Introducing Stewards Governance

Gitcoin Username: Petr Porobov @porobov

ETH Address: 0x45735683E432A5701959fc4D2e0FAB19dc7D1d58

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I love Gitcoin. Love its focus on public goods. I believe it represents the bright side of the blockchain world and is an important project for humanity. It helped me a lot and I want to be helpful too. Want to be a part of it. Want to help it succeed and stay on the bright side.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

I’m in Ethereum since 2016. I know the technological stack and the culture. Currently building Upala digital identity. Have profound knowledge in Sybil resistance. Have a strong inner drive to create Sybil-resistant systems.


Gitcoin Username


ETH Address


Discord Handle (optional)


Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I hope to help Gitcoin experiment new ideas to both get the best value out for Gitcoin and how to make sure Gitcoin itself makes the most significant impact it can.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I’ve been around since 2014.

  • First ethereum browser
  • One of the first ethereum wallets
  • Implemented one of the first ERC20 contracts (in fact helped set the standard)
  • Implemented the ENS registrar (before NFTs were a thing)
  • Created the page for the Frontier to Homestead
  • Implemented tutorials for DAOs and Crowdsales on the page
  • Helped push Metatransactions and Smart Accounts logins
  • Currently at Balancer

My gitcoin username is Wyxuan1

My eth address is 0xbb8eeB1b3494e123144Ce38E1aac8f7b96b5EfA5

Discord handle is William X#0001

Statement of Intention:
I’d like to join in on as a steward to help work on some of the workstreams. One of the one them that I’m particularly interested in is the Public goods funding one. I agree with others in stating that Gitcoin will be heavily influential in the future for the funding of public goods, and I’d like to take a role in shaping it and providing my experience as someone who is heavily involved in the financial side of a nonprofit.

What web3 qualifications that I have:
I’ve only joined the Ethereum community relatively recently, but I’ve helped in providing translations to the website, and attended meetups in my area to help out. I’m also working hard on learning solidity, and have some foundation in CS with a few side projects that i’ve done


Great profile and background of experience. Want to learn more from you.

Gitcoin Username mrmetaverse

ETH Address mrmetaverse.eth

Discord Handle: mrmetaverse#5957

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Decentralization, collaboration, and digital identity are important to me. I have a passion for building teams and leading them to victory, championing psychological safety, experimentation, and autonomy. I believe that when you choose to work together, you can achieve monumentally more. Like pirates forming an open navy, I want to be part of this with other good people who care about improving the world, together.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

Most of my background has been in product in some capacity. I serve in civic tech now as a Product Manager and strategist. I have over 10 years experience with product, design, business development and strategy. I understand how to find balance between business requirements, team requirements, and user requirements, and I take great pride in rapid prototyping to establish a baseline, and creating systems that scale. I am on a quest to apply my skills to web3 full time, and currently serve as a Chair on the Open Metaverse Interoperability group, and founded AngellXR, an open community dedicated to co-creating the open metaverse.

Other skills, I bring energy wherever I go. I can guarantee, I’ll at very least brighten your day. I think that’s a skill. I also curate a open source list of webxr projects called which we use to celebrate open xr contributors.

  • Gitcoin Username: krrisis

  • ETH Address: 0x7E052Ef7B4bB7E5A45F331128AFadB1E589deaF1

  • Twitter & other socials: @krrisis

  • Statement of Intention / My Values & Reasons for Joining
    I don’t think there’s any other project in the space that is more strongly aligned with my values (next to the ones I’ve already worked with). People will join the decentralized movement because they will be drawn in by - let’s face it - the money, the bling bling. And this is okay. But this is just the first step, next is to inform them on why they should stick around and pull back the curtain. To truly empower people we need to fund the infrastructure that will support communities in the long run, and go beyond the short-term scarcity mindset. Open source is at the very core of blockchain technology and I think not enough people yet realize what the potential impact can be on the mindset of our entire civilization.
    In our current economic model open source will never be funded, because it is impossible to build a direct profit / value-extraction model around it. For this reason it is the very first thing that needs to be ‘secured’: without open source a decentralized model simply will not work, it will just be incorporated by the powers that be. It will become an empty shell. Creating sustainable open source models is the essential foundation we need, the next will be to fund and support any public good, any project that is essential for our and our planet’s survival. Our current economic models do not only undervalue, but ignore public goods on purpose.
    Let’s change this. Let’s build our future.

