Introducing Stewards Governance

A great guy, daily I learn from him and his leadership skills.



Gitcoin Username: Fishbiscuit
ETH Address: 0x0CF30daf2Fb962Ed1d5D19C97F5f6651F3b691c1
ENS: fishbiscuit.eth
Discord handle: QZ#6600

Statement of Intent: I believe we do not have enough Public Goods which has led us down a path of increasing centralisation of our internet (what I consider a collective space). DAOs got me started on Web3 - reading Colony’s whitepaper piqued my curiosity, and Colony’s Gitcoin bounty was my first contribution back in 2018. GitcoinDAO is the perfect amalgamation of the Web3 values that I would like to see and it has been a great pleasure and honour of mine being a part of the DAO’s workstreams.
Being a Steward would be a great way for me to serve GitcoinDAO in a greater capacity.

Web3 Qualifications:

Research work:

Work at Tribe:

  • creating and delivering material on blockchain education
  • ecosystem building for Singapore on blockchain
  • blockchain accelerator program planning and design
  • growing student communities with blockchain clubs

DAO work:

  • writing for Bankless (1, 2, 3)
  • ScribeDAO (1, 2, and many more)
  • DreamDAO - Notion, workshops, being a Champion
  • Rabbithole Pathfinder on Content

GitcoinDAO work:

  • built out GitcoinDAO’s notion
  • first memepalooza
  • Public Goods workstream coordination for the public library, twitter spaces, onboarding contributors, and ops

Gitcoin Username: sidcode
ETH Address: 0xd0ef3a2Ae7Fb496C0897400f1be46693B6183B0a
ENS: sidcode.eth
Discord handle: sidcode#1729

Statement of Intent: The open request for public goods got me started with DAOs, and especially GitcoinDAO. I have been helping contribute to open source software since 2014.

I intend to understand the health, wealth, and truth of our commons which I shared about at length in CommonsWTH- a talk I gave at the Governauts Rewards Research initiative. I love studying public goods through multiple aspects of society - technology, economics, culture, and policy. To that end, I have been contributing to various initiatives such as-

  • GitcoinDAO (Public Goods workstream as a librarian, organizing community, building coordination tools at MMM (Memes, Merch, Marketing) and Moonshot Collective.
  • KERNEL Steward involved in the mutualistic co-evolution of KERNEL with GitcoinDAO to build communities of care,
  • Token Engineering Commons (via the Governauts Rewards Research program till Feb 2022),
  • Complexity Weekend (a community of practice to facilitate applied complexity projects. This is where I learned about the Commons Stack in the first place and became a part of the Trusted Seed),
  • community contributor to build a network state,
  • Helping steward DWeb nodes and local communities in Singapore to design techforgood, such as

I helped moderate a session with Griff Green in our GitcoinDAO Public Library call as well as helped facilitate a twitter spaces call with him (with the help of Alisha, Lani, and others).

As a Steward, I intend to understand the needs of other stewards via the Stewards council and build better tools and processes to improve the DAO.

GitcoinDAO work:

  • coordinating tech projects as an MMM lead with Brittney and Fred.
  • helped build to make DAO onboarding easier.
  • helped build our memeshot: and co-facilitating Memepalooza 1-6.
  • Initiated partnerships with Karma to improve our steward health reporting.
  • Public Goods workstream contributor where I help find speakers for the weekly Public Library calls, ‘Public Goods are Good’ twitter spaces.
  • helping Gitcoin Grants teams from FDD in GR12 and GR13 with Sybil hunting
  • contributing to the inaugral DAO Workers Report w/ Gitcoin and Bankless via the Moonshot Collective.

More details:
Thank you for reading this!


Full support for the recent steward requests. Bring them in!

Disruption Joe

The Dao is a better place because these folks care. I support their candidacy to be a Gitcoin Dao Steward. Thanks for all your efforts folks.


