GitcoinDAO Digest Edition #5 2022

- Weekly highlights and hot topics from the GitcoinDAO community

Welcome to the GitcoinDAO Digest, a community-led publication with TLDR-summaries of the most important discussions and proposals in the GitcoinDAO, along with relevant links for further reading. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Check out and give feedback on the budget request by MMM, FDD, dCompass & MC.
  2. Take a look at the Voter Guide by Kyle that summarize the Workstreams budgets.
  3. Check out The Schelling Point Agenda to learn all about the events planned in Denver on the 17th!

:robot: Meta-Governance

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • No updates for this week — check back next week to see what we’re working on behind the scenes!

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • It’s budget season! Check out the Moonshot Collective budget request for the months to come.

  • Since Q4 2021, Moonshot Collective has raised over $3 million for public goods through GreatestLARP, Moonshot Bots, and Mars-shot Bots. We’ve built and dogfooded decentralized tech like Pay.Party, Tokenstream.Party, and Tip.Party. And more! Read all about it on the linked governance post.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • We’ve submitted our FDD Workstream Season 13 budget request for your input. Check out how far we’ve come since Season 12, and how we intend to continue defending Gitcoin from threats to its legitimacy, credible neutrality, and sustainability, over the next several months.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • The MMM Workstream Season 13 budget request is live on the forum with our visions and goals for the upcoming months – check it out and give us some feedback!

  • The first Can Devs Do Something developer meet-up was hosted last week in Lisbon at Crypto hub, The Block. Our 2nd meet-up is happening next week in Denver on the 15th!

  • We have revamped the onboarding experience for new contributors joining the workstream. This includes a new Talent Coordinator role supported by a Talent Squad. Also in development is a self-guided Wiki that new contributors can use to navigate and contribute to MMM.

:date: Upcoming community events

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

Thanks for reading!

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Hey Fred, Great work as always. One question… How do we decide who’s voter guide to put at the top?

This really makes it seem like Kyle’s voter guide is the opinion of the DAO. Is that the case?

Hey Joe,

Great input, AFAIK the Voters-guide-thread is the place to go to participate in a broader discussion around the Season 13 budgets and how they relate to each other. I think that taking a step back and looking at the budgets in a wider context is of great benefit for the Stewards as they review and compare the different proposals.

Maybe I should’ve been more clear that it’s mainly the discussion I’m inviting the reader to participate in, as opposed to highlighting the OP as an objective source of truth.

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Yes. Maybe there should be an objective voters guide that informs the stewards and community of what is being requested, but not the opinions of one steward.