Greenpill Podcast Guest Seasons - Call for Proposals!

TLDR - I am going to step away from the Greenpill Podcast in Q3/Q4 2024 + am looking for ppl to guest cohost during that time.

Hi all,

For those of you who are unaware, I have been hosting the Greenpill Podcast for the last 2 years. This podcast has been a way I can democratize my context + access to the rest of the ecosystem, research in public, vision-cast, and generally just explore the frontiers of regen web3.

We’ve produced nearly 200 episodes and have had 300k+ listens, as well as about ~2k subscribers. I’m very proud of the content we’ve created and the role Greenpill has played in supporting the regen movement.

But I think it is time to evolve it forward.

I am considering decentralizing my hosting duties for seasons 5, 6, and 7 to guest co-hosts who can go deep on a handful of different target niches.

Why do this?

  1. I am busy with Gitcoin stuff and dont have cycles to do another season of GP (and do it well) with my current workload.
  2. Decentralizing the workload (and the spotlight) to other leaders in the GP community.
  3. Enabling people to go deep in areas where I dont have access.

Some topics I would love to see covered in season 4,5,6:

  1. Commons in the 21st century
  2. ReStaking Ecosystem <> Regen Ecosystems
  3. Regen Network States
  4. Weird/Fun Fundraising Experiments
  5. Crypto in the Global South
  6. What am I missing?

If you are interested in being a host of a season, please submit a proposal via comment below.


  1. Need to keep content quality high.
  2. The audience knows kevin, need to transfer rapport to new hosts.

Things I would want to see in a proposal to be credible.

  • Season Title
  • Season Goals
  • Why is this relevant to the greenpill audience in H2 2024?
  • Timeline
  • Proposed Episodes + Guests
  • Do you have podcast hosting experience? Links to previous work pls.
  • Are you a known quantity to the regen ecosystem? Links to previous work pls.
  • Whats your favorite greenpill episode + why?
  • Do you have time to record 5-15 episodes in the next couple quarters?
  • How will you ensure the episode is quality + relevant to the audience?


  • Proposals open May 15th
  • Finalists, Top ~7 proposals selected for final round of evaluation - June 3
  • Next Seasons selected + Announced - June 10
  • Recording + Next Seasons Airing - July - December 2024
  • Reevaluate next steps end 2024.


I have a proposal to merge How To DAO and Greenpill for one season. This would be an excellent opportunity to connect communities, where we can focus on the future of crypto from a slightly different perspective but with a very similar mindset. Our aim is to play the infinite game and use crypto for good.

Season Title

How To DAO - Greenpill edition

Season Goals

Promote DAOs and How to DAO book launch that is scheduled for January 21, 2025

Why is this relevant to the greenpill audience in H2 2024?

DAOs are a core concept of the ReFi movement, and we can invite a guest who has experience with both.


Q4 2024 / Q1 2025

Proposed Episodes + Guests

We will invite the guest contributors to walk with us through our book outline, which consists of approximately 15 chapters/episodes.

Some of those are Rune (MakerDAO), Vincent / Boris (VitaDAO), Griff (GiveETH), PeterPan and Mona (Hydra Ventures), Justice (Polygon), Aaron and Primavera (Blockchain and Law), , Ameen (MolochDAO), Alisha.eth (ENS DAO), Berhane (PandoDAO), Tracheopteryx (Coordinape), Anjali (CollabLand), Chase (Uniswap), Vit (Liberland), Janine (Zuzalu), Eche Emole (Afropolitan)

Do you have podcast hosting experience? Links to previous work pls.

We are organizing live conferences with panels and talks, some of our previous guests might also join the podcast episodes.

Are you a known quantity to the regen ecosystem? Links to previous work pls.

Yes we also have impact partners at our conferences, we worked previously with Giveth and Glo Dollar

Whats your favorite greenpill episode + why?

My favorite episode is with Griff about coordination mechanism, because I love learning about coordination.

Do you have time to record 5-15 episodes in the next couple quarters?


How will you ensure the episode is quality + relevant to the audience?

I will learn from more experience hosts, such as @owocki and also get help with editing.

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This is a great opportunity and thanks for sharing it with all of us @owocki
I along with @LauNaMu would like to propose a season we are excited to host!

