GitcoinDAO Digest #15 2022

Season 14 Budget Proposals are live on the forum! These will set the direction and priorities for the next quarter of active development (May 1st to July 30th).

We hope you’re ready for another edition filled with the latest from GitcoinDAO, let’s dive in!

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:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Leave your feedback on the workstream budget proposals below!
  2. Take the polis survey by DAO Ops to help us improve the categories on the governance forum.
  3. Don’t miss the Schelling Point recordings from Amsterdam.

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • KERNEL: A GTC Workstream Proposal by Vivek seeks 150k GTC in funding as part of a larger ecosystem request for $5mm in funding to transition KERNEL out of Gitcoin Holdings to an independent foundation. KERNEL is a web3 educational institution and trusted space where talented individuals can holistically explore their humanity. In this proposal, the KERNEL team outlines their immediate next two blocks (block 6 for project development and block 7 for new fellows) and an intention to build an endowment that lets them play an infinite game.

  • dCompass - Season 14 budget request by Huxwell features the dCompass workstream’s final request for recurrent funding in the amount of 19k GTC, 2x less than previous budget requests. If approved, this would support the workstream’s goal to deploy a beta on polygon, migrate Gitcoin quests, and onboard new projects.

  • Decentralize Gitcoin Kudos by keikumata requests 33.4k GTC to perform product discovery, iterate on designs, and deliver an MVP which builds on the functioning beta. The mintkudos platform enables community recognition through soulbound (non-transferable) tokens. The team envisions these tokens serving as on-chain contribution data that build reputation and integrate into Gitcoin kudos.

  • Layer Two (L2) Blockchains are an important part of scaling Ethereum so that it becomes more affordable for more people to transact. Starting May 2nd, Gitcoin is hosting the L2 Rollathon: a virtual hackathon which will focus on scaling solutions. What are you waiting for? Get rolling!

  • Optimism is an Ethereum L2 that just announced its native token. Have you checked if you are eligible for the Optimism Airdrop for Gitcoin Grants Funders?

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Proposal Discussions Active Proposals Latest completed proposals
PGF - Season 14 budget request For $1.19mm USD / 198k GTC
DAO Operations S14 Budget Request For $989k USD / 179k GTC
MMM - Season 14 budget request For $924k USD / 167.7k GTC
KERNEL: A GTC Workstream Proposal For $900k USD / 150k GTC
Moonshot Collective Season 14 Budget Request For $564k USD / 103k GTC
FDD Season 14 Budget Request For $486k USD / 89k GTC
Decentralize Gitcoin Kudos For $200k USD / 33.4k GTC
dCompass - Season 14 budget request For $114k USD / 19k GTC
GR14 Round Structure & Future of the Main Round

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • The PGF - Season 14 budget request by Scott requests 198k GTC to support the workstream’s grassroots community efforts, operations for Gitcoin grants, and management of community partnerships. Grassroots community efforts include weekly Public Library talks; Public Goods are Good Twitter spaces; community cartography, lore, and publications. Operations for Gitcoin grants include moving out of holdings into the DAO and sustainably scaling the number of grants raising more than $5k and scaling the number of side rounds. Community partnerships include increasing the average size of side rounds, formalizing a mutual grants committee and raising funds for an Ethereum infrastructure round.

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Lindsey shares the Updated Moonshot Collective Operating System which organizes the collective into concentric tiers of core, trusted, and community contributors. Core contributors will receive a salary. Trusted contributors will receive a tokenstream and initiative-based pay. Community contributors will only receive initiative-based pay. The OS also details an initiative workflow which gives teams budget and autonomy to self-organize so long as a core team member serves as an initiative lead, participates in regular check-ins, and reports progress weekly.

  • Moonshot Collective Season 14 Budget Request for 103k GTC by Lindsey details the collective’s efforts for Season 14. This includes Lindsey Thrift taking over as workstream lead while Kevin Owocki and Austin Griffith step down, a focus on the Optimism partnership, building the Decentralized Proof of Personhood Passport, exploring the Internet of Jobs while discontinuing the Coordination Party toolkit.

  • Green Pill Podcast episode 11 hosted by Kevin Owocki is live! In this episode, Kevin is joined by Pet3r Pan, founder of MetaCartel, in a thought-provoking conversation about positive-sum play-to-earn games, building community, and the Infinite Garden.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • Joe submitted the FDD Season 14 Budget Request for $486k USD. This request has top-level OKRs which are focused on preparing for Grants 2.0 while making the workstream sustainable and decentralized. We will accomplish this by adding 2 anti-fraud components applicable to Grants 2.0, lowering sybil evaluation & grant review cost, re-reviewing active grants, and improving contributor UX score.

  • GIA Rewards OKR Report by BFA explores several different models for incentivizing grants reviewers while optimizing for trust in outcomes and minimum review cost. Due to the decentralized nature of Grants 2.0, the intent is to arrive at a model which is generalizable to rounds of arbitrary size and scope. The team aims to solidify these conceptual models with quantitative studies by building simulations in Python.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • Sean and the MMM stewards posted the Season 14 budget request for 168k GTC to lay the foundation for Gitcoin as a protocol, increase awareness of public goods funding, and elevate the brand experience. To do so, we will establish a workstream operating system and transition core contributors from holdings to the DAO. This budget includes positioning the identity layer of Grants 2.0, elevating Gitcoin’s media profile, refreshing our visual identity, and defining a clear contributor onboarding experience.

  • Introducing Steward Health Cards 2.0 by sidcode and Fred announces that the newest version of the Steward Health Cards are live. These cards help increase transparency and accountability by gauging steward engagement and providing valuable metrics about each steward. The latest version was built in partnership with Karma, a reputation system for DAO contributors, and enables us to grab richer data and more granular metrics. Lots of exciting new features and a complete revamp of the backend provides more accurate data than ever!

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • DAO Operations S14 Budget Request by Jodi seeks 179k GTC to operationalize Gitcoin DAO and offer non-binding best practices for workstreams. This includes defining best practices for DAO tooling, workstream accounting, payments, and treasury diversification. DAO Ops would also ensure the top stewards are engaged in holding workstreams accountable, while streamlining contributor onboarding, and providing clear, accessible People Ops guidance for the workplace.

  • We are hiring! We need a Support Lead.

  • We passed a CSDO (Cross-Stream DAO Ops) proposal from Joe to have 60 days of reserves built into workstream budgets.

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