Gitcoin Username: dschlabach

ETH Address: schlabach.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I’m excited about Gitcoin’s mission of advancing public goods and supporting open source software. Part of the reason I was able to start contributing to Llama is thanks to funding from Gitcoin. In the past, I was active in the independent maker space; one of the problems that people faced was a lack of financial support to help them realize their ideas. Gitcoin can help change this dynamic and give people the opportunity to build innovative new public goods.

I’d like to become a Gitcoin Steward so I can help advance Gitcoin’s mission through productive use of the treasury. Prior to becoming involved in crypto, I worked at a university endowment and helped manage large pools of capital. With proper management, Gitcoin’s treasury is a valuable asset that can be used to grow the public goods ecosystem.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve been contributing to Llama since May 2021 and have been Community Lead there since December 2021. While at Llama, I’ve worked on several projects with partner DAOs, including Gitcoin’s $15 million Treasury Diversification. Llama has worked with Aave, Uniswap, Gitcoin, FWB, and other notable communities. I also wrote Easy DeFi, a weekly blog that used simple language to help beginners learn about crypto and DeFi.


Statement of Intention

I’m most interested in the opportunity Gitcoin has to scale new methods for funding public goods. I think blockchain-based quadratic funding has the potential to change the way we allocate resources to goods we all benefit from (on and offline).

I also care about bringing additional mission-aligned people into the community.

Qualifications / Skills

I bring over ten years of economic development, housing, and management experience to my role in Gitcoin. So far in my career, I’ve supported teams and projects in planning for the future based on the resources available today.

I began my web3 journey 2+ years ago as a Ethereum Foundation DevCon Scholar. Through that program I developed a deeper understanding of the technology, and a strong appreciation for its potential to change the way we work and support communities.

I joined the Operations workstream in February as a lead, and I’m excited for the opportunity to help build the team to be responsive to the needs of the DAO, while remaining decentralized in approach.

User Name: Jodi_GitcoinDAO

Eth address: 0x43a70AB0D5Beb7C09f974630FBC56E601F28aA32


(repost due to technical difficulties)

  • Gitcoin Username: blazingthirdeye
  • ETH Address: 0x59AE7f21D18b2F5fDC7a99c4fd6dD9E67Cec0Bc9
  • My Twitter: @blazingthirdeye
    *Discord Username: David (please DYOR…)#4116

Intention/Reasons for Joining:

I want to help steward Gitcoin because my values align with their values. I am getting concerned by the proliferation of greed in the digital asset space. When I first started participating in cryptocurrency I was immediately impressed by the potential to move the world in the direction of better justice, equality and wealth distribution. Instead I am seeing hints of the opposite. Wealth getting concentrated in the same areas, economic instability is occurring in many countries, and crypto is getting banned in some countries while being embraced in others. I think such things are happening because the digital asset space is being adopted as a runaway casino in which people want to get rich fast then exit the space.

I believe the way to prevent this is by fundamentally changing the principals that digital assets are built on and distributed by. I am also a Trusted Seed at the Common Stack and a member of 1hive Dao. I was part of a universal basic income project utilizing algorithmic stablecoins until it sadly ceased operations. Becoming a Gitcoin Steward will empower me to help change the course of crypto for the better.


Gitcoin Username smacman

ETH Address seanmac.eth

Discord Handle seanmac #4517

Twitter Handle smacmannis

Statement of Intention

I joined Gitcoin Holdings as Marketing Lead in August 2021. I’ve now led marketing for Gitcoin Holdings for the past 7 months and have progressively increased my involvement in the MMM workstream within the Gitcoin DAO over the past 4 months, including serving as the Workstream Lead.

For background, the goal of the MMM Workstream is to increase the awareness, engagement, and impact of Gitcoin, its Workstreams and its mission. We accomplish this by building sustainable channels, campaigns & content. If we’re successful, we will help establish Gitcoin as the world’s preeminent community of web3 builders, building for the public good. While we’ve been a workstream since July of 2021, near the start of the GitcoinDAO, we’re still quite early in this journey. We’re building meta-public goods here so the sky is the limit!

