Gitcoin Digest #16 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • Supermodular, introduces a new tool developed to show the funding activity of people you follow on the Lens Protocol. The tool aims to help users discover new grants based on their social network’s funding choices. Check it out and provide some feedback on @owocki’ s post.

  • @rohit requests feedback on his working prototype for Grantee Discovery Using LLM-Enabled Conversations. The prototype aims to help GG18 donors discover grantee information aligned with their preferences. It allows users to ask questions, propose work descriptions, and seek assistance for GG18 participation. The tool is designed to maintain fairness, avoid biases, and not manipulate users’ grantee preferences by focusing on enhancing interactions, memory capabilities, guiding users to reliable sources, and capturing feedback.

  • @bernardovic introduces the Quadratic Attention Payments (QAP) mechanism designed to revamp public advertising using quadratic voting principles. QAP empowers users to influence ads’ relevance through upvoting/downvoting, incentivizes advertisers to produce better content, and provides publishers with valuable user preference data. The mechanism aims to enhance the advertising experience, increase engagement, and align incentives among users, advertisers, and publishers, ultimately improving the public good of coordinated and effective advertising.

  • @Jeremy outlines an amendment proposal for Gitcoin Passport’s S19 funding, highlighting achievements and challenges from S18. The proposal emphasizes a 16% budget reduction for S19, reallocating resources towards data analysis through a dedicated data science role to enhance Passport’s identity verification, stamp curation, scoring models, and analytics.

  • Grants Stack S19 goals carry over from S18, with intentions to execute 4-13 QF rounds, 5 direct grants rounds, and 8 self-serve QF rounds. @meglister presents an amendment proposal for Grants Stack, outlining a budget request, which is adjusted to $542,515, marking a 37% reduction from the original plan of $859,116. This reduction follows the release of 7 contributors and aims for a streamlined, high-performing team.

  • Allo is strategically targeting the web3 grants sector, aiming to streamline adoption with well-defined use cases. @nategosselin presents an amendment proposal for Allo. The goal is to develop 3 products on Allo v2, focusing on user interfaces post-protocol establishment. Key metrics include Mainnet pool creation, distributed funds, and profile creation. The adjusted S19 budget request is $438,449, marking an increase of 29% increase from the original plan of $339,950 driven by audit costs for Allo v2.

  • In S18 & 19, the MMM Workstream focuses on repositioning Gitcoin as a tech-first entity, @CoachJonathan presents an amendment proposal for MMM. The strategy encompasses driving product adoption, building brand awareness, shifting audience perceptions, and enhancing tech’s impact through impactful reporting. The adjusted S19 budget request is for $448,435, marking a 20.01% reduction from S18 budget. After accounting for remaining budget & reserves (and 33% reserves budget for S19), MMM is requesting $276,419 for Season 19 from the treasury.

  • Learn about the Gitcoin Community Proposals (GCP) process, where community members propose changes to Gitcoin’s ecosystem, fostering engagement and shared governance. Find out how GCP funding priorities are changing by reading the most recent GCP update from @Viriya, which focuses on projects with obvious ROI and alignment with product roadmaps.

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)


  • Season 19 Goals: The primary objective is to create three products using Allo v2, with a spotlight on the Grants Stack to align with web3 grants dynamics. Allo’s focus for Season 19 is centered on establishing a foothold in the web3 grants sector, capitalizing on its expertise and recognizing substantial opportunities.

  • Major Season 19 Initiatives: 1) V2 audit and mainnet deployment. 2) App integrations / integration tools to help builders on Allo. 3) Bootstrap the profile registry with cGrants data so that products can tap into an initial trust and verification layer.

  • Strategy Library Wrap-up: Introduced a comprehensive strategy library encompassing both “Production-ready” and “Proof of Concept” strategies, fostering modular innovation.

  • Deprioritizing Strategy Modules: Temporarily shelved strategy module development to concentrate on priorities with higher potential for achieving the goal of three production-ready strategies on V2.

  • V2 Documentation: Continuing to enhance Allo v2 documentation, facilitating user understanding and integration.

  • V2 Indexing via Subgraphs: Developing indexing capabilities for Allo v2 via subgraphs, enhancing data accessibility.

  • GS v2 Migration Support: Actively aiding the migration of the Grants Stack to Allo v2, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Twitter Milestone: Allo crosses 5K followers on Twitter, reflecting growing community engagement.

  • Developer Lead Gen Form: Introduced a developer lead generation form, fostering collaboration and contribution.

  • Branding Toolkit: Ongoing implementation of brand book finalization for cohesive brand identity across Allo. Created an engaging toolkit to enhance developer documentation branding. Working on a versatile slide template for conferences to ensure consistent presentations.

  • Ongoing Blog Content: Continued production of insightful blog content to keep the community informed. Engaged in market segmentation analysis for refined audience engagement strategies.

