[Proposal] V3 Steward Council Payouts


This proposal is to request a total of $45,000 of funds from Gitcoin’s Treasury to compensate the outgoing members of the v3 Steward Council.

You can find more details about:


  • The total request amount is based on 10 members receiving an average stipend of $750/month for non Gitcoin contributors over a 6 month period.

  • Funds will be deposited into the CSDO multisig (0x931896A8A9313F622a2AFCA76d1471B97955e551), where they will then be disbursed.

  • Funds will be distributed in GTC based on the average 20-day spot rate at the time of the transfer from Gitcoin’s Treasury to the CSDO multisig.

  • For outgoing Steward Council members to claim their funds, they must send a DM to CoachJ before eod May 31, 2024. Any unclaimed funds will be returned back to the treasury.

  • Steward Council members will be made aware through this post on the governance forum, TG and by email.


Once this post has sufficient Steward comments, it will move to a Snapshot vote. Should anyone have any concerns, please leave them in the comments below.

Voting options will be:

1 - Yes, distribute the funds
2 - No, do not distribute the funds
3 - Abstain


I am in favor of this proposal. We appreciate the work of our Steward Council and their efforts should be compensated.

As a steward myself, I know the important work stewards and steward councils play, hence I suggest: Yes, distribute the funds

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