My current responsibilities as Workstream Lead include setting the direction for the MMM team, creating organizational structure, leading strategy & managing our budget, all of which are performed in collaboration with the other members of the MMM core team, other GitcoinDAO workstream leads, and the community-at-large.

My goal for becoming a steward is to serve the mission of Gitcoin to the best of my abilities, including but not limited to fulfilling the MMM mission delineated above, creating a leading protocol/impact DAO, and generally building dynamic & innovative systems that allow humans to thrive.

Web 3 Qualification/Skills

  • Hired by Gitcoin in August 2021 to lead Marketing
  • Consulting for Blockchain Club at Dartmouth College
  • On Grants committee in Bankless-affiliated DAOPunks NFT community
  • Occasional participant and lurker (it’s market research!) in far too many DAOs including Crypto, Culture & Society, Decentraliens, Bankless, DAO Masters, JUMP, Cabin, Mirror, Seed Club & more.

Selected publications:

  1. Gitcoin Blog
    Grants Round 13: Round Results & Recap, Announcing Grants Round 13, Tally Ho Plans First Gitcoin Aqueduct, Gitcoin 2021 Year in Review, Polygon Creating Ecosystem Match Pool, Polygon Commits $1 Million for Public Goods, How Uniswap Grants Program & Gitcoin Partnered to Distribute Ecosystem Funds
  2. Gov Forum
    MMM Season 13 budget request, contributor tiers, product marketing at Gitcoin
  3. Medium: Say “I Quit” — but Do It for the Right Reasons, How to Make Time & Money Work for You

Gitcoin Username: freddmannen
ETH Address: 0xA1E4A14363B3ba2c1D49e1eeBE5fa21e25E4ed1D
Discord handle: Fred.#5650

Statement of Intent:
After almost a year at Gitcoin I am incredibly excited to officially become a Steward and continue my work in the DAO. The concept of DAOs is what got me interested in Ethereum to begin with and I am thrilled to become a Steward in the most impactful DAO in the space. Through my stewardship I wish to empower the Gitcoin community, guide us towards our common vision, and increase our impact in the world.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:
After a handful of years into the Ethereum rabbithole I know my way around several communities and have a good understanding of the ecosystem. At Gitcoin I’ve co-lead of the MMM Workstream together with @seedphrase since June ‘21. Organizing a Workstream of 20-30 active contributors for almost a year has improved my project management and organization skills substantially. Beside MMM I’m also part of various cross-workstream groups and initiatives. I’m very passionate about growing our community and our impact, as well as improving our governance processes more broadly.


Reposting with updates and edits: link to original post.

Gitcoin Username: @jodicee4pg
Twitter: @0xJodiCee
Discord: Jodi | Gitcoin#1775
Eth address: 0x43a70AB0D5Beb7C09f974630FBC56E601F28aA32

Statement of Intention

I’m most interested in the opportunity Gitcoin has to scale new methods for funding public goods. I think blockchain-based quadratic funding has the potential to change the way we allocate resources to goods we all benefit from (on and offline).

I also care about bringing additional mission-aligned people into the community.

Qualifications / Skills

I bring over ten years of economic development, housing, and management experience to my role in Gitcoin. So far in my career, I’ve supported teams and projects in planning for the future based on the resources available today.

I began my web3 journey 2+ years ago as a Ethereum Foundation DevCon Scholar. Through that program I developed a deeper understanding of the technology, and a strong appreciation for its potential to change the way we work and support communities.

I joined the Operations workstream in February as a lead, and I’m excited for the opportunity to help build the team to be responsive to the needs of the DAO, while remaining decentralized in approach.


Statement of intent/ my values and reason for joining: I’m currently a Gitcoin contributor on the public goods workstream focused on onboarding web2 funders into the grants program. I’m passionate about both public goods and how we fund them; the good laws, libraries, parks and open source that surrounds us is the architecture of how we live well, and currently we do not have enough novel funding mechanisms.