  • Check out the Allo Brand Design Elements with updated slides, animations, illustrations, and banners. Refined graphics, the brand book and forum post are in progress. V1 of Brand Book is complete!

Grants Stack

  • Full Support for PGN Mainnet & Testnet: Gitcoin-hosted PGN bridge built in collaboration with Supermodular and added to GS apps.

  • Multi-Round Checkout (MRC) Development: Successful deployment of MRC, allowing checkout across various rounds and chains. MRC contract merged into Allo v1, new MRC contract built, audited, and UI developed.

  • Matching Estimates Development Progress: The spike on matching estimate calculations have been completed while the Matching Estimates MVP has been deprioritized.

  • Next Up (August 2023 & Beyond): Custom support for Fantom’s upcoming QF round. Explorer improvements. Direct Grants integration. Indexer Reliability & Scalability. Additional chain deploys (Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM).

  • QF Serviced Rounds goal hit with Beta Round: Will ship multi-round checkout for GG18.

  • QF Self-Service is picking up traction: Launching Fantom soon. Verbal commit from Arbitrum. Growing pipeline of L2s/lg Foundations.

  • Direct Grants release soon: Demos have been positively received. Metamask grants committed. Graph Advocates, Safe are interested.

  • Discovery Session: Fill out this form to be put in touch with our support squad! Once you’ve submitted, someone will be in touch within 24-48 hours to answer any questions you may have about Gitcoin Grants Stack.

  • Support Ticket Insights (Aug 7-13): 257 new tickets via live chat and 32 new tickets via email. The support team has been handling a notable influx of requests, revolving around Passport: AntiSybilAssembly, Twitter stamp; Community Staking, and Guild Role. Use or intercom for filing issues.

  • Grants Stack Release Notes are now available.

  • The Manager Toolkit is being updated as a more robust guide and inspiration for running a Quadratic Funding grants program.

Public Goods Funding

  • GG18 Round Applications Live: Applications for the Core Rounds are now open, marking an exciting start to new collaborations.

  • Check out the progress tracking notion page and the PGF Calendar to stay up-to-date on the objectives outlined in the proposal for seasons 18 and 19.


  • GitPOAP Stamp Removal: GitPOAP Stamp was removed to reduce unnecessary complexities, address associated challenges, and focus on refining other more essential aspects of the passport.

  • Allo and TrustaLabs Stamps: Successful launch of Allo and TrustaLabs Stamps, enhancing Passport’s functionality and versatility.

  • Infrastructure & Scaling Improvements: Continuously ensuring seamless performance as user engagement grows. Collaborated with Ceramic to address data discrepancies, reinforcing reliability and accuracy. Progressed in managing deleted deduplication records, enhancing data management and ensuring data integrity within Passport.

  • Historical Scores Planning: Strategically planning to capture historical scores for analysis, offering insights into Passport usage patterns over time.

  • Identity Staking 2.0 R&D: Engaging in research to explore enhancements for Identity Staking 2.0, aligning with our commitment to innovation.

  • ComposeDB Upgrade Planning: Planning an upgrade to ComposeDB to optimize performance and provide a robust foundation for future Passport developments.

  • Galxe Campaign Success: The 2-week campaign on the community engagement platform Galxe featuring 7 collectible NFTs has significantly boosted stamp collection, engaging 250k total passport holders and prompting around 60k new Passports specifically created to participate in the campaign.

  • Discourse Plugin Development: Reviewed a full demo last week and provided feedback to communitiHQ. Launch is targetted for the end of August.

  • Snapshot Update Planning: Collaborating with partners aiming to enhance Passport functionality for improved user experience. Scoping with Supermodular/Raid Guild.

  • Information Architecture: A comprehensive set of resources with automated docs and tools is being curated to empower both users and integrators, synchronizing all developer documents by migrating from gitbook to Nextra. Updates include a dedicated page for Platform Integrators, an evolving style guide, and integration of new parameters.

  • Brand Revisit: Progressing with the redesign of the Passport dashboard for improved usability and visual clarity, ensuring alignment with the mission and vision while presenting a compelling identity.

  • Passport Release Notes are now available.

  • Supermodular team has built a Passport-gated faucet starter that can be forked and run on any network. Prebuilt Passport components are under planning.


  • Website Revamp: Main website has been continuously updated.

  • GG18 Applications: The page has been revamped for the third time in three months, showcasing our commitment to delivering an optimal user experience. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts with insights into the visuals and their inspiration.

  • Visuals and Canva Kit: New visuals are in development, aiming to represent our vibrant ecosystem and decentralized (mycelium) networks. A Canva Kit is also in the works, making it effortless for grantees to create engaging visuals and animations to promote rounds and engage their communities.

  • Brand Book Updates: We’re crafting internal pitch decks for both the PGF team and the broader DAO. A comprehensive brand book rollout is underway:

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