Season Title: Summer of RetroRounds
Season Goals: Our primary objective is to delve into the intricacies of Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) and examine its multifaceted phases and potential designs. This exploration will enable our listeners to gain a comprehensive understanding of how RPGF rounds are designed and the nuances involved in their execution.

Why is this relevant to the greenpill audience in H2 2024?
RPGF is one of the most innovative mechanisms in the Public Goods Space now, a lot of the audience of Greenpill podcast has been involved directly or indirectly in the implementation of this mechanism and it’s different designs, hence it would be relevant to explore the design space of retro rounds in depth and the outcomes they have led to.

The first cohort of Ezrpgf concludes in June 2024. We aim to schedule our podcast episodes for July, providing a timely reflection on the outcomes of Cohort 1, great synergies with programming during EthCC, and set the space for the second cohort of Ezrpgf. This will also serve as an ideal platform to discuss potential innovations and improvements for future rounds. However we are flexible with the schedule.

Proposed Episodes + Guests

  1. Setting the stage: This episode sets the stage for the season in which we discuss the development of the Cohort training sessions followed by pilot cohort, learnings and open the forum to the Study cases of the first Cohort.
  2. Round 1 of FILRPGF: A discussion with the Filecoin team, including Tom and Kiran.
  3. Exploring Round 1 with POKT: An episode dedicated to understanding the unique aspects and results of collaborating with POKT.
  4. Retro Funding Rounds 4 and 5: Featuring RFP builders, this episode will explore the builds. For eg: 1.the West team on their development of the platform for rounds 3 + 4 and 2. MACI team on taking a privacy spin at ezRPGF
  5. Innovation Opportunities: A session with Jonas to jam on uncharted areas within RF that could benefit from innovative approaches.
  6. Future of RetroFunding: Evaluating the role of committees or citizen involvement in upcoming Retro rounds with Optimism (OP), forecasting the evolution of community engagement.

Do you have podcast hosting experience? Links to previous work pls.

Yes, we have some experience in hosting as well as being guests in some of the podcasts


Are you a known quantity to the regen ecosystem? Links to previous work pls.

Sejal is a seasoned contributor to the Greenpill Network and Gitcoin ecosystem. Previous work includes:

  • Running the EasyRetroPGF learning program and community,
  • Facilitating the pilot cohort of ezRPGF
  • Co-Led Quadratic Avengers initiative
  • Led round manager training program(s)

LauNaMu is an active voice in the Public Goods Design Space and Impact Assessment, . Previous work includes:

What’s your favorite greenpill episode + why?
Sejal : My personal favorite episode of the Greenpill podcast is undoubtedly the one I had the pleasure of hosting with Minister Audrey Tang. This episode stands out for me because of its unique focus on the innovative work being done in Taiwan. The discussions in this episode provided a deep and clear understanding of the local initiatives, making it super informative.

LauNaMu: My favorite episode of the Greenpill podcast is Dangerous Protocols with Nadia Asparouhva because of the analysis she shared on the duality of qualities protocols can have and the importance of keeping underlying implicit protocols in mind when designing visible and explicit protocols.

Do you have time to record 5-15 episodes in the next couple quarters?
Yes we have.

How will you ensure the episode is quality + relevant to the audience?
The quality of each episode will be anchored in thorough research, the caliber of our guests, and the depth of the questions we pose. Our active involvement in the domain of retroactive public goods funding ensures that we are well-positioned to maintain high content standards.


Wow! Super bullish in this two great green pilled maxis :D. Definitely it would be a great season.


Season Title:

Onchain Grants Deep Dive (working title)

Season Goals:

The world of web3 grants has been exploding, with hundreds of millions of dollars being given out and more on the way. Onchain activity has given us the opportunity to experiment at scale with new, novel funding mechanisms, new ways of measuring, and more. This season will deep dive into the wild world of grants, all its peculiarities and explore its possibilities.

Why is this relevant to the greenpill audience in H2 2024?

