Get Stuff Done (GSD) S20-21 Budget Request

As we have grown from the singular focus of driving funding for our Program Rounds to now driving BD for multiple product workstreams, so too does the BD function need to evolve to drive pipeline development for the whole of our product offerings (Allo, Grants Stack, Program Rounds, and Passport).

As described in the S19 Budget Amended Budget, we defined discrete goals and objectives to help build a foundation for success. As we move forward and look ahead to the S20/21 budget cycle, we would like to build the case that the function of BD is more important than ever, and, as such, we should break out this function into a new, independent workstream.


Early mentions of PGF in the Gitcoin Forum started in May 2021, with the early ideas for the group’s span of responsibility including the following:

  • Best practices for managing the Gitcoin Grants matching pool and multisig by proposing round sizes, themes, and parameters for stewards to review and vote on
  • Creating policies regarding what is/is not an acceptable grant
  • Deciding on what a fair dispute resolution process for grants might look like
  • Helping to manage the broader GitcoinDAO treasury and push forward positive-sum, multiplayer games through inter-DAO collabs like token swaps

As Gitcoin has evolved with new products, so too has the scope of responsibilities under the umbrella of PGF. As per the S18/19 Budget proposal and the amended S19 Budget, the scope of PGF has grown from its original intent of supporting the Gitcoin Grants (GG) Program into supporting both the “Program” (Gitcoin Grants) and “Partnerships” (our BD function). While Gitcoin’s evolution has been remarkable, the absence of a dedicated BD group has posed challenges:

  • Difficulty establishing strategic partnerships due to a lack of focused efforts.
  • Missed opportunities in expanding product adoption in new markets.
  • Inconsistent sales processes lead to inefficiencies.
  • Siloed approach to managing and growing key relationships.
  • Challenges aligning product offerings with market needs.

Crypto is not static; it’s a dynamic web of interconnected platforms, each bringing unique values and opportunities. In this ever-expanding ecosystem, the true power lies in connecting, communicating, and collaborating seamlessly.

Core Functions

GSD’s primary objective is to fortify Gitcoin’s position by fostering strategic alliances, driving product adoption, and streamlining sales operations. As such, the core functions of this group encompass the following:

  • Drive adoption of Gitcoin products and public good funding
  • Ownership of Gitcoin’s Sales Process

Workstream Composition

The GM (Sov) will be responsible for top-level oversight and management of the group. The group will initially consist of two Co-Leads, an SDR, an Engagement Manager, and a Funds Manager.

A breakdown of the roles and who from the team will fill them is shown below:

Role Contributor(s) Role Description
GM Sov Overarching leadership, strategic direction, and team management.
Co-Leads Sov, Azeem Leadership, Mentorship, and Cross Workstream Collaboration. Owners of GSD: Top Goals.
Relationship Management All GSD Team Members Responsible for owning opportunities to closure once qualified. Maintains and grows key relationships.
Engagement Manager Kieran Responsible for stewarding the adoption of products from pre to post-sales. Ensures smooth transition of service opportunities from Gitcoin to qualified service providers.
Funds Manager Carlos Focused on the growth of funding driven through Grants Stack. Assists in driving matching funding for program rounds. Leads in Community Round opportunities.
SDR Saurabh Involved in the initial stages of opportunity development, including generating and qualifying leads. Can drive qualified opportunities where needed.
EA Lyl Assists Workstream Leads with Scheduling and other tasks as assigned.

In addition to the roles within GSD, there will be a wider group across Gitcoin consisting of MMM for Marketing and Demand Generation, Product Workstreams for in-depth subject matter expertise, and Executive Leadership providing support where needed.


These top goals serve as our compass, ensuring that every step we take aligns with Gitcoin’s overarching vision and amplifies the community’s collective strength.

Top Goal Sub Goal
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Build and ignite demand generation engine.
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Define standard methods to track adoption.
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Support S20/21 GPT Funding Goals
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Support Grants Stack S20/21 Adoption Goals
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Support Passport S20/21 Adoption Goals
Driving adoption of Gitcoin products and public goods funding. Support Allo S20/21 Adoption Goals
Ownership of Gitcoin’s Sales Process Provide a forecast to the organization.
Ownership of Gitcoin’s Sales Process Track and drive opportunities created
Ownership of Gitcoin’s Sales Process Track and drive opportunities closed

A breakdown of the goals for each workstream supported can be found below:

Workstream Goal
S20/21 GPT Funding Goals Assist Program Round Operators in driving at least 50% of matching pool funds from new donations
S20/21 GPT Funding Goals Lead in all Community Round opportunities.
S20/21 GPT Funding Goals Drive Unique Funding Opportunities
Grants Stack S20/21 Adoption Goals 50 grants rounds
Grants Stack S20/21 Adoption Goals 10 rounds run by repeat grants managers
Grants Stack S20/21 Adoption Goals 5 paying customers
Passport S20/21 Adoption Goals Increase Passport count to 1.5M from a baseline of ~700k-750k
Passport S20/21 Adoption Goals Partner > 70 API users from a baseline of 30-35
Passport S20/21 Adoption Goals Engage > 5 on-chain partners from a baseline of 0
Allo S20/21 Adoption Goals Support initiative to launch 5 new pools on top of Allo.
Allo S20/21 Adoption Goals Assist with proposal scoping, partner management, and lightweight PM as needed.


