Treasury Diversification Working Group Update - 2/26/2022

Treasury Diversification Working Group Update - 2/26/2022

Update from Last Week
Last week, we continued gauging interest from potential strategic partners.

  • Continued reaching out to DAOs, VCs, and other potential candidates to have them fill out our interest form. Answered any initial questions asynchronously and prepared to have first conversations in the next week.
  • Discussed different ways of structuring the diversification (how many partners are optimal & distribution of partner commitment size).
  • Discussed potential terms for the diversification.

Plan for This Week

  • Process any additional form submissions
  • Have initial calls with partners
  • Share any conflicts of interest (as defined in our Ethics Policy in forum post 2 ).

Asks from the Community
If you’d like to recommend a candidate strategic partner, please leave a comment on the second forum post or contact a member of the working group. If you have other questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment on this thread!


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