How to run a round

Pre-read: Launch Wrap-Up

After you’ve read the pre-read

I created a $10k QF round on quadratic lenster for ethcc, for anyone using the ethcc hashtag.

But did you know ANYONE can create a round of any size for any hashtag?

For example if you wanted to sponsor a #gitcoin round on you could… If you wanted to sponsor a #climate round on during the main Gitcoin round, you could.

How to do it

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect to Polygon
  3. Create a program.
  4. Create a round.
  5. Success!

On the first step of round creation, you will be able to set basic metadata about the round

On the 2nd step of round creation,you’ll notice a few things that look differently from the main Gitcoin round manager.

Specifically, the round now has a “required content” field, wherein you can put a hashtag that a post on quadraticlenster must have to be in a round:

The hashtag put in the required content field during round creation (above), will be the gating condition for when a post is created (below) by the end user.

Bigger picture

We got a lot of compliments during the ethcc campaign that this was the “easiest onboarding to QF we’ve ever seen”. Which I think is a really promising compliment to get.

The ethcc campaign got about 600 contributions, I think that once Allo v2 and Lens v2 are out, we may build QF into Lens proper (not just the fork, but EVERY lens app). This means the next campaign could get 10x or 100x the contributions the pilot campaign got. I’m also bullish on the idea that we spend SO MUCH time on social media, what if we were funding public goods when we do it? eg instead of the median ethereum citizen funding public goods for 15 minutes every quarter, they could possibly be doing it whenever they are on social media (for hours per day).

I could imagine that traditional Gitcoin Grants rounds in the future may have a “social media sidecar round” to complement the main round. eg for a $100k climate round, perhaps a $10k lens sidecar round could exist to support people who emergently support the main round with marketing, customer support, data analysis, whatever the crowd determines is needed.

Enabling anyone to post a QF round on lens is a first step towards this bigger picture.