The costs for these resources, along with travel and expenses, necessary tooling, and necessary operating costs, are as follows:

Budget Estimates S20 S21
Contributors $161,751.00 $170,250.00
Travel & Discretionary $23,604.99 $23,604.99
OpEx $6,249.99 $6,249.99
Software & Tooling $2,499.99 $2,499.99
Total $194,105.97 $202,604.97

The workstream will recognize all revenue generated and flow back to the DAO treasury or be rolled over to the next season.


The GSD Workstream requests $396,710.94 for S20/21, excluding reserves.

The target address for transfer will be a new multisig for the GSD workstream.

Note: GSD will take 50% of the current reserves from the PGF Multisig to fund initial reserves after the formal creation of that workstream.

Note: The GTC amount requested and reserves will be added when this proposal moves to Tally, using the lower of the current price or the 20-day moving average.


As Gitcoin continues its growth and diversification trajectory, forming a dedicated BD function is beneficial and essential. This focus will ensure that Gitcoin and its multiple products thrive in the current ecosystem and pave the way for future innovations and collaborations.

We welcome your thoughts and questions on what is proposed.


I’m supportive of this budget and will vote yes. I really appreciate the dedication and agility that I’ve experienced in working with the GSD team on Grants Stack adoption. We’ve made some great progress lately and I can’t wait to build that in S20-21!


Really excited about the next evolution of this all star team. Great work coordinating all of this @Sov. Appreciate your thoughtful and strategic leadership ser.


Love this next step for the team. I’m supportive of the budget and will vote yes!


I’m fully on board here, rock star team. Let’s go GSD!


Of course am entirely supportive and excited for this budget!


Really excited for how this team is forming and excited to support this budget!


I too will be voting “for” this budget. I am confident in Sov’s leadership and feeling at ease seeing the votes of confidence from other Workstream leads.


I will be voting yes on this proposal.


I intend to vote yes – although I do want to voice some concerns with this direction.

Gitcoin has yet to prove out a revenue model, so I worry it may be premature to have a standalone BD team – especially if that team is expected to drive growth across multiple products. There’s normally a risk of BD teams getting out of sync with product teams or other key stakeholders, and then scoring deals that have strings attached / aren’t a good fit. Knowing the people on GSD, I think this risk is minimized. But I’ll state for the record that I think truly figuring out the “what matters” is necessary to take the “fund” part to the next level.


Thanks for this @ccerv1 I wanted to respond here with some additional details that might help:

  • PGF has traditionally been a workgroup that is responsible for both GG and BD/Partnerships so we have always had a single lead responsible for both of these things. The fact we didn’t recognize these two functions separately, IMHO, has caused issues with focus and accountability on both sides at times.

  • We have stated goals for each of the product ws that GSD supports and named individuals responsible (with my name attached to quite a few of them). Attached here is a snapshot of that:

  • I have here a description of the co-lead role along with gm if helpful. I agree that it would be best for a WS Lead to be able to focus on GG or BD but cost controls are important, especially as we ensure this split is feasible for the long term.

  • The shared relationship manager function is because each of us in GSD owns different relationship sets (and product goals, as shown in the attached). I believe that bringing in another headcount to act as a dedicated relationship/account manager seemed like adding more overhead that was unnecessary.

I hope these responses provide some helpful details. Thanks again for your support.


This proposal has met the minimum criteria for the amount of time and number of comments required to take this to a vote.

I have gone ahead and posted it to Snapshot here: Snapshot


Hi everyone, a quick note here:

I went ahead an initially posted the budget incorrectly. In my proposal I made the request for the full amount of funds, where I was supposed to only request funds for S20.

DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS BUDGET: Tally | Gitcoin Proposal

Instead, Azeem has gone ahead and reposted the budget correctly. Please DO vote for the budget posted here: Tally | Gitcoin Proposal

Unless there are any objections, I’d like to change the name of the proposal I posted (with the help of the folks at Tally) to put the word “Cancelled” in front of it.

If anyone has any objections to this within the next 48 hours, please let me know.

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I (cryptobenthic🐠.eth) am a member of the Gitcoin WalletGuard. :shield::shield::shield:

I’ve verified that the code on this proposal matches the intent of the proposal.

If you are interested in joining the Gitcoin WalletGuard click here.

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