Introducing Stewards Governance

hey @gdixon anything else needed from me to get added as a steward?

Gitcoin Username: @vPEPO

ETH Address: defilatam.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I share the ethos that Gitcoin has provided to the crypto community (specially on Ethereum). The core values of this community has provided the ecosystem with an excellent playground of opportunities, enabling hundred of projects to make our lives better in the Web3 space.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I’ve worked in crypto for the past 4 years, currently working on DeFi LATAM to enable a stronger knowledge base on the spanish speaking communities. I’ve participated as a beta tester on several projects providing feedback on what’s the best approach to UX/UI, governance and tokenomics. I’m also currently helping projects through DeFi Wonderland where we analyze inefficiencies and provide them with the best solution approach to each of them.

  • Gitcoin Username - Fiky2067

  • ETH Address - 0x0BC0bB5B379D09FAA0d740fC7d425896Ebe02876

  • Discord Handle (optional) - @vcissaho

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining - I feel like i am a slow learner and cant understand alot of the directions being posted for me. However, once i figure it out. I am very good at teaching other people who have problems understanding the Vocab we use like I once did. This is my main reason for becoming a Steward, to help people. Gitcoin will be heavily influential in the future for everything.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills - I’ve only joined the Ethereum community the last 3-4 years, but I’ve helped in providing translations and assistance to others, and attended meetups in my area to help out. I’m also working hard on learning solidity, and have some foundation with a few side projects that i’ve done

Feel free to contact me, I am ready to answer any questions anytime

Gitcoin username: @giveinterest

ETH Address: giveinterest.eth

Statement of Intention:
Willing to vote against the majority, for a good cause.
Values skepticism and frugality while being extremely optimistic about the value of decentralized governance.

Gitcoin username: @axlvaz

ETH address: 0x58C8a648bFDdE299D5730d7433C7f6de6E4f9CCC

Discord: @axlvaz

Statement of Intent / Your values and reasons for joining.

I am a crypto enthusiast who shares the spirit and values of Gitcoin, I believe that through governance we can build better tools for the crypto community. I want to get more and more involved, to achieve changes in favor of decentralization and growth of the crypto community in Latin America.

Your qualifications / skills in Web3

I have been actively participating in Latam crypto communities since 2016. I have collaborated in the administration of several communities, also as beta tester of crypto startup products from Argetina, providing feedback on UX/UI and functionalities. I am currently studying the governance of several Ethereum network protocols.

Gitcoin: @itsmypain
ETH: 0x5Efa2C1F12BF105afb83d2e3a18C1d2AcE91e598
Discord: Agibalov Sergey #2452

Statement of Intention / My values & reason for joining:
I am from the MIPT, which actively participates in the life of the Gitcoin community.
I am interested to join Gitcoin Stewardship program and governance processes, because I find this project amazing. My values are perfectly aligned with the broader goals of Gitcoin - a super-decentralized, community-owned way of managing. I’ve been a fan of Gitcoin ever since I found out about it, which was very early in my crypto journey. I believe that we should push Gitcoin’s open source development mission further, find and train new developers, and expand the Ethereum network.

I was engaged in the promotion of projects, namely, started with a simple campaign and ended up with the introduction of new functions and technologies in scientific laboratories. I have been engaged in development of projects Rarible.
I have great faith and interest in web3 projects, and I believe that Gitcoin is not only vital for the Ethereum ecosystem, but also extremely important for other web3 projects. I look forward to learning as I go along and contributing to other aspects of research in data science and interaction design.

I am ready to answer any questions anytime.

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GitHub: @KibaGateaux
ETH Address: 0x6B1050C1C6B288C79Ac1db299Dc481048aBBBbcD
Discord: kiba#1023

Statement of Intent:

I’m interested in joining Gitcoin governance to promote education and funding of commons/public goods and help fund the future infrastructure of the world.

Web3 qualifications:

  • ex consensys
  • long time DAO member
  • top DeFi degen score
  • run a community grants program for Handshake blockchain that’s received +$100k ($60k from Gitcoin grants) and distributed $50k to date
  • KERNEL fellow
  • Panvala League member
  • etc. Etc.

GitHub: @Dreamer-M
ETH Address: 0xdF01cA703cfb4377a7A71579CC6bd7c14158B2Bc

Statement of Intent:
Several years ago,I found there was Kickstarter which is doing awesome thing to help bring creative to us.

Nowadays I found Gitcoin, which is doing awesome thing in the new n-dimensional space to help fund decentrilized exchanges.I can see developers and community are hungry for someting new-Web3 ecosystem, and noticed it is community driven.