  • My Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    Background: After 15 yrs in advertising and (digital) marketing, a.o. for agencies, Microsoft & start-ups, I joined the Ethereum ecosystem in 2017, first working for Swarm City on communications, then joining Giveth where I became the Communications lead, helped out with Aragon tasks and then started combining this with the same job and more at the Commons Stack, which I co-founded.
    Currently exploring lots of Ethereum projects, a.o. as a Gitcoin Kernel fellow and now mentor. Also started a project called Ethereum Explorer to bring in new talent.
    Skills: communication execution, strategy & project management. Always organizing and managing comms & more, I’m not a specialist, more an all-rounder with a lot of focus on processes & efficiency. More on me here.

  • Gitcoin username : Tuanistore386
  • ETH Address : 0x3d1528b48e97d60F2B99cd10497c144f5351a50C

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I’m interested to join Gitcoin Stewardship program and governance processes as I find super interesting Gitcoin pursuing more decentralised and mainly community owned way to be govern. Giving the Community Members, and Gitcoin OGs to help out narrowing path of the Gitcoin is where my excitement aligns with the goals of Gitcoin being a Town Square for Ethereum Devs. I been around the Ethereum Community and close to Ethereum Devs since early 2019 and I’m fan of Gitcoin since I found about it which was very early on my crypto path. I believe that as a Community we can drive Gitcoin’s mission about Open Source development further, find more opportunities for new-coming developers to learn by filling out Quests, find their first gig by participating on Bounties, later on by fund-raising via Gitcoin Grants.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

My experience with various crypto communities has earned me trust in the community. I have been working mainly around events, operations, community building, social media management, copywriting with various Ethereum projects. Educating Ethereum Meetup organisers, being the the magic wand holder in Ethereum Magicians supporting the community, and lately working on herding the cats around NFT Standard research. Some of the projects that I helped shine: Ethereum Magicians, Superfluid, Bitfwd, Sigma Prime (ETH2.0 Lighthouse client), dHEDGE, and a couple of smaller contributions here and there in other projects.

Most of my involvement in various projects is in giving insights to projects, helping simplify the operations and processes, taking notes from calls and helping where ever I see the opportunity to contribute.

Personally I would love to be involved with Gitcoin as I helped give some of the Governance questions regarding governance, stepping up and contributing to Open Source Development has been my passion since I have entered the crypto rabbit hole.

Gitcoin has been deeper in my heart since they launched Kudos and I managed to snag the most of the kudos NFT that were in Friday’s giveaway. Thanks to Gitcoin Ethereum Magicians are able to run their activities and supporting the community.

I believe, with the mind oriented towards community, decentralisation, collaboration we can guided Gitcoin’s road to become fully community owned protocol and improve the processes on the go. I love the impact that Gitcoin has on the Open Source Community and Ethereum Ecosystem, looking forward to get spot in the Stewards Council.

Thank you Gitcoin Team for making Open Source more accessible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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  • Gitcoin Username: blazingthirdeye
  • ETH Address: 0x59AE7f21D18b2F5fDC7a99c4fd6dD9E67Cec0Bc9
  • My Twitter: @blazingthirdeye
    *Discord Username: David (please DYOR…)#4116

Intention/Reasons for Joining:

I want to help steward Gitcoin because my values align with their values. I am getting concerned by the proliferation of greed in the digital asset space. When I first started participating in cryptocurrency I was immediately impressed by the potential to move the world in the direction of better justice, equality and wealth distribution. Instead I am seeing hints of the opposite. Wealth getting concentrated in the same areas, economic instability is occurring in many countries, and crypto is getting banned in some countries while being embraced in others. I think such things are happening because the digital asset space is being adopted as a runaway casino in which people want to get rich fast then exit the space.

I believe the way to prevent this is by fundamentally changing the principals that digital assets are built on and distributed by. I am also a Trusted Seed at the Common Stack and a member of 1hive Dao. Also a member at Metagame. I was part of a universal basic income project utilizing algorithmic stablecoins until it sadly ceased operations. Becoming a Gitcoin Steward will empower me to help change the course of crypto for the better.

I have been exploring the cryptoverse for a couple years now. I have emigrated from the binance smart chain to xdai, polygon and Ethereum. I had some professional jobs as a federal aviation inspector and an airline pilot. I am good with systems, research and analysis. I also enjoy writing and community management. As a medically forced-retirement airline pilot I have a great deal of time on my hands. I want to improve the world my kids are growing into.


