Gitcoin Digest #15 2023

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:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)


  • Allo V2 Deployment: Allo V2 has taken a significant step forward with successful deployment on testnets. A comprehensive Allo V2 introduction post has been published on the Gitcoin blog, accompanied by an informative Twitter thread.

  • Development Progress: The development team is diligently achieving milestones such as completing the MVP end-to-end flow and finalizing the strategy library. Rigorous testing is underway, ensuring a seamless experience for users (100% coverage on Registry and Allo).

  • Collaborations & Partnerships: @nategosselin and @0xZakk are actively fostering Allo’s growth. Productive discussions with a resident and collaborations with the Celo team are in progress. The Sablier team has submitted two innovative strategies for a hackathon program, and upcoming meetings with QuestBook and Superfluid are set to further enhance Allo’s ecosystem.

  • Funding the Commons Hackathon & Residency: Allo is deeply engaged in the upcoming Funding the Commons Hackathon and Developer Residency. These initiatives serve as catalysts for growth, fostering interactions, and innovation.

  • Milestone Timeline: A well-defined timeline has been set, aligning with the vision for Allo’s evolution. The current focus is on documenting and preparing for Audit next week. Other milestones include: Community Build Period (Now - Sep 8 ), audit (Sep 11-15), audit remediation (Sep 18-29) and the mainnet launch is targeted for Oct 2.

  • Organic Community Building: Recognizing the enthusiasm and interest from the community, Allo has embraced a gradual approach in line with the upcoming phase. The team is proactively engaging with the community, rolling out content, and encouraging organic growth. Twitter following is steadily expanding (reaching 4K followers), thanks to the efforts of @alexalombardo @garysheng and @MathildaDV in amplifying Allo’s presence.

  • Check out the Allo Brand Design Elements with updated slides, animations, illustrations, and banners. Refined graphics, the brand book and forum post are in progress. V1 of Brand Book is complete!

Grants Stack

  • PGN Support: This week, the Grants Stack team shipped support for Public Goods Network (PGN) Mainnet and testnet on all Grants Stack apps. Now, you can create a project, apply to a round, create programs and rounds, and donate to rounds all on PGN. You can learn more about PGN here.

  • Multi-Round Checkout (MRC) Progress: Significant strides have been made in the development of MRC. Contract changes have been integrated, and UI creation is in progress. This week, end-to-end testing is scheduled to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Matching Estimates: While the focus is on MRC, work on matching estimates is briefly paused. Plans are in place to resume this effort as soon as MRC development is complete.

  • Discovery Session: Fill out this form to be put in touch with our support squad! Once you’ve submitted, someone will be in touch within 24-48 hours to answer any questions you may have about Gitcoin Grants Stack.

  • Marketing and Strategy: The announcement of PGN support garnered a positive response. The team is actively refining the go-to-market and funnel strategies. The newly launched Discovery Session form has already generated around 10 new leads.

  • Support Ticket Insights (July 17-23): 265 new tickets via live chat and 61 new tickets via email. The support team has been handling a notable influx of requests, with a significant portion related to Twitter stamps. Use or intercom for filing issues.

  • Grants Stack Release Notes are now available.

  • The Manager Toolkit is being updated as a more robust guide and inspiration for running a Quadratic Funding grants program.

Public Goods Funding

  • GG18 Round Applications Live: Applications for the Core Rounds are now open, marking an exciting start to new collaborations.

  • GG19 Season Planning: Expected to run in November. Collaborations secured with the American Cancer Society ($60k matching pool) and potential UNICEF engagement. The Season 19 Amended Budget is nearly finalized, bringing forth updated goals and objectives.

  • Octant win: A significant $480,000 win for the DAO, evenly split between the treasury and the matching pool, through a collaborative initiative with Octant’s parent company, Golem Foundation. This accomplishment highlights a resilient growth trajectory despite market conditions, and it opens the door for potential future funding.

  • GS Test Round on PGN: The PGN meme contest has concluded successfully, Initial feedback on interactions involving PGN, such as seamless wallet integration and streamlined grant donations, has been positive. The contest’s success underscores the community’s enthusiasm and sets a precedent for more engaging initiatives in the future.

  • Check out the progress tracking notion page and the PGF Calendar to stay up-to-date on the objectives outlined in the proposal for seasons 18 and 19.


  • Galxe Campaign Impact: The recent #AntiSybilAssembly initiative to incentivize the creation of passport-gated Galxe campaigns has generated significant interest, with over half a million impressions and 85k+ participants within 24 hours. This has led to scaling challenges and support queries from existing passport holders. Efforts are underway to optimize the system’s performance during surges.

  • Onchain Passport Progress: The highly anticipated onchain passport is set to launch on August 15th on Optimism L2, there’s planning for an onchain stamps campaign underway. This advancement promises enhanced security and accessibility.

  • Streamlining Support: A new Passport Banner will be created to provide real-time updates on known issues, aiding support teams and reducing user inquiries.

  • Enhancing Integrator Experience: Integrator funnel improvements are being explored to foster smoother interactions for those joining the Passport ecosystem.

  • Integrations: Plans are still in motion with Supermodular to integrate Passport with Snapshot, and 75% through scope for Discourse plugin with CommunityHQ.

  • Information Architecture: A comprehensive set of resources with automated docs and tools is being curated to empower both users and integrators, synchronizing all developer documents by migrating from gitbook to Nextra. Updates include a dedicated page for Platform Integrators, an evolving style guide, and integration of new parameters.

  • Brand Revisit: The Passport brand is undergoing a final-stage revisit, ensuring alignment with the mission and vision while presenting a compelling identity.

  • Stamp Integrations: The stamp selection is dynamically evolving, integrating a twitter revamp, Phi, Guild, Holonym, Idena, Civic, & Hypercert, all with new scores and scoring weights.

  • Future Outlook: Humanode & CyberConnect stamps, Discourse plugin development, Snapshot integration, and ComposeDB upgrades are among the prospects on the horizon, set to further elevate the Passport experience.

  • Passport Release Notes are now available.

  • Supermodular team has built a Passport-gated faucet starter that can be forked and run on any network. Prebuilt Passport components are under planning.


  • Website Revamp: We’re nearing completion of the website overhaul. The program page is in focus this week, with work beginning on the password page. Excitingly, a new brand book for Passport is underway, bringing fresh visuals and refined messaging to the platform that reflects the collective efforts of Alexa, Laura, Gary, Jeremy, and the entire team.

  • GG18 Applications: The page has been revamped for the third time in three months, showcasing our commitment to delivering an optimal user experience. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts with insights into the visuals and their inspiration.

  • Visuals and Canva Kit: New visuals are in development, aiming to represent our vibrant ecosystem and decentralized (mycelium) networks. A Canva Kit is also in the works, making it effortless for grantees to create engaging visuals and animations to promote rounds and engage their communities.

  • Brand Book Updates: We’re crafting internal pitch decks for both the PGF team and the broader DAO. A comprehensive brand book rollout is underway: Passport (w/o July 31), * Allo (w/o Aug 7), Grants Stack (w/o Aug 14).

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

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