Update on Gitcoin Community Proposals (GCPs) - July 2023

We are thrilled to see all of the engagement with the Gitcoin Community Proposal (GCP) process!

In case you’re new here, GCPs are mechanisms that community members propose changes or improvements to the Gitcoin ecosystem. They follow a specific format and are open to community feedback and voting, ensuring the community has a voice in Gitcoin’s governance and development.

GCPs can vary broadly in their goals and requests and may ask the community to endorse a specific policy and procedure or ask the community to build something.

Recently there’s been an up-tick in GCP submissions which has been awesome to see. I think this demonstrates how much our community feels engaged both with each other and our mission to create technologies and opportunities to fund and protect what matters.

Crypto winter & GCPs

With the recent decisions made by CSDO on spend cutbacks, it’s important to address how this might specifically impact how the DAO is thinking about GCPs moving forward.

The good news is that these types of community initiatives will continue to be funded. However, we are reprioritizing what we’re saying “yes” to across the board. This means that community members are being encouraged to consider future GCPs under a more scrupulous lens as we identify what’s important for our sustainability and future growth.

What kinds of GCPs will be funded moving forward?

Projects that can provide tangible ROI will be the most seriously considered. We consider tangible ROI to be any work that directly moves the needle on stated goals and roadmaps for each of our products. You can find more information on product roadmaps from their respective workstream leads or as they’re updated in our Contributor Notion under “Product SSOTs”. You can also see which seasonal initiatives are being funded in our budget proposals which provide updates on major milestones, pivots to strategy and details on seasonal goals.

When applying for a GCP, we recommend that you clearly outline the objectives that ladder into our communicated roadmaps. If you have an idea in which you’re unsure if or how it aligns with our organizational strategy, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of Gitcoin’s core team to ask for support. This can be done either in the forum or on Discord.

Will my project be affected if it already has been funded?

No! Any work that has already been approved for funding will receive funding. We intend for those projects to move forward as planned.

Any additional funding needed to complete projects that may have gone out of scope from their initial proposal can apply for additional funding but we cannot promise that additional funding will be made available.

We know that community input is a key piece to driving organizational innovation and that’s very much still an important topic at the DAO. So please continue to submit, discuss and vote on proposals as we continue to grow Gitcoin and web3 alongside each other :rocket:


Thank you for this thoughtful and well laid out post, @Viriya. I support this update!

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Just an FYI on what the experience of trying to find the SSOTS looks like for someone outside of gitcoin.co:

This section has no links in it:

This section has a mix of missing links and documents that are not visible outside of gitcoin.co

This section has a few links that are not accessible outside of gitcoin.co

The Gitcoin Passport SSOT on the other hand is accessible outside of gitcoin.co!

ROI Visibility

I really really like how Optimism has structured their Mission & Intents (basically their version of GCPs), allowing the community to know what tangible ROI they are looking for. As an outside contributor, they publish quarterly “Intents” that are very useful for understanding what the priorities of the DAO and the foundation are, and so I feel like my time is respected when we bid on work there:

From their season 4 post:

Collective Intents

Strategy and prioritization are crucial muscles of any successful organization. Executing these thoughtfully becomes even more challenging in a DAO. Season 4 introduces “Intents,” which are flexible and directional goals designed to align and focus the Collective towards shared goals. All work supported or executed by the Collective should be in pursuit of these Collective Intents. In Season 4, the Collective allocates a specific budget for each Intent, aimed at supporting the highest leverage initiatives working towards that Intent.

Missions are proposals for specific initiatives that achieve an Intent. There are two types of Missions:

  • Proposed Missions - Submitted under an Intent, these missions allow the Governance Fund to support a broader range of initiatives aligned with Intents.
  • Foundation Missions - Defined by the Foundation, these missions are akin to public Requests for Proposals for the Partner Fund and also work towards Intents.

They also issue RFPs that are aligned to intents, so the community can see high definition specs of what work needs to be done. Here is an example of one.

Perhaps having CSDO/workstream leads issuing “Intents” or “RFPs” for Q3 would help outside contributors feel more comfortable knowing which GCPs will be candidates for being funded?

It also strikes me that this is a more elastic way to manage dynamic work than hiring more full time contributors to workstreams.

My 002 wei. Above only matters if providing a good experience the median community contributor is a priority rn.


Whoops – I didn’t realize that the contributor hub was open outside of the DAO! Just adjusted perms on all of the Grants Stack docs. :sweat_smile:

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