Gitcoin DAO Topology

i recently set out trying to visualize the topology of gitcoin.

my goal with this cartography project was to map out the the flow of capital/tokens / flow of value at gitcoin, and the points of accountability that govern them. the hope is that having a visual helps with understanding of how gitcoin functions as a political economy.

given conways law(a principal that states that the communication structure of organizations influences the systems they design) i felt this might be an important piece of information for those trying to understand/navigate gitcoin.

here is what i came up with:

feedback welcome.

(thanks to @M0nkeyFl0wer , @Sov , @CoachJonathan @Jeremy for their feedback so far)


updates for the twitter space


At devconnect, I set out to update/simplify this diagram.

The below diagram:

  1. simplifies Gitcoin into two protocols (perhaps eventual sideDAOs), both with billion $$$ TAM potential.
    1. for the purposes of mapping out the value flows within gitcoin’s ecosystem, i mapped allo/grants stack as two sides of the same go to market. one is the protocol go-to market, the other is the no-code go-to-market.
    2. moves service providers between the protocols, reflecting their ability to work with either protocol (and perhaps in the future, take work outside of gitcoin). while they will continue to be funded by GTC treasury, this diagram does not reflect that fact bc the diagram is protocol-centric.
  2. adds a blue box denoting the value flows between each unit (and the size of each treasury).

feedback welcome!


This is great. :+1: We appreciate seeing the evolution of your diagrams related to growth & development.
A thought that occurred is how useful a tool like this would be that allows a grants round management team to plug in their own variables to display the evolution of their native ecosystem & how funds are allocated. Resulting in many case studies for other community leaders looking to replicate successful models.

that is an interesting idea. id be interested in sponsoring the creation of such a tool. perhaps it could be linked from or forked from