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Checking back in, was some year/s ago. I’m Philip from Sweden, been in crypto since the creation of ETH. So around 10 years. I have the biggest community in Scandinavia called Cryptocurrencies Sweden that I founded in 2017. We are traders and investors, but I’m also specialized inte cyber security, so often help projects when I got time over to fix security flaws and bugs, anti-patterns and secure code and so on.

Be blessed.


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Gitcoin Username: Sov

ETH Address: 0x5F834C8f70baaEAfAd00662Cd214245c9A1A9ef5

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Since 2020, my journey in the crypto grant ecosystem has been driven by a belief in the power of community-driven initiatives. This experience solidified my commitment to fostering impactful programs. At Gitcoin, I see an opportunity to leverage my unique insights and experiences to further empower the community, enhancing both product adoption and the effectiveness of our programs.

My journey in the crypto grant space, coupled with my leadership experience, aligns with Gitcoin’s mission. As a Steward, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the community, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the crypto grant ecosystem.

What Qualifications / Skills I Have:

  • 10+ years running a mid-sized Systems Integrator.
  • Proficient in program development and project management.
  • Previous experience with local, state, and federal government grants with a 501c3
  • Researching and writing about grant programs since 2020. You can find my work here.
  • Creator and Curator of LlamaoGrants and Blockworks Grantfarm.
  • Creator of Curator Crypto Grant Wire.
  • Creator and Curator of Sov’s Compendium.
  • Grantee Experience: Aave Grants DAO, Polygon Village Grantee
  • Current Partnerships & Program Lead @ Gitcoin
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Gitcoin Username

ETH Address

Discord Handle (optional)

:sparkles:Statement of Intention / my Values & Reasons for Joining

My intentions are to:

I’m some one who’s big on making impact, changing and affecting young people positively, and Gitcoin gives me the support to do that with every grant round I get into.

So I want to help and contribute to Gitcoin’s success and to that of public goods growth.

:sparkles:My Values are

  1. Impact
    I believe a life isn’t well lived if it didn’t benefit the good of other.

  2. Integrity & Honesty
    I believe ones integrity is higher than money and shouldn’t be lost because of money.

  3. Prosperity.
    I believe there’s more than enough money in the world and that you can’t make real impact without funds.

:sparkles:My Web3 Qualifications / Skills
Got into the web3 ecosystem in 2016 while still in the University.

By 2018 I had my first official eth wallet (I had one before in 2016, and I lost it)

I went into DeFi, NFTs, Ambassador works, meet-up organisation etc in 2019 and 2020

In 2020 I started research for a 100% decentralised SaveFi protocol, by 2021 I created a Child/parent contract structure for a pooless aggregator in the protocol.

In 2022 I put a team of developers and mathematicians together and we created the maths for the protocol to work on.

I started Borderless Dev in 2022 to help raise web3 developers for free.

More to come.

Thank you so much :blush:


Gitcoin username: robioreefeco

ETH Address: cryptobenthic🐠.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Hola I am Rodrigo NuñΞz
As a dedicated coralreef researcher, scientific diver, and fervent ocean conservation advocate, my journey has traversed diverse initiatives across the Mexican Caribbean focused on preserving coral reef ecosystems. Engagements span from immersive environmental education and community-driven citizen science to rigorous scientific exploration, encompassing themes such as herbivory, biodiversity, and coral reef #restoration.

Aligned with my persona as an INFP-A Mediator, I possess a profound enthusiasm for the potential of crypto and blockchain technologies. I’m impassioned to uncover innovative solutions addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by our oceans, particularly in the preservation of coral reef ecosystems. Currently, I actively contribute to initiatives like MesoReefDAO and the GreenPill México Local Chapter, fulfilling my passion for exploring complex systems and nurturing regenerative solutions. I’ve been involved in DeSci since Q1-2020.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

*Love to play in the cryptoecosystems, love fundamentals
*Contributor of DeSci World and other DeSci communities
*Spanish Editor of Week in Ethereum News (ES)
*Co-Founder of MesoReefDAO
*Co-Founder of GreenPillMexico



ETH Address: deltajuliet.eth

Discord Handle: deltajuliet

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I’m focusing this year on boosting our financial resilience, enhancing our tech infrastructure, and tightening team cohesion and Gitcoin’s governance. Bullish on improving financial strategies, invigorating community engagement, and instilling a culture of ongoing learning and feedback within Gitcoin.

