GitcoinDAO Digest #16 2022

Season 14 Budget Discussions are in full swing! Make your voice heard

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:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Please provide your feedback on the workstream budget proposals. Discussion has been extended to May 10th with Snapshot proposals going live on May 11th.
  2. GitcoinDAO’s anniversary is right around the corner! We’re requesting your input on what to include in our year-in-review! If you’ve been a workstream contributor we would also appreciate if you could fill out this quick survey

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • The GitcoinDAO Governance Process V3 is the source of truth for details on how the DAO is governed. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of contributors, delegates, and stewards. It describes the processes used to move proposals through different stages so they can be agreed on and executed. This includes how new and existing workstreams can be funded. The process also includes details about the role of the CSDO (Cross Stream DAO Ops) as a coordination layer among workstreams to discuss, review, and ratify DAO-wide initiatives.

  • Joe shares a Data Analysis for Season 14 Budget Proposals which compares season 14 to 13 in terms of each workstream’s budget and requested amount. The data analysis highlights that PGF, MMM, and DAO Ops workstreams are asking for more funding than season 13 while FDD, MC, and dCompass are asking for less.

  • Owocki shares a S14 Voter Guide Template to encourage intersubjective consensus through stewards clearly articulating what they are voting for and why.

  • Vivek amends the S14 KERNEL Budget Request by lowering the funding request from $900k to $576k USD (a 36% reduction). This change is following specific feedback from @ceresstationand Linda.

  • The Season 14 Budget Request for dCompass by Huxwell features questions from QZ about how the funds from last quarter can carry over to cover most of the requested budget. The workstream only needs an additional 3.5k GTC to meet its S14 budget request.

  • The budget request for decentralizing Gitcoin Kudos has questions from Simona and Joe about the background of the proposed team and the need for soulbound NFTs. @ceresstation agrees with Joe about wanting to know how this fits into Gitcoin’s product roadmap for Grants 2.0.

  • The overton window for Grants 2.0 :hourglass_flowing_sand: by Owocki discusses how there is a window of time for Grants 2.0 to come into existence and that window is closing. We have a lot of (friendly) competition for market share that has more velocity than us yet we have way more resources than our competition.

  • Owocki requests proposals for ImpactDAO Category Creation and Impact Certificates. Creating ImpactDAO as a category means amplifying understanding of what an ImpactDAO is and helping ImpactDAOs be successful. Impact Certificates create legitimacy around who has created impact for social good and “could get really powerful if we were able to create buy pressure for Impact Certificates”

  • Owocki shares his Practical Pluralism Essay Draft and requests feedback. Pluralism is the understanding that diversity within a given context generally results in better outcomes. For the Ethereum ecosystem to be antifragile, we need technological diversity of clients, RPC nodes, funding mechanisms and cultural diversity of people, communities, opinions.

  • 8 Ideas for DAO Work @ Maximum Coordination ™ by Owocki explores how we can improve workstream budgeting, structure, and coordination. Three of the eight featured ideas (thinner workstreams, subDAOs, Orca pods) focus on creating smaller groups to allocate funding to. Another three of the eight (conviction voting, Coordinape, higher fidelity voting) focus on creating more granular governance processes for how to determine where funds should flow.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Proposal Discussions Active Proposals Latest completed proposals
PGF - Season 14 budget request For $1.19mm USD / 198k GTC
DAO Operations S14 Budget Request For $989k USD / 179k GTC
MMM - Season 14 budget request For $841k USD / 152.9k GTC
KERNEL: A GTC Workstream Proposal For $576k USD / 96k GTC
Moonshot Collective Season 14 Budget Request For $564k USD / 103k GTC
FDD Season 14 Budget Request For $486k USD / 89k GTC
Decentralize Gitcoin Kudos For $200k USD / 33.4k GTC
dCompass - Season 14 budget request For $114k USD / 19k GTC
GR14 Round Structure & Future of the Main Round

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • In the collective’s season 14 budget request, Kyle shares his sentiment that the budget should be reduced by 19.2% from 103.7K GTC to 83.8K. QEDK points out that Moonshot’s mission is to be more than a prototyping workstream, it is to further public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole (such as by having contributors who are involved with regen projects like the Citizen House and Token Collective). Joe recommends focusing on finding solutions for problems faced by other workstreams at GitcoinDAO.

  • Do not miss this very special episode of the Green Pill Podcast hosted by Kevin Owocki! In this episode, Kevin is joined by Phoebe Tikkel (aka Solarpunk Girl) who is the founder of Moral Imaginations, an organization using collective imagination tooling to make a more harmonious world.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • FDD’s season 14 budget request includes comments where several community members express their gratitude and excitement for FDD while looking forward to greater inter-squad cohesion. QZ asks for additional focus on Grants Policy communication, removal of FDD storytelling, and more inter-WS discussions. Joe responds that much of this highlights the need for increased communication, which storytellers can do.
    Kyle suggests a 43% budget reduction from 118K GTC to 67K and says “Gitcoin seems to be paying for the education and advancement of a number of ideas - Sybil DAO, Most of ‘Evolution’, Catalyst, etc. without any discernible increase in value being delivered back to the DAO.” Joe points out FDD’s role in solving problems which existentially affect Gitcoin’s future, that quadratic funding does not work without sybil resistance, and FDD’s focus on creating a decentralized protocol.

  • Mandates delivery report (open for feedback) by kishoraditya explores how to create metrics for processes within DAOs. These metrics focus on evaluating FDD core teams and/or functions such as Grants Investigation Agency, Sybil, and Project Management. The metrics were drafted through creating feedback loops with relevant SMEs to ensure high trust in the system.

  • The Rewards Modeling squad’s OKR Report provides a solution for the community to not only own the Grants 2.0 infrastructure but also the structures which allow communities to meaningfully access it. According to Disruption Joe, we should “not only build the resource allocation infrastructure of the future with Grants 2.0, but ensure there are onramps for all voices to be heard.” This system would allow for anyone to participate in moderating for grant eligibility, sybil users, and any other subjective decisions the community needs to make. If we don’t want content moderation to be censored by a large company or single point of failure, we need to decentralize the inputs to the system.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • Kyle proposes a 4% budget reduction from 115K to 110K GTC in our season 14 budget. Joe asks for outcome definitions which focus on connection to problems faced by DAO Ops customers (other workstreams) and more clearly defined success metrics.
    Jodi responds with a proposal to remove specific-to-accounting reserves and reduce professional development budget by 50% to lower the overall workstream budget by 5.4k GTC. She goes on to discuss how the workstream arrived at our OKRs, how we prioritize work, and how we attach accountability to people.

  • On our weekly CSDO call we decided to extend the time workstreams have before their budgets go to Snapshot, create an extra steward council call for budget discussion, and test a new Gitcoin Conflict Resolution Policy within the DAO Ops workstream.

  • In Treasury Diversification Working Group Updates, Kyle discusses the potential for a bear market and Gitcoin’s role as the light that fuels the ecosystem. Because of that, Gitcoin needs to “really focus on the core thesis that we are a protocol DAO with great impact (funding for public goods).” The post takes the stance that Gitcoin budgets have grown faster than protocol development and we should consider new ways for us to continue to fund ourselves.

  • We are hiring! We are still looking for a qualified Support Lead. We also just put up a new role for someone to join us as a Community Management Lead!

:date: Upcoming community events

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