The voice of community is very important and I’d like to adding value to community.(Especially multi-language part for community)

Web3 qualifications:
1.Global entrepreneurship bootcamp in Korea

2.IT background
Experience of supported 200+system/app for APAC market(China,Korea,Japan,Singapore,Malysia,Australia etc)


4.Joined ethereum translation-program and contributed

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Gitcoin:@awakeningtong | Gitcoin

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining :
This is the first community I came into contact with. In this community I can learn, donate, vote, and post suggestions. This is a very cool thing. I enthusiastically found some friends who are building GITCOIN together, and we held meetings. Discuss Gitcoin related matters together, and actively guide more people to participate in community building. Discuss hackmoney with my software development friend component team offline and share what I have learned. “Perfect world” Why can’t I give newcomers a chance? I am happy to support their mission by becoming a housekeeper.
Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
Passionate about community building
As a software delivery project manager, I can provide support in the field of project management. My work has always been around meetings, charters, plans, risks, quality, launch, and acceptance.
Gitcoin Chinese communication community is under construction

Please contact me

Gitcoin Username: @hibbb

ETH Address: liubenben.eth ( 0xd5D171a9AA125AF13216C3213B5A9Fc793FcCF2c )

Discord Handle: liubenben

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I love the blockchain industry and hope to get more deeply involved in the blockchain industry and the Ethereum ecosystem. I’ve been involved in the crypto industry for five years now, and the various aspects of the industry have become part of my life.

I am very interested in Gitcoin DAO. Although there are many DAO Ethereum communities out there, their governance seems to be a long way from the DAO I imagined. An important part of this is that participation in DAOs is currently not high enough. And Gitcoin DAO’s Stewards can solve this problem to a large extent, which is groundbreaking, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in this organization.

In addition, over the past two years, we have established an ENS Chinese community:, and we have done a lot of work for the popularization and application of ENS in China. I myself have a very clear understanding of the principles of ENS and its place in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I will continue to explore in this industry, I hope I can join.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  1. Solidity
  2. ENS Research
  3. Decentralized Finance
  4. Non-Fungibles & Gaming
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Cool, it would be very interesting to see you on the team of this project, given that you have a lot of experience in interacting with the community DAO Rarible. I hope that such bright personalities will not be ignored!

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  • Gitcoin Username - DHannum8
  • ETH Address - 0xC1FDB60CFB2FbbD6EDc9b445D9B508Da2dBF2c9b
  • Discord Handle (optional) - DHannum8
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

With the wealth creation in the space, there is no reason crypto shouldn’t be able to build and fund public goods for the diverse values of its different communities.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

Founder and CIO at HCM // COO ZenLedger

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Hello everyone!

Gitcoin Username: @rsthornton

ETH Address: 0x77b175d193a19378031F4a81393FC0CBD5cF4079

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I’m interested in being a Gitcoin steward because I want to help support the growth of digital public goods and gain more hands-on experience with DAO governance.

I’m a big believer in the concept of “open-source-everything,” that we should strive to make all of humanity’s critical hardware, software, and socio-technical infrastructure open-source.

For now I’m most interested in understanding and determining what kinds of public goods the community cares about. In the future I’d like to become more involved with conversations around meta-governance and progressive decentralization.

I’m also working to help spin up a DAO investment and support fund focused on long-term DAO infrastructure and am interested in understanding ways in which GTC (and other governance tokens) may accrue value.

I believe that DAOs hold enormous potential to help humanity coordinate in more efficient, transparent, and equitable ways. I’m eager to play an active role in shaping the future of Gitcoin while gaining practical experience working with DAOs!

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Researching and investing in crypto since 2012. Early investor in ETH and participant in “The DAO” along with other early DAOs (MakerDAO, 0xDAO…)

  • Writing about crypto since 2015 on Medium and my personal blog

  • Regularly using and experimenting with Web 3 apps ( Gnosis Safe, Colony, Enyzme Finance, Augur, Audius, etc.)

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  • cb1629966
  • 0xafecebe1c14325c2212624ac710af3a1b5da595d
  • cabrock1#5851
  • As a longtime member of the crypto space, and an even longer advocate for homeless/impoverished individuals, I have been seeking ways to merge the two interests of mine. After spending years with several people in the homeless community in my area, I have learned how talented and innovative some of these people are. I intend to onboard these individuals in an effort to allow them to use their skill to build things in this space, while simultaneously allowing for them the opportunity to earn and grow financial stability.
  • I have served as a community rep/ambassador for over 6 projects, using my skills in intrapersonal communication, community growth and aggregation, and social interactivity, to help strengthen and grow this community.

