GG21 Community Round Proposal Template

GG21 Community Round Proposal Template

For those who would like to apply to be a community round in GG21, below is the proposal template to work off of and a breakdown of the process. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO minimum matching required to apply! The top 10 will be accepted into the round, and the top 5 of those will receive extra matching funds from Gitcoin.

  • GG21: August 7 - 21
    • Ecosystem ‘Spotlight’ Rounds
      • Ecosystem Rounds will now have the opportunity to share the stage alongside the community rounds.
    • 10 Community Rounds
    • $125k allocated towards matching for top 5 Community Rounds

TL;DR of the process:

To be eligible to run a community round in GG21, each community needs to upload their proposal to our gov forum (with the outlined template below).
After the deadline for proposals, the Community Council will review and vote on which rounds to accept into the round, and how to allocate matching funds to the top 5.

Community Round Governance - GG21

Here’s a breakdown of GG21’s governance process and a rundown of how the Council will be involved on the process we will follow to select community rounds:

Week 1: Gitcoin team posts eligibility criteria & agreements to gov forum [June 18th]

Week 1-3: Community Round partners complete and post their proposal to the gov forum under the category [Gitcoin Grants].

  • Community Round partners to create a proposal that they post on the gov forum.

Week 3: Deadline for proposals [July 16th]

  • A full list of Community Rounds are available for the GG21 Community Council to review.

Week 3 - 4: Review & voting period [July 15 - July 18]

  • The proposals are reviewed by the GG20 Community Council and go to a vote
  • The decision of the vote is published on the gov forum.

Week 4 - 6: Results and onboarding period [July 19 - 26]

  • The Community Rounds are onboarded into the upcoming round.

PLEASE NOTE: To officially be part of GG21, each community needs to go through this new governance process. The top 10 rounds will be included in marketing efforts and be “official” GG21 rounds, and the top 5 will receive extra matching from Gitcoin.

When drafting a proposal, please include the following information:

The proposal will be posted on the Gitcoin gov forum as a new post under the category: [Gitcoin Grants]. Please note: Review the GG21 Eligibility Criteria and agreements while creating your proposal.

Deadline to submit for GG21: July 16th at 11:59pm UTC

GG21 donations (round kick off) will go live on August 7th.

Proposal Template:

Name (or Topic/Theme) of Proposed Round:

[Proposed Round Name]
[Overview of Round]

Social Handle of Your Organization:

@[Social Handle]

Eligibility Criteria:

What is the eligibility criteria for your round? Projects must primarily focus on [specific focus]. Additional criteria include [detailed eligibility criteria]. All rounds must comply with Gitcoin’s core rules.

For example: to be in the Climate Solutions Round, your project must primarily focus on climate action. see this example of eligibility criteria for GG19.

Reminder: All rounds must comply with Gitcoin’s core rules, which include no fraudulent activity, quid pro quo, hate speech, or other activities out of alignment with Gitcoin’s essential intents. Please include all additional eligibility criteria specific to this proposed grants round.

Round History:

Clearly identify the round history.

  • This round has been run [number of times] during Gitcoin Grants rounds. If running a new version of an old round, specify details. If unsure, indicate lack of historical context.

Team Running This Round:

Clearly identify the round operator with relevant experience, and provide detailed bios and social handle links for at least two additional team members, emphasizing their relevant experience.

  • Round Operator: [Name], [Relevant Experience], [Bio], [Social Handle]
  • Team Member 1: [Name], [Relevant Experience], [Bio], [Social Handle]
  • Team Member 2: [Name], [Relevant Experience], [Bio], [Social Handle]
  • Additional team members if applicable.

Alignment with Gitcoin’s Mission and Essential Intents:

Clearly articulate how the proposed round aligns with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents.

  • This round aligns with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents by [ insert explanation].

Anticipated Size of the Matching Pool:

Clearly state the anticipated size of the matching pool, Include the funding address. And outline a clear plan for future fundraising if not already in place.

