RFP: Data Dashboard for Grants Stack

The Grants Stack team (ok, really our hero @michelle_ma ) recently created an RFP for a data dashboard. We’re running this RFP through our direct grants feature, and cross-posting here to drive attention and feedback to the process!

There is a $2k reward for successful submissions. We’d love to hear your feedback on the content, process, etc!

Link to apply and view accepted submissions: Gitcoin | Builder

Link to full RFP: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Looking forward to your submissions!


I am excited to see the Grants Stack team engaging the community in this way. I think its an interesting experiment in dogfooding Grants Stack, and also in modularizing the work done around the Grants Stack team so that the community can jump in & accelerate the work.

Keen to see the data dashboards of course too :slight_smile:


Looks neat, my only two nitpicks are:

EDIT: Ok, so I found out this is indeed a contest, where you intend to pick best of all submissions, so it would be nice to have some sort of clear deadline as to when to submit.

Also, you are asking for Dune dashboard - for now Dune has no live access to Public Goods Network data where a lot of action is happening. Dealers choice if you want folks to import stale PGN data into Dune or just ignore PGN component for now.


Great idea to source contributions from our talented community. @omnianalytics @KarlaGod @LinuxIsCool @apoorvlathey tagging for viz


hey @DistributedDoge thanks for reading through so closely!

1 contest format: we’ve heard from other direct grant programs that this works well, but I think you make a good point about a deadline – let me see if we can add!

2 dune dashboard: since PGN data is pretty hard to access, we will accept a dune dashboard or similar – but we also linked to our indexer which contains data on all of the chains we support!


Forwarded links to this opportunity to our data scientist… We will see if they are busy with anything else but this is a great incentive for them to focus on working in the Gitcoin ecosystem. Thanks :pray: for providing opportunities for folks who are passionate about web3!


thanks so much @FractalVisions !

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Excited about this RFP and sharing the link to this post with several Gitcoin Citizens!

One suggestion from a data access perspective as applicants read this thread: imo given the number of different chains we are on (and constantly adding) – this will be much better/easier to build and maintain using the indexer, regendata, or data portal than something like dune.


Thank you so much, just seeing this and I’m grateful for the opportunity.