Grants are going parabolic. It’s a great time to get an early look at the game-changing experiments being run. Some numbers to consider:

  • OP just wrapped up a massive $100M round in RetroPGF3
  • Arbitrum is currently running 5 different grants programs (sometimes overlapping)
  • Octant just wrapped its 4th iteration of running a massive experiment, using proceeds from 100,000 staked ETH in an attempt to sustainably fund digital public goods
  • In March, Filecoin announced a new $1M Retro Funding grants program


Episodes would be recorded in June/July and debuted in August.

Proposed Episodes + Guests

  1. Scoping Your Grants Program - Objective setting, budgeting and setting program foundations. Possible guests: Sov from Gitcoin, Ben from Thrivecoin
  2. Roles & Responsible - Exploring the key roles of a grants program and how to staff it well. Possible guests: David from Hats Protocol
  3. Measurement - Creating strong metrics to measure the success of programs. Possible guests: Ed from Impact Plus, Carl from OSO, Eugene from Metagov
  4. Audiences & Funding - Speaking to the right people and securing funding through DAO governance and fundraising. Possible guests: StableLab, one of Gitcoin’s many amazing cause-communities
  5. Funding mechanisms - Deep dive into the current state of funding mechanisms, pros and cons and what’s possible in the future near and distance future. Possible guests: Cheeky and/or Trent from Protocol Guild, Someone from OP re: Retro Funding, Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin, other capital allocation strategists (Vitalik, Glen, etc.)
  6. Eligibility criteria & Applications - How to set thoughtful eligibility criteria to get the applicants you want, creating smooth onboarding flows. Possible guests: Disruption Joe from Thrivecoin.
  7. Communications & engagement - Creating thoughtful and effective grants program comms. Possible guests: Mathilda from Gitcoin.
  8. Retrospective & Reporting - Follow-up to measurement episode + how to report effecitvely (can also combine these episodes). Possible guests: Carl from OSO, Umar from Gitcoin

Do you have podcast hosting experience? Links to previous work pls.

I’ve hosted several podcasts and have appeared as a guest on over 100 podcasts.

As a podcast host:
The Leadership Gap
The Gitcoin Pulse

Are you a known quantity to the regen ecosystem? Links to previous work pls.

I don’t think I’m particularly known outside of IRL experiences, though I’ve had the privilege of working at Gitcoin for the last 2-1/2 years and primarily participating in the Regen space through that. I’ve also been a part of the Schelling Point planning team since April 2022.

Whats your favorite greenpill episode + why?

Any episode with Daniel Schmachtenberger, obviously. And anyone who hasn’t/doesn’t put this as their answer has obviously not listened to these episodes yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have time to record 5-15 episodes in the next couple quarters?


How will you ensure the episode is quality + relevant to the audience?

I personally have a professional recording setup at home. I also have extensive podcasting experience and am familiar with the idea of keeping the audience top of mind. Ideally I’d be able to get a pulse on the relevance of the content based on the performance of the episodes compared to previous episodes.


I already want to subscribe to this series @sejalrekhan @LauNaMu :seedling:


Thank you for the opportunity for allowing the community to submit these proposals @owocki!

I’m proposing the following Season:

Season Title
Token Engineering the Commons

Season Goals
The goal of this season is to educate the GreenPill community on some of the Token Engineering concepts, mechanisms and processes that are enabling the creation of local commons. It will highlight some of the organizations and projects that are building the tools that will be used to enable local coordination, and to talk to the many organizations and individuals that are already experimenting in real communities all over the world.

Why is this relevant to the greenpill audience in H2 2024?
The GreenPill audience has enjoyed exploring some of the broader solutions that blockchain technologies are attempting to solve. During this season, we will dive deep into the application of Web3 technology and how it is actually being applied in the context of a real-world Commons, what challenges we still have yet to overcome, and how local communities can begin to apply some of these Token Engineering principles into their own environments.

Depending on scheduling and availability, I would like to begin this season in the middle/end of July and wrap up the season at some time near the end of the year (November/December).

Proposed Episodes & Guests
The proposed episodes and guests listed here are separated into two sections. The first half of the season would be dedicated to setting the context for exploring the Commons in the 21st Century through the lens of Token Engineering. The second half is dedicated to exploring the real world experiments already in progress and laying a blueprint for how others in the GreenPill network can implement their grassroot efforts.

