DAO Digest #22 2023

Shoutout to @gaoa97 for writing this Digest!

:fire: Hot Topics

:white_check_mark: GG19 Gitcoin Grants 19 is LIVE until 23:59 UTC Nov 29th! Applications are in (and open throughout the round). In addition to the 3 Program Rounds, we have 9+ Community-led Rounds, featuring:

  • Arbitrum Citize’s Round – Plurality Labs
  • Token Engineering Commons — TEC
  • 1inch LATAM
  • Metapool
  • Global Chinese Community – GCC
  • Open Civics
  • Governance Research – MetaGov
  • Web3 Social – Mask Network
  • Climate Solutions – CCN

Community Rounds are those where the round’s decision-making, coordination and implementation are the responsibility of program managers external to Gitcoin. They are selected by our team and must meet certain criteria.

:green_circle: vonate (vote + donate) to GG19 here!

:star2: The Essential Intents (EIs) reflect Gitcoin’s commitment to short-term stabilized operations and long-term decentralization, with focus on 3 interconnected pillars:


:rocket: Happy Hackadays! Gitcoin Hackathon: Dec 11-15th (TBA)

:gear: Enhancing Our Stewardship: Leave your vote – Towards a More Unified and Impactful Governance Approach

:robot: AI tool to keep up with the fast-paced world of protocols and DAOs: including Gitcoin

:open_book: Vocabulary: Gitcoin Grants, Programs, Rounds, etc

:shield: Gitcoin WalletGuard: A new scheme to avoid incidents with treasury funds, proposed by @owocki

:nail_care: New branding: Refined graphics & illustrations to further drive tech-centered future

:moneybag: $2k Reward RFP: Data Dashboard

:briefcase: DAO Financial Report: November

:earth_africa: Gitcoin IRL gathering in Q1 2024? promoting team cohesion and encouraging cross-workstream communication…

:crystal_ball: Gitcoin’s Vision for S20 & Beyond

Read this gov post to get the full lowdown on what October held for Gitcoin :love_letter:

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • [Vote on Snapshot] GG19 Matching Funds Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – S20 MMM Workstream Budget Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – S20-S21 GPT Workstream Budget Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – S20-S21 GSD Workstream Budget Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – S20-S21Grants Stack Budget Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – S20-S21Allo Budget Request
  • [PROPOSAL] – Passport-protect the Gitcoin governance forum.

:compass: Biweekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the biweekly workstream update - (latest video on Gitcoin Transparency)


What’s new?

V2 documentation is available here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • COMPLETED: Audit and V2 Deployment!!

  • IN PROGRESS: Microgrants! S20 GCP Proposal and V2 launch announcements

  • ON THE HORIZON: Allo component library and potential partnerships with 1Hive, Superfluid and GeoWeb

Grants Stack

What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes :slightly_smiling_face:also, who read @Meg’s article on how to fund innovation?

Project Updates

  • COMPLETED: New Features for GG19

    • Matching Estimates
    • Passport sliding scale + widget
    • Round Edit flow v2
    • Explorer Redesign
  • IN PROGRESS: Project Search & Discovery – Explore Projects tab, Search, Collections & Categories

  • ON THE HORIZON: Kick off Explorer Homepage updates; Round spam / filtering; New homepage redesign; and adding a sorting/filtering function

Actions & Progress

  • Case Studies

  • Quadratic Funding – 27/13 QF Serviced Rounds achieved!

  • Self-service – 8/8 QF Rounds achieved!

  • New chains deployed – Avalanche, Polygon, SheFi coming soon.

  • Integrations – Powerpool, SPACE ID launched. DIMO, Starknet, Uni/Arb committed to launching

  • Direct Grants feature has been launched.


What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes, Roadmap and the new brand identity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Project Updates


    • Verax Dashboard
    • Unified Grants stamp
    • New score weight update & overall score
    • Updated GTC Community staking credentials
    • New UI for onboarding flow & Sidebar
    • Cleaning and growing Sybil list: 35k → 175k

    • Completing UX / UI work with: welcome page & support banner
    • Citizen’s round Sybil analysis
    • Prevention of Sybil attack from GG18 (ecc.eth)
    • New Identity staking round during GG19

    • Hats onchain integration
    • Mosaic reward – Citizen round participant!
    • Simplified onchain tutorial and documentation
    • Add Linea contracts

Actions & Progress

  • Identity Staking V2 - Phase 1 promo taking place

  • Building out Trusted Humans list in Istanbul—through attending many events

  • Refreshed competitive research beginning soon

  • Discourse and Collab.land integration announcements have been published.


The PGF workstream has now divided into the Grants Program Team (GPT) & Getting Stuff Done (GSD)

  • Grant Programs Team (GPT)

    • ETH Infra Round Launched on Polygon.
    • Checker continues to move forward.
  • Get Stuff Done (GSD)

    • Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding.
    • Ownership of Gitcoin: Sales Process
    • 5 closes for November with 7 more for GPT (Community Rounds - repeat users)!
    • Strong Opp Generation: 31 opps created in October – 6 x Quadratic Avengers Rounds and
    • 4 x GG19 Community Rounds launched recently for Grants Stack.
    • Linea - Key Opportunity progressing.
    • Collab.land / Galaxe Notable highlights from October
    • Opportunities with Base forming up. Network to be online with GS in December.
    • Matter Labs/zkSync: Commitment for Community Rounds leading to GG20 and beyond! Network on track to be online with Grants Stack in December


  • We’re NOT biased at all but we think you should join us on the BEST new channel on Warpcast!

  • Gitcoin Contributors Twitter/X List – Drop your name in this Notion table if you’d like to be added to this Twitter list so it’s easy to find and follow you and other contributors.

  • Brand Book Updates – Allo & Grants Stack, Passport brand books complete.

  • Under ConstructionStakeholder comms. 2024 Events Strategy underway (to be finalized in Nov)

:date: Events Updates

Marquee attendance

  • Valueless voting tokens were used at Schelling Point IST to engage in a Quadratic Voting (QV) round, allocating proceeds from the State of Web3 Grants Report mint to four Turkish charities. Keep an eye out for a debrief :slight_smile:

  • ETHDenver is coming up! Conversations about Schelling Point Denver are afoot :eyes:

Gitcoin Community Call – Taking place every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET on X.

Catch up on recordings of recent X conversations here:

Gitcoin Pulse – Weekly episodes covering a few of our top happenings at Gitcoin followed by short interviews with active contributors to better get to know the Gitcoin community and the projects they are working on. Listen to the latest episode here.

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