I would love to be a steward, as I’ve been seeking a way to become an active participant in this community for years, and think this would allow me such an opportunity–specifically in the realm of Public Good.

Gitcoin Username: accelerated-capital
ETH Address: 0xC714a62A4BF7ff475C8dc3E589e1388342A38BB8
Discord Handle: Accelerated Capital#5756

Statement of Intention: As we transition to an increasingly digital society, our economic and cultural interactions will be dictated by the technological standards underpinning our applications. I believe that if we are truly embarking on an age with programmable money and assets, where our economic and cultural systems run on software, it makes sense to re-architecture the the way in which we fund public goods in order to incentivize open source as the default way of building things. Gitcoin does just that, and it is my intention to help the DAO succeed in this mission.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Investment Account leader within Index Coop’s Treasury Working Group.
  • Contributor at LlamaDAO, working on treasury-related projects for Aave, PoolTogether, Gitcoin, and more.
  • Currently working to help create an investment management strategy for the Gitcoin Leadership Wallet.
  • Co-author of two Gitcoin proposals: Form a Treasury Management Workstream and Proposal to Sell 10% AKITA & Place 90% AKITA in 2-year Sablier Contract.
  • Content writer for Index Coop.
  • Writer of a regular publication on DeFi, the Metaverse, and Web3 here.
  • CFA charterholder with experience in ultra high net worth asset management prior to transitioning into crypto full-time.
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Gitcoin Username: @linht.tran
ETH Address: 0x09a8F717fAE8D03bEb13b93b88Ff62f76EeEf7b2
Discord Handle: LinhT.Tran#8783

Statement of Intention: I’m always looking for mission-focused orgs that empower people, and Gitcoin definitely fits that area. Though relatively new to this, I think the concepts of DAO, crypto, web3, etc are so interesting and I’d love to help build the community to where members on this platform feel connected and supported.

Qualifications / Skills: I have experience in online community building and branding, working in a couple of communities that scaled to thousands of followers and subscribers each. My focus is in marketing and communication (content, copywriting, strategy). I’ve written newsletters to a total of 15k readers for organizations.

Gitcoin Username: tarunsachdeva
ETH Address: 0xb3D1a413968f7133EF644e720F74E216090C51a8
Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: I’d like to join to support the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystem, and especially Gitcoin because of a number of reasons. I resonate strongly with the ethos of broadening participating in crypto outside of speculative investment use cases (which are great, but not the big unlock for the general population). Gitcoin has pioneered here with a number of models, supporting so many Web3 projects along the way. I’d love to play a role to support it’s future as a Delegate/Steward.
Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I’m currently actively participating in the formation of BountiesDAO, which is a DAO that is trying to make bounties flourish through the StandardBounties contracts. I’m also building a toolkit to help individuals and project owners that want to use crypto bounties to get work done. Before this, I’ve tinkered in crypto and written about web3 for a few years. All said, I’m actively learning along the way.

Hey folks, adding an intro here, really looking forward to working with the public goods funding workstream!

Gitcoin Username - @krisjpi

ETH Address - My main DAO address (aka thoroughly doxxed) is 0xeC952ED8e7c2AA466cac36fD611D2E87Df1243D7 - you can also find me on DeepDAO :slight_smile:

Discord Handle - Kris#8703

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining
I have been aligned with Gitcoin’s vision for a very long time - I am very interested in and supportive of open source development, and community-driven projects. I have a very mixed bag of skills and tend to bring a social science perspective to web3 project design. I work in various communities throughout the space, and am very interested in pushing forward experimentation to leverage funding for public goods.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve mostly worked in communications and community building, but have also produced social research on the blockchain ecosystem (see thesis + paper), and while not a solidity dev, have a working knowledge of blockchain concepts and system design. I am currently working with both Commons Stack and Keep Network and have a strong interest in developing and promoting open source development and public goods funding mechanisms.

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Gitcoin Username -@zyks678

ETH Address -0xc34b5288AB4116d946FB7bE8215664B368E2D429

Discord Handle -hwz#6418

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining:

Since contact block chain is very interested in, now has been four years, has always been the ETH community and DEFI active participant, I very love learning, and like new things, including Gitcoin community, so I hope to be able to participate in Gitcoin housekeeper role, I have time and like this community, I will pay great enthusiasm e

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

As a manager of a Chinese community, I have been actively involved in blockchain projects. We are evangelists and witnesses of value. I believe that valuable things are recognized by everyone.

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Hi @zyks678

I am sure you need to fill in Gitcoin user, not governance forum user.