Welcome to Gitcoin’s Governance Forum!

Gitcoin is on a mission to create technologies and opportunities that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters. Our governance forum is home to where ideas around the current and future direction of the DAO get discussed, proposed, voted on and ratified.

Getting Started

Keeping informed

Gitcoin publishes several different publications to keep the community informed, including:

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Otherwise, keep your eyes on the Community & News section of the governance forum or follow the Gitcoin Citizens Twitter.

To Become a Steward

  1. Post in this thread declaring your intention
  2. Link your wallet to Discourse
  3. Delegate yourself (or get delegated) GTC
  4. Join our monthly onboarding call (coming Soon™)
  5. Participate in discussions
  6. Vote with your GTC

You can find additional instructions on how to do some of the items above in the Governance Manual.

Other Key Links

  • Community Portal - Learn more about our communities and how to get involved
  • Steward Scorecards - Find out about our current Stewards and how they participate in governance