GitCoin Financial Reporting

Hi all,

Llama is pleased to present the very first GitcoinDAO Treasury Report for September 2021. A fresh Treasury report will be published here each month providing insight into the performance of GitCoin.

The Financial statements are split into transactions denoted in the governance token $GTC and separate transactions in stablecoins showing the income generated from the inception of the DAO through to September.

We have also presented a token flow statement. Denoted in both $GTC and stablecoin movements.

We are working to build out a balance sheet for our next iteration of this report and we welcome any feedback.


Hi all,

GitCoin October financial Statements

Please see detailed above our second iteration of the GitcoinDAO treasury report for October 2021. As with previous months, the statements are split into transactions denoted in the governance token GTC and separate transactions in stablecoins. We have taken onboard your feedback in relation to donations to the DAO and have amended the ‘Revenue’ line to reflect more accurately that these are in fact donations.

This month we have incorporated a consolidated financial statement report which shows both GTC transactions and stable coins. This shows both inflow and outflow in USD terms. Noting that we have used the month-end spot rate to translate GTC.

Key highlights

  • Gitcoin treasury has grown 93.3% from $40.2m to $77.7m as a result of positive price movement in $GTC
  • Total contributor rewards were $644.6k in October up 218% from September
  • The grant for CLR.Fund was paid out in October totaling 40,000 GTC or $340.8k using month end spot rate. CLR.Fund is another prominent Quadratic Funding project in the Ethereum ecosystem with a mission/ethos that is similar to Gitcoin.

We welcome any feedback you have in relation to the report and please let us know what you would like to see in the next iteration.