GG20 Community Round Proposal Global Chinese Community (GCC)

  • Name (or Topic/Theme) of Proposed Round

    • Global Chinese Community Round
  • How many times has this round been run during a Gitcoin Grants round?

    • 4 times. GCC has already run this round on GG15, Beta Round, 18 & 19.
  • How big is your team that will run this round? Who is your team?

    Four. Hazel Hu, the current core operator of GCC. Responsible for setting up the round, reviewing the projects and other coordinating stuff.

    Yuxin, operator of GCC. Responsible for donation-related marketing.

    Xiaoyu, operator of GCC. Responsible for reviewing the projects and donation-related marketing.

    Jason Chong, operator of GCC. Responsible for tech support.

    Bob Jiang, advisor of GCC.

Our twitter handles:

  • gccofficial @GCCofCommons
  • Hazel Hu(@0xHY2049)
  • Yuxin(@yuxinzhu4736)
  • Xiaoyu(@shirleneliu69)
  • Bob Jiang(@bobjiang123)

Our funding ETH Address: 0x060114DD2D88b02Fe5Bb11A57B531e67DAE0cF54

  • How does this round align with Gitcoin’s mission 2 and essential intents?

    1. We are the only community round in Gitcoin Rounds that is dedicated to funding public goods in the global Chinese community. It is crucial for popularizing the concept of public goods in this market of 1.5 billion people and increasing Gitcoin’s influence in this area.
    2. GCC has extensive connections with Chinese media and communities. As a community fund ourselves, we can mobilize Chinese users to support the round, creating better network effects.
    3. In our project selection, we will prioritize projects that cover cutting-edge technologies, research fields, institutional design, or those that focus more on the developer community. We won’t chase short-term trends but emphasize long-term thinking.
  • What do you anticipate the size of the matching pool will be (either fundraised from partners, raised independently through your connections, or a combination of both)?

    25000 DAI.

  • Please describe the eligibility criteria you envision for this proposed round.

    1. The Grant must be in support of or directly advance the Global Chinese Community ecosystem; At least one founder or core team member uses Chinese as their daily language
    2. Projects haven’t received significant external funding via venture capital, token launches, or NFT sales
    3. Projects must be at least 1-month old and have a PoC/MVP. We will use Twitter, web domain registration date, and other public info to determine this. Newer projects should establish themselves and submit to the next round.
    4. Grantees who received funding in a previous round(s) must provide a new update on their progress and impact.
    5. The Grant owner must be directly affiliated with the project, the funds must go to the project and be used for the purposes stated in Grant’s details.7
    6. Grantees can be eliminated from consideration in the round if they are found to be encouraging or enabling Sybil attacks or other forms of malicious manipulation of the grants platform or the Gitcoin community.
  • How large is your community approximately?


  • What type of projects would you like to fund?

    This time we want to focus on projects related cryptography technology, anti-censorship, public goods staking, funding mechanism for public goods, network state, etc.

  • Approximately how many grantees do you believe will be eligible to apply to this round?


  • Impact Assessment: If and how do you intend to assess grantee impact over successive rounds? This could include, but is not limited to Hypercerts, GAP, Deresy, etc.

    We have a set of evolving evaluation criteria that include the following aspects: technological foresight, recognition within the core community, social media influence, financial transparency and sustainability, founder commitment, and other grant awards received.

  • Is there anything else that community members should consider when voting for which rounds to focus on in the upcoming GG20 grants round?



Really exciting to see this proposal! Thank you!


Hi @bobjiang do you mind adding the following to your proposal? (This is something that the council brought up purely to make it easier for them to identity team members & orgs across proposals as they’re not familiar with everyone).

  • Link out to the social handles of all operators
  • link out to the org’s social handle
  • funding address

I’ll be asking this of all applicants and I’ll be amending the template too! Sorry if it’s caused any inconvenience!

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updated in the original post.
Thanks a lot!

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Thank you once again for your proposal! Please note that the council will review and vote the week of March 18 - 22. Voting won’t take place in a public setting (to avoid any collusion).

Results will be posted on the gov forum March 25th. Please be available the whole of next week to answer any questions on this post that the council may have.

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Can you share stats and metrics from the past rounds you’ve run? Would love to understand how you assessed projects + measured impact from round to round. @bobjiang


Hi Mashal, thanks for your question, I guess you may already voted or already get the info, but just for reference here’s the link to the projects. since GCC was running in a transparent way, you can also find the data on our website but they are in Chinese

I operate the two previous rounds, where you can have a check here:
For GG19 Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
For GG18 Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

GCC basically assess projects on the same ground as the Gitcoin main rounds (or with somewhat better screening), but with a focus on project’s impact in Chinese communities.

Hi @bobjiang! I’ve DMed you some direct feedback from the council.

You are of course still welcome to run a round during GG20! There will be a round setup walkthrough posted on the forum this week for anyone still wishing to participate in GG20 :slight_smile: CC: @constantingcc

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Thank you @MathildaDV for your messages, and I have forwarded the feedback to the team.
yes, definitely GCC would join next round, and we are supporting the public goods continuously.

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That’s great to hear! Looking forward to having you participate again!

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Hi @MathildaDV looks like GG20 will happen next week. But I’m still not very clear that for community rounds like GCC which is not qualified for receiving the matching funds this time, what should be our next step to participate in GG20?

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Anyone can still spin up a round during GG20! Our applications go live tomorrow, and the donation dates at April 23 - May 7th. Other communities that are still participating are running their rounds independently and are ensuring that their round coincides with ours.

@HazelHu @bobjiang here’s a runbook that we put together for a full walkthrough on setting up and running a round: Welcome | Round Operations

FYI these are the dates and times for GG20 donations: April 23 @ noon UTC - May 7th @ 23:59 UTC. LMK if you have any other questions!