GitcoinDAO Digest Edition #11 2022

- Weekly highlights and hot topics from the GitcoinDAO community

Welcome to the GitcoinDAO Digest, a community-led publication with TLDR-summaries of the most important discussions and proposals in the GitcoinDAO, along with relevant links for further reading. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. The FDD Workstream is running a polis discussion to collectively generate thoughts & ideas about budget proposals in GitcoinDAO and would appreciate your feedback.
  2. Attend Memepalooza VII this Friday to hang out and create memes with 100+ meme lords!

:robot: Meta-Governance:

  • In Grants 2.0 is how we scale our impact :chart_with_upwards_trend:, Owocki shares his thoughts on the future of grants: “TLDR: Grants 1.0 is centralized & therefore has an upper limit to its growth. […] We can reduce fragility & scale our impact with Grants 2.0 I explore what that world looks like & attempt to build common understanding & consensus about that direction.”

  • In How do we scale our sensemaking?, Owocki shares the idea that “Sensemaking is the process by which people give meaning to their collective experiences” and asks “What novel sensemaking tools/processes, or sensemaking tools/processes for DAOs, should GitcoinDAO be aware of?”

  • A world where QF Enhances Every Income by Owocki describes an ambition of GitcoinDAO to have "QF enhance every income” and how “Grants 2.0 could allow us to exponentially scale Grants because we’re not the ones administering the QF rounds anymore.”

  • Gitcoin Product Collective - how to map software teams to workstreams by LThrift outlines a strategy for how the “Gitcoin Product Collective becomes a meta-workstream that supports holding continuity across highly dependent teams while allowing for smaller, self-organizing groups oriented around deep protocol domains”

  • The Blue Ocean by Owocki is about how we explore The Internet of Jobs (an uncontested market space or blue ocean) and continue building products that can make Web3 go mainstream.

  • In Abundance & Scarcity by Owocki, Kyle replies to share his thoughts on how GitcoinDAO scales through having aspects of being an ImpactDAO (funding public goods), ProtocolDAO (Coordination Party Kit, Grants 2.0), and InvestmentDAO (grant funding leads to early project discovery). Kyle also describes how Gitcoin continues to diversify it’s treasury and that workstream leads “are doing double duty, running the DAO and their Workstreams”

  • In Wartime DAO / Peacetime DAO, Owocki shares insights from the Ben Horowitz essay on the differences between Peacetime CEO & Wartime CEO. He emphasizes the importance of knowing that Peacetime and Wartime have different values and makes a “challenge [to] the DAO stewards & leaders to be aware of whether they are in wartime or peacetime.”

  • Why I am Holon Maximalist :o: by Owocki introduces the idea of Holons as “the collectivist circles we individuals live in” and goes on to describe how “Each Holon can have a QF round. Maximizing the Holons that have QF is how we win.”

  • In Can Gitcoin be doing more to support Ethereum Protocol Devs?, Owocki started a discussion where Trent introduces Protocol Guild: a coalition of protocol developers who aim “to provide autonomous tools for recruitment, retention, and reward to the protocol and its maintainers.”

  • DAO Design Best Practices by Owocki highlights Best Practices advocated by Tracheopteryx and Chase Chapman which include being able to trust that your actions will replicate in the way you expect them (process fidelity), being able to navigate inevitable tensions, and being able to see what’s happening in a DAO (network topography) and step up to help.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • Grants round 13 is in the books! We raised $4.6M for public goods, with $3.2M from matching funds and $1.4M from the community! :tada:

  • Round 13 grantees can expect payouts to be ready to claim on April 15th!

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Green Pill Podcast Episode 6 hosted by Owocki is live! Kevin is joined by serial entrepreneur Jordan Hall to talk about how to achieve harmony and sovereignty on a civilizational scale. This is a heavy episode, so strap in!

  • Every month Moonshot Collective Devs demo their projects for the community. The next demo will be Monday, April 4 at 1 pm MT. Join here, or checkout the video later on MC Youtube.

  • GTChase and Willsputra have written about how the “Moonshot Collective + Internet of Jobs = :rocket:”. They highlight how “[w]e are seeing a huge shift of talent coming into Web3 + more of that talent being part time then full time. So the question becomes how do we onboard the continued influx of new talent & part time contributors to full time and meaningful work. “

  • Paulwalnuts writes about a new Product Idea and makes the case for why the moonshot collective should “Create a permissionless and possibly decentralized rapid testing platform for DAOs to more easily test their prototypes and designs.”

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • We completed a review of the Trust Bonus system used to increase funder’s matching percentage and found that the majority of users do not verify at all

  • We closed all GR13 grants disputes and are super grateful to our contributors (special shoutout to Zer8)

  • We are running a polis discussion to collectively generate thoughts & ideas about budget proposals in Gitcoin DAO and need your feedback!

  • Thank you to FDD’s very own Octopus for making this great video where he shares his thoughts on the purpose of FDD and how it works

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • Memepalooza 7 will be hosted in Discord on the OG meme day of the year: April 1st. This month we are inviting our frens from 1Hive as well, come join us! During the last Memepalooza we started a new initiative to highlight artists in our ecosystem and this month we are excited to feature Gitcoin’s very own Colton Orr!

  • We are testing Matomo as our web analytics tool instead of Google Analytics after engaging with our community about data privacy.

  • The RadicalxChange Voice event regarding how we will structure and evolve the MMM Workstream going into Season 14 has been concluded! The participation from our contributors was great, check out the result deck to learn more. Shout out to @erich and @anoanoano for helping facilitate the experiment!

  • Seanmac created a post which discusses the lack of Product Marketing at Gitcoin and advises that “As we enter Season 14 budget planning, we should think strongly about investing in product marketing.”

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • We are initiating a project to improve our governance forum and request your feedback in this 4-minute survey.

  • Our accounting team is diversifying FDD and DAO Ops treasuries and seizing opportunities to swap into stablecoins. We have also sent reimbursements to FDD members for EthDenver and are sending DAO Ops members reimbursements by the end of the month.

  • We are engaging with our Steward Council by defining a structure for calls, discussing foundation bylaws, and voting fee reimbursements.

:date: Upcoming community events

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

Thanks for reading!

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