[TEMP CHECK] Allocate Additional Funding to Community Rounds in GG21

[TEMP CHECK] Allocate Additional Funding to Community Rounds in GG21


Earlier this year, we ratified updates to Gitcoin Grants, which include “matching on matching” funds for Community Rounds up to $125k per quarter. This allows Gitcoin to enhance Community Rounds’ matching pools through our governance process. Since we are only running three GG rounds this year, we have an extra $125k for community rounds, which we plan to redirect into GG21.

The Plan

Taking the allocated $125k from the fourth round we won’t run and redirecting it into GG21. This will bolster the Community Rounds with double the funds. We will still earmark the matching funds to the top 5 selected rounds.

Why This Matters

  • Empowering Communities: By increasing the matching funds available, we continue to enable aligned communities to more directly fund what matters to them, through enhanced support.
  • Sustainability Commitment: This approach aligns with our commitment to program sustainability while providing significant benefits to our community.


These funds have been earmarked for 2024 already, and we would like to gauge community support for this reallocation.

Call to Action

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please share your thoughts below.


I’m in support of this approach and look forward to seeing the continued growth of the community rounds with GG.


happy to support this approach.


good to hear that!! We will submit DeSci Round application for community round additional funding too.


100% behind using these funds for the Community Rounds. Appreciate the creativity and transparency you’re bringing into the community @MathildaDV.