GitcoinDAO Digest #21

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Welcome to the GitcoinDAO Digest, a community-led publication with TLDR-summaries of the most important discussions and proposals in the GitcoinDAO, along with relevant links for further reading!

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Without further ado, let’s dive in!

:robot: Meta-Governance

  • Polygon has committed one of the largest single donations to the public goods treasury in Gitcoin history with a $1 million towards funding Public Goods, including $200,000 for upcoming Grants Round 12! Gitcoin is now also supporting grants checkout with Polygon.

  • Grants Round 12 will go live soon! Gitcoin’s biggest quarterly event is kicking off on December 1st and running through December 16th, 2021. On Wednesday, Dec 1st at 10:00 am MST Gitcoin will be hosting the GR12 Kick-Off event. Core Gitcoin contributors will present alongside key partners to celebrate the beginning of GR12 and showcase the many improvements we’re making to our flagship grants offering.

  • Elliot from Llama published the GitcoinDAO treasury report for October 2021 with some key highlights. The statements are split into transactions denoted in the governance token GTC and separate transactions in stablecoins.

  • The dGrant solution discussion started by Laurence on possible improvements to the Decentralized Grants Verification has moved on from the forum to the #dgrants-feedback channel on Discord.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

:seedling:Public Goods Funding

  • Annika has been ramping up as a grants-ops lead. She published a proposal for Gitcoin GR12 Matching Pool Allocations to “discuss and finalize how funding allocations for the Gitcoin Grants Round 12 Matching Pool are distributed”. The proposal is currently live on Snapshot.

  • On top of the Ethereum Foundation’s announcement, a number of new funders have come in for GR12 including Chainlink, EPNS, and KlimaDAO. More to come next week!

  • The second Public Goods Twitter Space was hosted on Monday by Alisha and Lani, featuring Niran from Panvala. The event aims to help push the mission of public goods to a broader audience.

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • The GreatestLARP continues! Help coordinate to stop Moloch while raising funds for public goods. We are mid Level 3, with 144 of 200 Molochs needed to open Level 4 minted. Wanna play? We expect to reach 200 Molochs minted sometime within the week, which will unlock The Final Boss. The GreatestLARP has already raised over $338,000 for public goods.

  • This week we launched our new blog. If you’d like to learn more about Moonshot Collective, check out our ‘Hello World’ post here.

  • This week we dogfooded Season 1 priorities Recruiter.Party, and Retroactive Public Goods Funding Starter Kit (Payback). Check out our demo videos on the Moonshot Collective Youtube.

:globe_with_meridians: Decentralize Gitcoin

  • Performance fixes have been implemented in the dGrants platform around blockchain data retrieval, indexed data retrieval from The Graph, and IPFS data retrieval resulting in a much more snappy feeling when browsing grants on dGrants.

  • The GrantRound contract that will be used for GR12 has been finalized and deployed.

  • We have added a few new features like a My Grants page and My Contributions page which will help give insight into your own actions on the platform.

  • We are finalizing the list of eligible grants that will be a part of the ‘Gitcoin Building’ Grant Round in GR12.

  • Migrating the Anti Sybil pipeline infrastructure and code from Bloc Science to the Gitcoin DAO is underway and making progress.

  • The DevOps sub-stream is beginning a discovery phase intended to learn what additions would have the highest immediate impact on the DAO based on needs across the board.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • Contributor payments for Epochs 1 & 2 have been paid using Gilden mass pay. Contributors receive an email notification with the transaction hash; with a gas cost of about $250 for the entire workstream we’re able to cover each biweekly payment.

  • Anti-Sybil ML:

    • Changing the name to Sybil Detection. This week Blockscience is delivering a refactored code while the ASOP were set up by the new DAO DevOps lead.
    • The feature engineering squad identified new patterns from Github data and is developing processes and access policies to make it easier for new contributors to participate.
    • Onchain Forensics work starts this week having accepted Trueblocks to help guide how we use onchain data to not only identify sybil behavior, but also to educate Gitcoin users about the transparency of their on-chain activities.
  • Research:

    • Added 2 squads this week.
    • Risks & Threats will be studying sybil attacks and other threats to the grants mechanism. They will identify other threats and risks to the DAO as well. These learnings will be used to draft proposals to dive deeper into mitigation techniques.
    • Growth & Experimentation will be looking at stream & squad governance and compensation policies working within GitcoinDAO to define and conduct experiments teaching us how to grow.
  • Policy:

    • The GitcoinDAO Appeals Panel now has over 10 members to hear out any appeals to decisions made by the FDD Grant Approvals and Disputes squads. The panel consists of industry experts from projects like BrightID, Idena, and 1Hive and are chosen for their expertise in identifying sybil behavior.
  • DAOops is spinning out of FDD as planned on the Q4 budget proposal. FDD is ready to send the funds to the multisig for DAOops providing a clean transition of responsibility and accountability. Gitcoin Holdings is working on a governance proposal to formalize a DAOops workstream consisting of:

    • CrossDAO Operations - Opt-in shared infrastructure services governed by the CrossStream DAOops Governance council with reps from each workstream, DAOops, and Gitcoin Holdings. The squads include Onboarding Hosts, DAO Tooling, and People Operations.

    • DAOServices - Conducts business for the DAO as a whole like legal and accounting work. Looking to be more clearly defined in the proposal being drafted to be ratified by the stewards.

    • Support offering contributor support, user support, steward support etc. The current User Support stream also hosts the knowledge base, knowledge acquisition incentives and translations & localization efforts.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • The Merch bounty for GR12 ends on Friday, we’re excited to reward the winners and get the art up on the schwag store. A couple of the designers from the bounty have been onboarded to the workstream and are continuing the work on the schwag pack for ETHDenver.

  • The first version of the Meme Museum is planned to launch during the next Memepalooza which will take place next Friday, Dec 3. Preparations for the event are also ongoing.

  • Our Notion got a revamp last week and we are working on creating header images and design elements to be used by the different initiatives in Notion and elsewhere. Work has also begun to create virtual backgrounds for meetings.

:date: Upcoming Community Events

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Vote on the on-chain proposal for FDD Workstream Q4 2021 Budget.
  2. Vote on the proposal to ratify Gitcoin GR12 Matching Pool Allocations.
  3. Join the GR12 Kick-Off event Dec 1st at 10:00 am MST.

Thanks for reading!

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