My objective is to bring forth practical strategies and insights that bolster our governance and operational performance. Having operated behind the scenes since joining in May, I’m eager to step into a more visible role, actively engaging with our community and advancing our governance initiatives.

Web 3 Qualification/Skills

  • Defi product management at Totle and Amazix
  • Gitcoin’s CoS (May 2023) - oomph what a ride! :black_heart:
  • Professional lurker in DAO governance, aiming to bolster that in 2024

ETH Address: cryptoreumd.eth

Discord Handle: cryptoreumd

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:
You can find me in many places under the nickname CryptoReuMD. First a little bit about me. I’ve been in crypto for 3 years, my story starts with the intention of decentralization of ideas and science is for me a lifetime of knowledge which has to be put on a chain and validated peer to peer, which led me to understand the real problems facing crypto, plutocracy, hegemony and many other coordination failures, being my priority to start in a DAO.
My first steps were as part of the translations of the content of BanklessDAO, I ventured to know a little more by being part of the Advocates of The Graph, but my technical knowledge was not so robust and unilateral coordination did not seem attractive to me, likewise I tried it in Optimism and Arbitrum, denoting still much seed of power focused on liquidity and economic power.
After a few years, BanklessDAO grew much more and we launched Nacion Bankless, a subDAO that is currently a reference in Latin America for content and decentralization, where we managed to push the decentralization ethos that I was looking for.

Web 3 Qualification/Skills
My first rounds in Gitcoin were as Grantee, at first with Ethereum Mexico and later with Nación Bankless, initially learning how to create the proposal and then the grant coordination mechanisms.
After two sessions, particularly the 18th and 19th, it was for me a great opportunity, since I got to know the possibilities of helping each other and how Gitcoin, unlike other projects, even if they are also in charge of donations and community-based capital raising, still lives hurt by the votes of a few people and simply the grantees repeat themselves, without updates, without reports of success and the use of the funds raised.
Because of this situation, as part of the transparency of our subDAO we are dedicated to publish each of our successes and experiences, with a breakdown of incentives and the portfolios of those who receive those funds, with a method of transparency that we will continue to implement, you can find these reports in the forums of Gticoin, Arbitrum, BanklessDAO, Optimism and Push, since we consider that we must always have a proof of work in this game economy.
Together with several of my colleagues and with a lot of support from the community I managed to create the first rounds for Mexico and for projects that create improvements in the reporting chains of the projects that live off chain, raising 10, 000 USD between the two rounds, a success that is not only mine and I owe it 100% to the community.

Current challenges

Today I consider that GItcoin has an ecosystem that has gradually learned to decentralize, adopting more innovative governance schemes and also maturing in terms of resistance to Sybill attacks and liquidity extraction, a fact that for me has been fascinating, however The content is still mostly in English and the Latin American projects are simply repeated, many of them do not even update their proposals, they just upload them again and the successes they may have are not reflected.

Likewise, I think we have a content war where basically we all create the most vibrant video, the most elegant tweet and the most curious meme, but it remains the same and repetitive, we have not managed to link our ideas and support the projects, This, although we can understand it as part of the tragedy of the commons.

Furthermore, the funding currently seen in Latin America is nothing compared to what is received in other parts of the world, which generates a certain gentrification of resources and therefore reduces the success of our colleagues.

How do I plan to work my delegation?

When the idea of being a delegate of any project came to me, my response was with reservation, however when reading this opportunity, I simply could not say no, I feel that a way to live decentralization and the teaching of the ImpactDAO and Green books Pill is essentially acting in the governance of Gitcoin, I consider now to be much more transparent and help in the way possible so that my colleagues and of course a server do not miss the opportunities to continue growing, always with the intention of helping and generate waves of support among everyone.