Gitcoin Username: @seedphrase
ETH Address: 0x4a5B536A613E69F43a52f6Aa7A7F3765428329ad
Discord Handle: @brittneyscott

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
i’m interested in joining the gitcoin sphere because it seems like a place of innovation and creativity. i’m a noob to the crypto/web3 scene but am eager to know as much as possible. i like being among people who aim to create a better way of living for themselves and others. the concept of decentralization is something i rly resonate with. as i learn in this space i also want to be able to educate and help the people around me and bring them onboard as well. i believe that building and maintaining a strong supportive community is the most important way for people to prosper.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
i am an artist who works/resides at the intersection of Art & Technology. lol i believe i can bring an interesting perspective to this crew. like i said, i dont have a ton of experience in web3 (i’ve made some NFTs) but i have been Online~ for most of my life if that counts…? im hungry to learn and grow and help the ppl around me grow as well. my main work experience is design & marketing for brands/artists in entertainment/music


Hello all,

Gitcoin user: @Daniel904
Eth addy: delias.eth
Discord: @b.barker089

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I find the values of Gitcoin align strongly with my own values: self-sovereignty for workers, transparency between the platform and the community, Impact driven innovation, and a focus on distributing the value captured more effectively to all those who are helping to build the future of work. I believe that Gitcoin will play an essential role in empowering online and open source communities in the near and long term future and I want to help guide and support the best outcomes for the community by being a Delegate/Steward.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have: My experience working in Ethereum over the past 3 years has helped me a lot within the various communities that I have interest in. I’ve been around in this space and will continue to show up where-ever people feel that they need me to help.

Personally I’m really excited to play a role in Progressive Decentralization and Meta Governance as my experience tracks well with organizing groups of people and helping them drive towards defined outcomes. If you feel I’m able to help please feel free to contact me on hangouts or message.


Hi All,

Gitcoin Username: @nimnathw

  • ETH Address
  • Discord Handle (optional)
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I firmly believe the efficiency of systems has to go hand in hand with equity. Well, the criteria for the measurement of efficiency is debatable, isn’t it? The progress of civilization should be measured by the accessibility to the services for all individuals, and not only but total societal wealth. This can only be done if we expand the sphere of public goods. The objectives and the underlying values of Gitcoin are in line with my own views. I believe I can contribute to the discussion on public goods and digital assets/ products/ services from the point of view of an economist.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I am an economist with a PhD engaged in volunteering after retiring early. I have worked with several international organizations including the World Bank. As for my Web3 qualifications, I am relatively new to Ethereum. I have intermediate programming skills in Python and R for data science. I am in the process of learning Solidity/ Truffle and smart contract security analysis.

Gitcoin Username Pleaner

ETH Address Pleaner.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: The greatest growth return on invest an society can make is in infrastructure. Physical infrastructure enables the movement of good and services while digital infrastructure enable the flow and legitimacy of information. While this is advantageous for the first world it’s a game changer for the developing world. Blockchain technology offers trustless transactions, access to funding, proof of ownership and smart contract flexibility that could catapult villages in Mozambique and Malawi into modern productivity.

I founded a web development school to provide access to and funding to South African adults in Diepsloot South Africa. As an experiment in building a scalable digital tradesman school. The internet has given us ubiquitous access to information. Blockchain gives us ubiquitous access to trust and legitimacy.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have : By day, I am a backend Engineer, working on Java/Spring and Scala/Play running in AWS and GCP. By night I am working through the Ethereum Docs,, Kernel, the solidity docs and EatTheBlocks. I am preparing for a personal project to create NFTs for Title deeds in South African townships as proof of ownership to accelerate targeted economic growth. Validate a model that can then be applied to informal (and formal) settlements the world over.

I have a undergrad in Entrepreneurship, a sting of failed and not completely failed startups and a post grad in Software Engineering.

Gitcoin gives us the ability to build the infrastructure needed to launch the last two billion people out of poverty. It would be a privilege to be apart of the work required to get there.

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Gitcoin Username: BENGovernance

ETH Address: benglobal.eth - 0x66Aa8Bee5366b6b48811AE0Dac9Fe5e1EEfE1621


Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reason for Joining:

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) has grown exponentially since the launch of our Meta-Governance structure. The goal in mind is to expose our student-members to the vast landscape that is DeFi Governance, while allowing them to proudly represent their collegiate chapter both domestically and abroad - enabling their capacity to participate in multi-protocol governance processes.

For those who are unaware, founded in 2014, BEN is the longest running and largest 501(c)3 global network of blockchain students, professors, and alumni. We have over 80 blockchain clubs and university chapters in our network, and we provide students with educational resources, opportunities, internships, job matching, financial support for conference travel and more.

With this in mind, there is a evident synergy between BEN’s and Gitcoin governance structure - to amplify, elevate, and augment the voices of community participants while keeping the vision for the betterment of the underlying protocol/organization in mind.

Through our Meta-Steward initiative we can continue in our pursuit to offer our student-members the tools, experience, and opportunities needed to thrive in any & all niche industries that emerge within DeFi.

