sincere honor and privilege to contribute to an organization living the core of web3 values: democratized access and transparency.

Let me be upfront: I’ve been a lurker in the Gitcoin community. So if you’re looking for someone with years of onchain contributions, I don’t have them. But I’m hoping that you all will see this as an asset; to have someone on the Steward Council with fresh eyes, who can assist the organization by providing a deep background in scaling complicated software projects. As I noted in my nomination post, I’ve been a member of Friends with Benefits DAO since 2021 and I’ve actively participated in the Arkive and Golden communities, too.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions – I’m essem186f on Discord. The sum of my pitch is basically:

  • I work professionally in emerging tech and so I have a good view into what’s needed for broader consumer and enterprise adoption;
  • It can often be beneficial to have a fresh, outsider perspective on things
  • I care quite deeply about the Grants Stack and Passport initiatives, and want to help them succeed
  • And, most importantly, I will be a 100% health card contributor as a Steward and will work collaboratively with delegates to vote in a way that’s healthiest for Gitcoin

Hi all

I’m proud and honored to be considered for a second season as a Steward Council member. I recognize the last season was extremely challenging for Gitcoin, navigating the bear market and a number of difficult transitions. At the same time, I see Gitcoin emerging from this period extremely well-positioned to power the next cycle on the basis of impact.

As a returning steward and former trusted contributor, I know the DAO and the workstream leads well. I am also a super-user and integrator with Allo/GS, so I will frequently share product ideas and requirements. I’m experienced running organizations, serving on boards, and making hard decisions, so I won’t shy away from giving critical feedback. Last, I am an ardent supporter of public goods and will continuing seeking out opportunities for partnerships and spreading Gitcoin’s mission.

Like @deana, I’m not going to canvas for votes. If you want to learn more about what I care about, check out my twitter feed or some of my writing on mirror.

Oh – one more thing – I’m stoked to see all these new nominees for the steward council and would love the chance to work together with you!


All the best to all the applicants

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Steward Council Elections are now live! See the notice above and when you are ready, go to snapshot and cast your vote!

why can’t I vote on a snapshot recently I voted today I can’t

All the best to all the applicants

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I’m honored to have the opportunity to play a role in Gitcoin, and in particular the Passport workstream. Thank you to @Jeremy @shawn16400 and the entire Gitcoin team for encouraging me to become a Steward and run for the the council nomination! Sybil defense and more broadly decentralized identity are areas that I have a deep passion for and its been my primary focus for the past 5 years. Through my work at Blockchain Commons, Humanetics, and more recently Everyname, I bring a nuanced perspective on proof of personhood, decentralized identity, bot resistance, and user adoption. I’m excited to help advance the already incredible work being done by the Passport team! Find me on Twitter and Farcaster @ vinayvasanji. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat


I wanted to provide an update on this most recently elected Steward Council. This group is about to finish their term at the end of the month. The council members were available and helped out with a number of engagements over the course of their 6 month terms. On behalf of the DAO, I would like to thank each and every member of the SC for their contributions.

Before moving on to elect a new Steward Council, Gitcoin will pause this program to re-evaluate how to better tap into the expertise of a group like the one we had over the last 6 months. There is no set date yet for reinstating this program.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please put them below in the comments. Otherwise, please consider attending one of our bi-monthly (every 2 months) Steward Syncs. Details of those will be announced at least 1 week in advance in the governance forum and are for all active GTC token delegates.