Weekly Update: Decentralize Gitcoin

Hey Gitcoin Community,
I’m pumped to have kicked off the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream last week along side the announcement of the release of the GTC token. Seeing all of the positive feedback from the community gets me excited to push this forward.

The mission of this workstream is to decentralize Gitcoin and empower the community that it serves. The first step toward accomplishing our mission is to increase transparency and open the lines of communication with the community.

I will start by providing regular updates on our progress beginning today!

Community Status & Updates
- Published Workstream Suggestion post
- Published Steward post

Decentralization Architecture Proposal Creation Status
- Aiming to propose multiple solutions for each area which requires decentralization recommending one with background on why
- Goal is to focus on solutions that provide same or better UX/Performance
- Proposal focus is currently overall but will move to prioritizing decentralized storage/retrieval initially

- Researched Gnosis SafeSnap
- Digging into MACI
- Better understand types of attacks on Gitcoin grants to date
- Will dig into The Graph and Indexers (initial high level research done, will test implementation)
- Got caught up on background of Hackathons and details (with Connor)
- Meeting with Aditya to understand current codebase / GitHub

Next Steps
- Will post a bounty to have API documentation built in Swagger


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the traction this gets.

Has that bounty been posted yet? Would love to help where I can.

If you find a good resource on some of the attacks on Gitcoin grants I would love to dive-in and do some research. Finding where the community has been exploited in the past is a great place to start, and I’d love to read about it or get in touch with people who can explain a bit of it.

I know it’s a fresh workstream, but is there anything specific you would like help with, either from the community or an individual?

Thanks for the great work! So excited to see the community in action.

did you get gtc coin from lates round ?

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I didn’t. But I newbie on Gitcoin bro

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@phutchins thanks for your update sir. I glad to hear your informations :slight_smile:

Would love to be follow the gradual decentralization progress as the new grant round unfold.

This is new to me, happy to learn from the community!

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How do I receive my round of tokens?

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