Similar to our Uniswap, Aave, Compound, and Decentraland Meta-Delegate committees, our Meta-Steward will hold monthly/bi-monthly governance meetings to deliberate and further review any & all developments and proposals (active & inactive) pertaining to Gitcoin’s ecosystem.

Backed largely by our student community alongside the grander Gitcoin community, we firmly believe that this is just the beginning for BEN’s Meta-Steward and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!


Gitcoin username: 420tiesto(@420tiesto| Gitcoin )

ETH address: 420tiesto.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I actually used/use Gitcoin to help develop the dapp I am working on, I believe that Gitcoin can become one of the most valuable assests to the entire ecosystem. I also believe that the goal of opensource projects and decentralization is to empower people across the globe, and no other project accomplishes that like Gitcoin. I am able to work with talent that would be extremely difficult to find locally and accomplish tasks that would have been impossible to do alone.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have : I am a entry level solidity dev with some experience with react, however my real job is making music. I am a full time professional musician/producer who decided to develop a marketplace to help musicians get involved in NFTs. I was able to accomplish this through Gitcoin bounties which is why I have so much conviction and belief in this project. Currently there aren’t too many people involved in the rap industry working in web3, my goal is to bring a in a community to the space who has very little exposure at the moment. Musicians are extremely underpaid and this is no different in the rap industry, even rappers with millions of streams struggle to prosper in the current conditions. The amount of value contributed to society is not equal to their pay which is why I decided to disrupt the current model.


Gitcoin Username : hyphalab

ETH Address : 0x110211c254E5c8098FfaD524312B1dD4BC6aA616

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining :

I have been following the Gitcoin project & interested in DAOs for years. With the launch of the GTC governance token & the GitcoinDAO, it feels like the perfect opportunity for me to be more involved. My intention for becoming a steward is to represent the Zcash community in the GitcoinDAO governance process. I participated in the first Zcash grant round both by funding projects & receiving funding for my project I would like to help bridge the Ethereum/Gitcoin community & the Zcash community, with the goal of having the Zcash community represented in the governance process of the GitcoinDAO. I will start by campaigning for participants in the Zcash Gitcoin Grants round to claim their GTC & delegate to myself as the steward.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Ethereum user since 2017, w/ experience using a # of protocols including, Gitcoin, DyDx, Uniswap, Instadapp, Tornado, CryptoKitties, & Cryptopunks, etc…

  • Zcash Gitcoin grant recipient & funder

  • I run, a Zcash focused blog.

  • Forum moderator on the official Zcash Community Forum

  • Invited to the Zcash Community Advisory Panel this year

  • Freelance broadcast technician & have years of experience in the audio/visual industry.

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hey @gdixon, anything else I need to do here, or now I just wait (and join discord in the meantime?) thx!

Hi Yunior,

I’m one of the core engineers at Gitcoin, I’m trying to ingest you as a steward, but the account you have listed doesn’t exist on Could you please check the details and update as appropriate.

Many thanks,
Graham (@gdixon)

Hey @krrisis,

I’ve got you ingested now, thank you for the prompt! :smiley:

Many thanks,
Graham (@gdixon)

I have updated, this is my homepage:
Thank you very much.

Hey @gdixon, anything else needed from me to get added as a steward?

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  • Gitcoin Username: Danniithat

  • ETH Address: 0x9b21CE1A88A6C2faeD274B68f42cf80321E4a7B7

  • Discord Handle: Dannii

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    I would love to participate as a steward for Gitcoin Governance as I do personally believe that Gitcoin is currently making an incredible impact within the space through it’s, Open Source Community and Ethereum Ecosystem.

The grants and matching are allowing the sharing of some of the wealth that is within the space and assisting to support new projects that are working to build a better future for the space, which I would absolutely love to be a part of, as Gitcoin Values and Mission are very closely aligned with my own values.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I have personally been involved in the space since 2017, I am an active member in many groups, sharing and contributing knowledge and resources. I may not have some of the advanced technical skills or long career within the space that other candidates above have but what I do have is an incredible eye for detail, an amazing 3rd sense, that allows me to zoom in and see what is missing or what is needed within a very short amount of time.

My personality also has me dotting all “i’s” and crossing all “t’s”, which I believe will be very beneficial in the role as Gitcoin Governance as I do pay very close attention to smaller details as well as larger. “A complete view” with the future destination and outcome wanted in mind.

I am also a proud founding member and curator for the Graph Web3.

I would love the opportunity to assist Gitcoin in becoming a fully community owned protocol , while improving the processes along the way and ensuring that all areas are included within funding.

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