Introducing Stewards Governance

This noble. Reading this, one question I have is, to what extent has this progressive mission extended beyond the comfort zone of the community to areas such as Africa, where web3 is a key need with proven use cases?

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I am one of the many who have had the opportunity to be on the Greenpill show. That opportunity was greatly impactful. Thank you for what you are doing for economic freedom for the citizens of the world.

Checking back in, was some year/s ago. I’m Philip from Sweden, been in crypto since the creation of ETH. So around 10 years. I have the biggest community in Scandinavia called Cryptocurrencies Sweden that I founded in 2017. We are traders and investors, but I’m also specialized inte cyber security, so often help projects when I got time over to fix security flaws and bugs, anti-patterns and secure code and so on.

Be blessed.


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Gitcoin Username: Sov

ETH Address: 0x5F834C8f70baaEAfAd00662Cd214245c9A1A9ef5

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Since 2020, my journey in the crypto grant ecosystem has been driven by a belief in the power of community-driven initiatives. This experience solidified my commitment to fostering impactful programs. At Gitcoin, I see an opportunity to leverage my unique insights and experiences to further empower the community, enhancing both product adoption and the effectiveness of our programs.

My journey in the crypto grant space, coupled with my leadership experience, aligns with Gitcoin’s mission. As a Steward, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the community, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the crypto grant ecosystem.

What Qualifications / Skills I Have:

  • 10+ years running a mid-sized Systems Integrator.
  • Proficient in program development and project management.
  • Previous experience with local, state, and federal government grants with a 501c3
  • Researching and writing about grant programs since 2020. You can find my work here.
  • Creator and Curator of LlamaoGrants and Blockworks Grantfarm.
  • Creator of Curator Crypto Grant Wire.
  • Creator and Curator of Sov’s Compendium.
  • Grantee Experience: Aave Grants DAO, Polygon Village Grantee
  • Current Partnerships & Program Lead @ Gitcoin
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Gitcoin Username

ETH Address

Discord Handle (optional)

:sparkles:Statement of Intention / my Values & Reasons for Joining

My intentions are to:

I’m some one who’s big on making impact, changing and affecting young people positively, and Gitcoin gives me the support to do that with every grant round I get into.

So I want to help and contribute to Gitcoin’s success and to that of public goods growth.

:sparkles:My Values are

  1. Impact
    I believe a life isn’t well lived if it didn’t benefit the good of other.

  2. Integrity & Honesty
    I believe ones integrity is higher than money and shouldn’t be lost because of money.

  3. Prosperity.
    I believe there’s more than enough money in the world and that you can’t make real impact without funds.

:sparkles:My Web3 Qualifications / Skills
Got into the web3 ecosystem in 2016 while still in the University.

By 2018 I had my first official eth wallet (I had one before in 2016, and I lost it)

I went into DeFi, NFTs, Ambassador works, meet-up organisation etc in 2019 and 2020

In 2020 I started research for a 100% decentralised SaveFi protocol, by 2021 I created a Child/parent contract structure for a pooless aggregator in the protocol.

In 2022 I put a team of developers and mathematicians together and we created the maths for the protocol to work on.

I started Borderless Dev in 2022 to help raise web3 developers for free.

More to come.

Thank you so much :blush: