[RFC] Tool to stay up to date with the Gitcoin community


TL;DR: I’m building a tool to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the Gitcoin community. I’d also love your feedback. You can access it here: The Gitcoin community | x23.ai

I’ve been working on a tool to tackle a challenge many of us face: keeping up with the rapid pace of updates and discussions in the world of protocols and DAOs.

What is x23.ai?

x23.ai is designed as a hub for all things related to protocols and DAOs. Whether it’s the latest GitHub commits in a protocol’s repository or key discussions happening across various DAO forums, x23.ai brings these updates directly to you. It’s like having a personal assistant who filters through the noise to deliver only the most relevant and impactful information.

Why Your Feedback is Crucial
As x23.ai is in its early stages, your insights and opinions are invaluable. We’re looking for users who are willing to test the platform and provide honest, constructive feedback. Your experiences will directly influence how x23.ai evolves to better serve your needs.

Try it out here: x23.ai Gitcoin portal

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Feel free to reply on this topic or message me directly on twitter/telegram.

P.S. here are some direct links that might be of interest:
Glo Dollar proposal: [Proposal] Exchange $100k USDC in matching pool funds for $100k Glo Dollar | Gitcoin
Grant stack code repository: Gitcoin Code


Thanks for this and for integrating our forum into x23.ai. We are excited to see the progress as you build out your product.

Some areas that I know are currently a focus for our team in respect to governance are more SMEs joining the forums to give quality feedback + become advocates along with increasing engagement and turning grantees into donors.

If there are ways to use the information you are gathering cross-DAO with x23.ai and help to drive these areas of focus that could be even more compelling.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the feedback!

Are there any areas of expertise, or topic areas, that are a focus? Or is it ‘all of Gitcoin’ that needs increased engagement?


Sure, I think a good place to look for some sense of the initiatives we are trying to drive would be in the GSD Budget Proposal for S20/21. This outlines the high-level adoption metrics we want to see for our products and a focus on fundraising for Gitcoin Grants and our program.

Gitcoin engaging more in DAO2DAO Partnerships could help with these objectives IMO.


I see! I could work on something like ‘quick actions’ or ‘actionable items’ to present to users.

I’ll build out a search experience soon where you should easily be able to search across web3 to find potential partnership opportunities. More news to come!


This sounds great thanks again for the work here and your support.