For me the most important thing is the community, although many times we benefit from the votes in the rounds, it is essential for me to keep my words firm and if I consider that governance is important, having protocol tokens as a shield to Subsequent decisions is one of my greatest feats, given that with everything and what comes, delegation is more important than the extraction of liquidity.

Sharing, in essence, is something fascinating, it is not about giving gifts, but about giving people what they deserve for their work and monitoring in a simple and fair way what we are all doing, I believe that it is time for the governance and that DAOs once again lead the narrative, just before the explosion of users and everything gets out of control, which is why I will be more present in the forum and discussing progress and updates.

Although there is a lot of content in Spanish, there are few of us who check it all out and most of these training videos tend to be weak and with few views, so no matter who produces the content, I will make sure it is seen so that we can understand it from different perspectives, as long as it is content with the intention of helping and not just benefiting the protocol or the people who have uploaded it.

At Nacion Bankless we created a coordination section, in which we are delegates of different projects, Push, Optimism, Arbitrum and now Gitcoin, having a little more knowledge of what happens in other projects will allow us to more easily understand governance and take concrete decisions.

Creation of a decision reporting channel with justification. I believe that Hypercertz and Attestations are primitives that we should use, although the governance is intuitive and always forward, the forums are modifiable, so I consider that the decisions should be engraved in stone, so it is best to publish those decisions as attestations.

Impartiality will be one of the great differences and challenges that I will have, I have seen in governance forums the balance tip for a few people and fundraising to enrich projects even within my country, so I consider it a priority to be on the edge of these decisions and have a greater impact on people who are barely developing.

Objectives to be reported

  • Number of quality hours in which I do the work of reading and posting on the forum
  • Number of posts, whether as threads, tweets, videos or any type of content explaining about governance
  • Thread in the forum with decisions and attestations about what is discussed in governance
  • Number of new projects boarded to Gitcoin
  • Number of meetings, talks or webinars about Gitcoin.
  • Number of projects existing in previous rounds that begin to report their progress in the forum and with chain evidence.

These will be the scoop, I will evaluate how many I can actually do so that in future sections of the quarters, I can estimate a number of them.

  • Gitcoin Username: gokhan
  • ETH Address: 0x36de990133D36d7E3DF9a820aA3eDE5a2320De71
  • ENS: gokhan.eth
  • Discord handle: 0xgokhan

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I am an independent researcher, and a generalist. I have been an open source proponent in the domains, and interstices thereof, of finance, education, civilizational grade networking tools, artificial intelligence and long-term archives for more than a decade; and, been actively participating at the junction of decentralized open financial systems, art markets, and emergent governance praxes practically, thanks to primarily the Ethereum ecosystem, both as an individual and in collectives.

I value professionalism, accountability, and honesty when it comes to the so-called sweat equity across the web3 cultural clusters. I’ve always donated to projects that align with my version of a probable future for our collective betterment, and observed from afar.

However, the more I started to partake in real life events that are primarily driven thanks to public goods funding, if not good samaritans, the clearer it has become for me that not all good actors are professional, let alone accountable—which in turn obliges me to go for becoming of a steward.

These are merely the tip of the mountain of a personal reasoning.

What Qualifications / Skills I Have:

I am an autodidact generalist who is able to use almost any production suite but I am aware that you are not looking for another marketer. I have a background in conflict resolution focused NGOs, academic lecturing—literary/ languages—, and marketing with a focus on growth and media planning. I have been using the best of these for my individual success onchain for half a decade now. I can state that I am good at coordination, community-steering—since a community is a cybernetics issue for me, viral yet meaningful campaigns. Though this should have been added in the above section, I perceive my accountability, professionalism and punctuality as skills, too. That is, I make sure everything clearly conveyed and upheld. I also specialize in archives so I make sure nothing is lost forever.


Hey bruh,
liked ur skills, got any medium post of urs, would like to see ur works

I do not have an active medium. Please resort to my Icebreaker link in the profile. All posts are proven tracks with provenance. Thank you.

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