DAO Digest #6 2024

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:fire: Hot Topics

:white_check_mark: GG20 has successfully concluded with significant improvements from GG19, excellent operational feedback and overwhelming support from the community.

:new: GG20 introduced an external council for community grant review and governance process who provided detailed insights and valuable feedback (avg. satisfaction rating = 4.71/5) for future iterations.

:calendar: When initially elected, the Community Council members were elected to select the Community Rounds only for GG20. Should this proposal pass, we would extend that term beyond GG20 until December 31, 2024.

:cowboy_hat_face: Gitcoin Citizens Retro #3 concluded with $55K crowdfunded, 50K GTC in matching and extra matching from @ThankArbitrum, bringing it to a total of $140K, making this the most successful round to date.

.:arrows_counterclockwise: Read this brief overview of how Gitcoin Citizens rounds contribute to increasing Allo GMV through strategic value loops that compound over time.

:star2: Our primary objective for 2024 is to triple our Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from 2023, aiming for $15 million, with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of reaching $50 million, @meglister outlines in this post.

:flashlight: @kyle follows the passing of the torch tradition, departing from official Gitcoin interactions and moving into the Passport business unit to co-lead the spin-out.

:thinking: Leveraging our technology and community levers will optimize growth and catalyze meaningful change. After all, Gitcoin has always been about advancing the common good through public goods funding.

:city_sunrise: Public Goods Network (PGN) is shutting down. Despite calls for a new management plan, no viable long term options emerged. Still have unclaimed assets on the network? Join the discussion.

:money_with_wings: Read this quick recap and share your thoughts on delegating $100K in GloDollars to passively fund public goods through GloDollar’s “Automatic Public Goods Funding” mechanism.

:green_circle: The Greenpill Podcast is seeking guest co-hosts from the regen space for seasons 5 to 7! Submit a proposal before June 3 for a chance to co-host with @owocki and shape the future of the show.

:earth_americas: Gitcoin contributors recently met in Lisbon for a 3-day retreat. Read the Offsite Recap by @meglister for all the takeaways and stay tuned for more follow ups.

:nerd_face: The Regenlearnings.xyz group has been steadily making progress and working in public, checkout the latest 3 meeting recordings in this youtube playlist!

:tada: ICYMI the Gitcoin 2.0 White Paper launched while the team was at ETHDenver hosting the inaugural Ecosystem Growth Summit with Electric Capital. Top insights can be found here.

:video_camera: Watch the Gitcoin 2.0 whitepaper presentation by @owocki and @meglister at the Ecosystem Growth Summit, hosted earlier this year at ETH Denver – Grants as a Growth Vehicle.

:thought_balloon: After the articulation of CASE we are starting to see Gitcoin become a Capital Allocation Strategy Exchange.

:star2: Read ‘A North Star for Gitcoin (and the decade-long path to get there)’ to learn more about our current course towards the north star, and how your work can support reaching it.

:open_book: Freshen up on essential Gitcoin Vocabulary.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:compass: Biweekly Workstream Update


What’s new?

The Gitcoin 2.0 whitepaper was published on FEB 2024 by Kevin Owocki & Meg Lister, and announced at ETH Denver.

Recently passed proposals:

  • Grants Lab S21 Budget
  • Passport S21 Budget
  • GG20 Eligibility Criteria

Grants Lab

What’s new?

The Grants Lab unit is focused on product development and adoption, aiming to increase total grant value through Allo platform usage and prioritizing product, developer relations, marketing, and Grants Stack operations! Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes :slightly_smiling_face:

Unit Updates


    • Grants Stack is now live on Allo v2!
    • Collections feature for Grants Stack projects
    • Bring back search & explore projects for GG20
    • Updates to cart and donation history page
    • Allo v2 is now live on SEI, zkSync, Lukso, and Filecoin
    • Community-built Farcaster Frames to receive Grant donations
    • Updates to report cards

    • Featuring Collections on homepage
    • Updates to Karma GAP
    • OSO integration with explorer

    • Grantee dashboard to see who has donated to a specific project

Ecosystem Collective

What’s new?

Gitcoin’s community is now being fostered under the banner of the Ecosystem Collective.

  • Objectives for DAO2DAO Governance StableLab Partnership:

    • Explore opportunities for DAO-to-DAO collaborations
    • Facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborative ventures with other DAOs to amplify Gitcoin’s influence and drive adoption of Gitcoin’s products within the broader Web3 ecosystem
    • Leverage Gitcoin’s governance token allocations to engage in Metagovernance efforts
    • Orchestrate token swaps with strategically aligned partners to foster mutual governance participation and ecosystem growth
  • Feedback from GG20 grantees was overall positive. Some other points of info include:

    • A unique subscription was created for grantees on the Gitcoin Grants email list, with nearly 50 sign ups so far.
    • Nearly 500 people joined the twitter spaces held ahead of GG20.
    • Average email open rates (donors): 28%
    • Average email open rates (grantees): 70%
    • Over 1,000 visits to the portal since April 16

  • The :purple_circle: 360 Team is responsible for guiding the EC’s strategy, holding context for :large_blue_circle: Gitcoin Citizens, and acting as points of accountability for :white_circle: Citizens who spin up new initiatives through the Citizen Grants program.

:date: Events Updates

Gitcoin Community Call

Catch up on recordings of recent X conversations here:

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new website, and check out Gitcoin Community Hub for key resources and events. Thanks for reading!

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