Treasury Diversification Working Group Update (2/5/2022)

Treasury Diversification Working Group Update - 2/5/2022

Hi all, sharing an update from the working group.

Update from Last Week

  • Drafted our latest forum post welcoming strategic partners to participate in the treasury diversification.
  • Incorporated feedback from our first treasury diversification forum post.
  • Made a list of specific value-adds that partners should provide to Gitcoin, incorporating Gitcoin’s main strategic goals.
  • Shared Treasury Diversification Part II - Welcoming Strategic Partners on the forum.
  • Made a form for potential strategic partners (linked in the forum post).
  • Started tracking working group hours.

Plan for This Week
This week, our focus will be on taking in interest from strategic partners.

  • Draft a detailed plan for how we’ll reach out to and speak with candidate partners (how & where we’ll speak with them, how/where/when we’ll have them speak to the community, etc.).
  • Reach out to potential candidates and have them fill out our interest form.
  • Respond to community feedback here and on our second forum post. Integrate that feedback in our process where relevant.
  • Share any conflicts of interest (as defined in our Ethics Policy in forum post 2).

Asks from the Community
We encourage community members to share their feedback on the second forum post and suggest any other criteria they feel is relevant.