What web3 qualifications/skills I have: While I’ve only been in web3 for maybe a year, I’ve been able to leverage my long-term background as a community builder and grantmaker/investor to contribute to projects like Filecoin foundation for the decentralized web and Crypto, Culture and Society. Especially, I’ve been able to bring in many web2 skeptics who do not see the flourishing regen communities that exist from outside of the crypto space. I have a deep network in many worlds, am a board member/steward with 6+ years experience helping organisations navigate scale.


Gitcoin Username: [@kevinrolsen | Gitcoin)
Twitter: @kevinrolsen
Discord: kevin.olsen#8319
Eth address: kevinolsen.eth 0x4Be88f63f919324210ea3A2cCAD4ff0734425F91

Statement of Intention

I’ve been working with the GPC as an engineering leader since December 21, while I’ve had some web3 experience prior to this, and have been watching DAOs with interest for years, Gitcoin has really been the opportunity for me to go down the rabbit hole. I love the vision of Gitcoin, and the essential intents, and personally, I’m thrilled that we’ve aligned on our Grants 2 roadmap, we’re shipping product, and can finally say we’re achieving our mission to decentralize ourselves.

Through my experience here to date, I’ve grown to appreciate the work the DAO does to seek the balance between ambition and focus. I hope to be able to represent engineering’s needs and voice within the DAO governance process and accelerate our transition into being as much a protocol DAO as we are a social/impact DAO.

Qualifications / Skills

I’ve been in Engineering and Leadership roles for 16 years (:flushed: I had to look that up), helping to build software but over time more to build teams. I’ve worked across both large and small organizations, directly and externally in those years. And while I love the craft of engineering, I think my specialization has been as a facilitator, building interfaces with other groups, and creating environments where good engineering can happen. I believe in collaboration, facilitation, and group sense-making, and would welcome the chance to do that as a Steward in the DAO.

  • Gitcoin Username @lthrift
  • ETH Address lthrift.eth 0xbe368cc284A8303Ae4C76A1870d897cfEE2B0812
  • Discord Handle lthrift#8111
    Twitter @thrift_lindsey

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
Formally educated in social work and intercultural studies, I have been on a path of continual learning and discovering how social causes can be most meaningfully impacted. My professional journey has led me to develop highly effective skills in software development while maintaining my core alignment around doing work that contributes to the ability for people to thrive. Gitcoin’s mission to fund public goods through the development of novel, effective mechanisms for distributing capital is a powerful intersection of my skills and passions.

I joined Gitcoin Holdings in September 2021 as the Product Management leader and have been continuously building context and integration with the DAO as we have sought to decentralize the technology and the team. My intention in seeking DAO stewardship is to continue to integrate into the collective community such that we build the Grants 2.0 protocol and workstream in tight alignment.

Qualifications / Skills
I bring 10+ years of experience across entrepreneurship education, small business financing, product management, and software delivery consulting to Gitcoin. I have served on loan review boards (assessing business plan viability to make funding decisions), built teams for on-going sustainable execution, and been accountable for ensuring mission critical projects were planned and executed effectively. These unique experiences give me perspective to deeply understand how to assess viability of ideas, continuously buy down risks, and execute at the intersection of organizational strategy and software development. I’d value the opportunity to help steward the Gitcoin DAO to realizing its mission of empowering communities to fund their shared needs.

  • Gitcoin Username: @J9leger
  • ETH Address: 0x2df9a188fBE231B0DC36D14AcEb65dEFbB049479

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:
I’m interested in participating as a Gitcoin Steward as I believe Gitcoin and the Gitcoin community are focused on building web3 tools that truly change the way we coordinate and collaborate to support positive growth in the crypto ecosystem by funding public goods and communities shared needs. I’d love to join as a steward to see Gitcoin continue to achieve theses goals across many communities.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve been involved in learning about and investing in crypto for the past 6 years, volunteered at EthDenver and actively dedicating my time to operating and building a scalable Gitcoin Grants the past 6 months.