  • The matching pool is anticipated to be [amount], fundraised through [partners/connections/combination].
  • Funding address: [Address].
  • We have a clear plan in place for future fundraising, including [details of the plan].

Advisors for This Round:

Clearly identify any advisors and their relevant experience. Indicate if any have run a round for Gitcoin or participated in running a round in the past. List any advisors and their relevant experience.

Funding Mechanism:

We are using [funding mechanism] because [reason why it is the best option for your round].

Community Size and Engagement:

Estimate the size of the community approximately, provide tangible metrics indicating the strength of the community (e.g., donations, past round participation), describe the type of projects intended to be funded, estimate the number of eligible grantees, and detail the plan for assessing grantee impact over successive rounds.

  • Our community consists of approximately [number] members. Tangible metrics indicating the strength of our community include [donations/past round participation].

Type of Projects to Fund:

  • We aim to fund projects that [description of the type of projects].

Estimated Number of Eligible Grantees:

  • We believe that [number] grantees will be eligible to apply for this round.

Impact Assessment Plan:

Describe how you intend to assess grantee impact through methods such as Hypercerts, GAP, Deresy, etc., and provide details of the plan, including how you will measure and evaluate the success and impact of the grantees over successive rounds.

  • We intend to assess grantee impact through [methods such as Hypercerts, GAP, Deresy, etc.]. Our detailed plan includes [details of the plan].

Additional Considerations:

Community members should consider [any additional relevant information].

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

[Disclose any potential conflicts of interest].

This would include if any round operations team members are part of any projects participating to receive/get a grant


PLEASE NOTE: I have updated the above proposal template to reflect a slightly clearer template for teams to follow while creating their application.

Looking forward to seeing applications!

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Thank you for this template. It’s very readable and doable :smiley: I’ve been a Gitcoin Round Operator several times and never thought that this could be to easy.


Ecosystems Template:

  1. Title: waste water to clean water machine cycle
  2. Introduction:
  • Brief overview of what ecosystems are and why they are important.
  1. Types of Ecosystems:
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems (Forest, Grassland, Desert, Tundra, etc.)
  • Aquatic Ecosystems (Marine, Freshwater, Estuaries, etc.)
  • Human-Made Ecosystems (Urban, Agricultural, Industrial, etc.)
  1. Components of Ecosystems:
  • Abiotic Factors (Sunlight, Water, Soil, Temperature, etc.)
  • Biotic Factors (Plants, Animals, Microorganisms, etc.)
  1. Interactions in Ecosystems:
  • Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
  • Predator-Prey Relationships, Symbiosis, Competition
  1. Biodiversity in Ecosystems:
  • Importance of biodiversity for ecosystem stability and resilience
  • Threats to biodiversity (Habitat loss, Pollution, Climate change, etc.)
  1. Conservation of Ecosystems:
  • Ecosystems services and benefits to human well-being
  • Various conservation strategies (Protected areas, Sustainable land use practices, Restoration efforts, etc.) for fishing routes area must be protected
  1. Case Studies:
  • Examples of different ecosystems around the world and their unique characteristics: Due to the polluted housing area each of community canals dirty water through the ocean
  1. Conclusion:
  • Recap of key points about ecosystems and their significance
  1. References:
  • List of sources consulted for the project.
    Philippine government and City council
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Thank you for sharing this Mathilda. I also like the fact that this would have community rounds.



“Congratulations to all the grantees of Gitcoin’s recent round, GG21! It’s exciting to see so many innovative projects focused on building the future of web3 and public goods. The collective efforts of these grantees will undoubtedly drive progress and advancement in the industry. Special appreciation to Gitcoin for facilitating this funding round and empowering the development of decentralized technologies. Looking forward to seeing the impact of these projects!”

[DEADLINE EXTENSION]: We are extending the deadline for proposals by two days. Please get your proposal in by 11:59PM UTC on July 16.