*As this is a desired list, I do not have approval or agreement for any of these speakers/organizations to participate in the podcast prior to this proposal. It is simply a vision for the Season…topics and speakers may change based on several factors.

Part 1: Exploring the Commons through Token Engineering

Episode 1: Web3 and Ostrom
Speaker(s): Marco Schletz
Exploring the intersection between Commons Management and Web3 with Marco Schletz. A broad overview of Ostroms impact, modern challenges to Commons management and where we are headed technologically in our pursuit of improving these systems.

Episode 2: Implementing Ostrom through Collaborative Economics
Speaker(s): Livia D. & Tam H of CommonsStack
Exploring the concept of collaborative economics through the lens of the initial formation of the Token Engineering Commons, how to apply Ostroms principles and the benefits of bringing the economic design space to our communities.

Episode 3: Regen TE
Speaker(s): Representative of the Regen Tokenomics DAO
Exploring the token engineering principles involved in the Regen space, how they differ from other areas of Token Engineering and how they are being applied.

Episode 4: The g0v Movement
Speaker(s): Representative of g0v
Establishing a vision for g0v as a grassroots social movement dedicated to deepening civic engagements and connections between the social arena and local citizens.

Episode 5: Coordination Technologies
Speaker(s): Ben of Open Civics
Exploring the evolution of coordination technologies in local communities, identifying trends, current practices, and whats on the horizon.

Episode 6: Legal Challenges for Local Commons
Speaker(s): Gabriel Shapiro of LexNode
Exploring the ins and outs of the legal challenges that local DAO’s and projects must face as they continue to practice decentralization in the real world.

Episode 7: Learning from Localized DAO’s
Speaker(s): Representative from CityDAO Network
Exploring how to build information centers that document real world experiments and share them with one another in our efforts to create a knowledge commons around local initiatives.

Part 2: Exploring Local Efforts of Implementation

Episode 8: ATXDAO
Speaker: Mason Lynaugh of ATXDAO
Discussing localized community efforts in Austin to solve local problems.

Episode 9: Local Efforts in LATAM (Hosted by colleague @bear100 in spanish)
Speaker(s): Sandusky
Discussing collective land ownership efforts and collaborative networks implemented in LatAm communities.

Episode 10: Cabin.City
Speaker(s): Jon Hillis of Cabin.City
Discussing the network village concept.

Episode 11: $OAK Community Currency
Speaker(s): Jesse Pollack, DJ, Garrick of Oak Community Currency
Discussing the history of community currencies and current experiments within Oakland, CA.

Episode 12: 404DAO
Speaker(s): Pruitt Martin of 404DAO
Discussing community organizing and local DAO formation in Atlanta, GA.

Episode n: * More local examples….to be discovered.

Do you have podcast hosting experience? Link to previous work pls.

I am currently the host of the Token Engineering as Public Goods series hosted on X. Here are a few episodes you can view:

TEPG Episode 1 - Smart Contract Audits w/Jackson

TEPG Episode 2 - Predictions, Data-Markets, and Ocean Protocols Predictoor w/Trent McConaghy

TEPG Episode 3 - AI + TE: A new era of Token Engineering with cadCAD GPT

Are you a known quantity to the regen ecosystem? Links to previous work pls.

I’ve engaged with many regen ecosystem participants and projects through my work in the TEC and the Gitcoin Grant rounds.

What’s your favorite greenpill episode + why?

I really enjoyed the 3 part series with Daniel Schmachtenberger covering the metacrisis. I particularly enjoyed part 2 on Superstructures and his insights into conflict theory and its application to design.

Do you have time to record 5-15 episodes in the next couple quarters?


How will you ensure the episode is quality + relevant to the audience?

Generally, I prepare each episode with a narrative in mind that is backed by research of the topic and the speaker involved. In a shared document, I establish the goals of the discussion and provide each speaker with a general outline of the proposed talk and allow them to modify the content, questions, and format to help create a narrative of their work that aligns with the goals of the discussion.

This collaborative process has worked very well in the past as it allows each of us to be better prepared for the recording of the episode. At the end of the day, I want to enable honest conversations and allow for the speakers to express their viewpoints without influence or prompting.

Thanks again! Looking forward to see how the GreenPill Podcast evolves!