Prior to Gitcoin, I helped build and lead Deloitte Pixel, the crowdsourcing and on-demand talent platform within Deloitte Consulting where we helped advocate for enterprises to use external & flexible talent models to achieve their outcomes.


Gitcoin Username: M0nkeyFl0wer

ETH Address: 0x41105A64A7Ae18Bd6c31363ef5FD99dD574f7874

Discord Handle (optional) Monkey_Flower#4039

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I am passionate about the mission and values of Gitcoin and see participation and stewardship as a core component of DAO membership. I am eager to be of service to the DAO and will communicate regularly with community members about all significant decisions being made.

I am dedicated to public goods, decentralized decision making, the wisdom of the crowd. I see the potential for composable, interoperable open source technology and to unlock unimaginable levels of innovation and opportunity.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

I am the Cause Round lead for Gitcoin DAO helping to facilitate grants rounds for Climate Solutions, Diversity Equity and Inclusion as well as Crypto Advocacy. I am privileged to have this unique point of view on the experience of our grantees, donors and partners. I would like to give voice to their perspectives as a steward.

I have been involved in local currency projects and decentralized co-operative decision making since I was quite young. Truth be told one of my first memories from childhood was taking minutes for a co-op housing meeting with crayons.

As a political science student and as a candidate and organizer for the Green Party
I focused on designing decentralized decision making structures.

I then worked for Environmental Non-Profits for a bit over a decade. I was first introduced to Bitcoin tech in the context of campaign work for social change. I saw cryptocurrency as a part of a strategy to undermine the power and influence of big banks who financed fossil fuel projects. I began speaking and writing about this in 2015.

In the last few years I have done a deep dive into digital democracy and online public engagement processes as the Executive Director of the eDemocracy Network, the non-profit sister organization of Ethelo focused on meaningful public engagement on climate plans and other issues working with local governments and Indigenous communities.

I was involved in Ethelo’s platform being used by our Fraud Detection and Defence team to help involve community members and partners having input on projects.

I was also a volunteer coordinate for Schelling Point and I am a Librarian in Gitcoins Public Library and look forward to participating in those conversations every week.


yes!! I can’t imagine a better fit for steward.


Strong agree with Sarahdw. MonkeyFlower is solid Steward material. Same with Kevin O. (hope we get to speak again in person), Lindsay T. and J.Leger. Additionally, Zer8, an Core member of the FDD and Lead of the Grants Intelligence Agency is another strong Steward candadite who should get approved. He has been a strong and loyal part of the Dao for over a year now. In fact Zer8 applied for Stewardship long ago but hey … its a dao! Things take time.

  • Gitcoin Username @nfrgosselin
  • ETH Address nategosselin.eth 0xB41077b88Ff9E42355FC2FfeAA1810560aC5f192
  • Discord Handle nfrgosselin#9251
    Twitter @nfrgosselin

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
Over my career I’ve been proud to work at mission-driven tech companies in media, health care, and food, but Gitcoin is the first time I’ve felt 100% aligned with a vision. If I try to draw a connection between my jobs, the through-line would likely be trying to bring the best of tech to empower small, motivated companies and communities. In that spirit, I am incredibly excited about where Gitcoin is going and would love to take a more active role in helping us get there.

Qualifications / Skills

  • Joined GPC in December 21, and have been focusing on building out the Grants 2.0 product suite
  • 10+ years working in product management / tech across a variety of industries and company sizes
  • Extensive training and experience in building + leading teams
  • Kernel alum (KB4)
  • Deep interest in experimenting with sustainable, community-driven business models

Gitcoin Username: @safderr
ETH Address: 0xb9570e18268375D6D57cda77ed63224f459D6384
Discord Handle: Saf#2338

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I’ve been an organizer for all of my adult life, having been involved in a number of grassroots organizations in my communities centered mostly around issues of access and advocacy for folks at the margins. I’ve seen how these organizations fluorish and also how they struggle in very foundational ways, and see web3 as being a tool to supercharge how we coordinate towards lasting systems change.

The work that Gitcoin is doing, as well as how it’s both directly and indirectly shaping the narrative around public goods/regeneration, is incredibly exciting to me. I feel both the power and responsibility as an early adopter to ensure that this narrative-building doesn’t lose sight of its original ideals of collective ownership and community empowerment. As a Steward, I intend to challenge any deviations from these ideals, and ensure that the DAO remains aware of the larger ecosystems that it’s operating in and influencing.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I started my web3 career as a “nerdy degen”, diving into technicals of a number of projects that I thought could be good investments. I think this degen training gave me a pretty good lay of the land, and helped me build a solid technical foundation to be able to understand the space and how the technology enables revolution.
However like many others, I came for the degen and stayed for the revolution. In the past year, I’ve been involved in a number of DAOs - Protein, and Dream DAO being the most prominent - and I’ve naturally assumed facilitator/project manager/steward roles at each.

I’ve been a part of Gitcoin DAO since May, where I’ve been a part of the People Operations team and more recently have also taken on some community management duties. I’ve found so much life from being around the incredible team this DAO has built so far, and the work I focus on is ensuring that this team has what they need to succeed and to thrive.

Prior to Gitcoin DAO, I spent about 4 years as an engineer and project manager, and 3 years as a career development facilitator (in addition to the 8+ years of community organizing that I’ve done on the side).


Alright time to throw my hat in the ring!

Gitcoin Username: @connoroday
ETH Address: coday.eth
Discord Handle: connoroday#3518
Twitter: @connoroday0

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I’d like to officially become a steward of the GitcoinDAO to help lead us toward our mission of building tools that empower communities to fund their shared needs. After spending over 3 years working full-time for Gitcoin (Holdings), I’ve officially resigned from my position with that entity and am now working full-time for the GitcoinDAO within the Public Goods Funding workstream. The timing is right for me to dive head first into the DAO-native world and I want to leverage my experience to become a leading voice (one of many) in this community.

The future of work, the future of communities, the future of identity and reputation, will be decentralized and digital. We’re in a unique position to help shape this future. Gitcoin has emerged as a core pillar of the open source and public goods funding movement within Ethereum, and we need to 10x this momentum to make a larger impact in the physical world.

I believe QF is a powerful mechanism that can be leveraged for many use cases and communities, that do not have to be strict public goods - check out my EthCC talk to learn why.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve been a Web3 native my entire career since before it was called Web3 (for better or worse) :slight_smile:. I went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in college in 2013 and it influenced my decision to double major in Economics and Computer Science. I began as an intern at ConsenSys in 2015 before Eth mainnet launched, mined Eth in my dorm room, lost and recovered Eth in The DAO hack, etc. I was always passionate about new decentralized governance models Ethereum could enable - see my 2016 blog post on liquid democracy I wrote as a starry-eyed intern.

At ConsenSys I spent time doing research, token design, dev rel, partnerships, and more. I spent 1.5 years working on a tokenized real estate platform that was eventually shut down as we failed to raise a series A in the depths of the bear market. Watching ConsenSys grow from 20 employees to 1400, and back down to 500, I learned a lot about “decentralized” organizational structure, fundraising, and building things users want. I believe these insights will be relevant to scaling a DAO.

I began working for Gitcoin in early 2019 when the userbase was growing but we were still exploring the right product market fit. I ended up joining and eventually leading the hackathon and virtual events team, where we grew our community, expanded offerings, and increased revenue by an order of magnitude. I eventually transitioned to spend more of my time focusing on grants/QF, and have shifted into a role where I help lead the Gitcoin Grants Ecosystem Round operations. We’ve grown the number of ecosystem rounds from 1 in GR11 to 14 in GR14, in less than a year.

I’ve worn many hats in my time at Gitcoin between biz dev, operations, marketing, product, support, dev rel, sales, and more, but every role was focused on growing Web3 communities and funding meaningful work. I have a deep understanding of the Gitcoin platform, community, and mission. I plan to do my best to ensure the success of Gitcoin, our DAO, and our community for years to come!