Introducing Stewards Governance

Gitcoin Username: mangorocoro
ETH Address: 0xc3fAb4228Ce462653DbF0BB3e4f3FDd81697FEc4
Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I’m definitely interested in helping support and stay true to foundational ideological values that determine the direction of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem–particularly in the stewardship of how the development and cultivation of public goods can be a shining light amidst much noise. I believe it is important that there are voices that help remind us how to balance the ecosystem and lead by example between the mercenaries and missionaries. Decentralization transparency is a topic I care deeply about and speak often on critically–specifically from my roles at blockchain infrastructure service providers (stakefish [a PoS validator] and F2Pool [a PoW mining pool]). I believe that appropriate governance and decentralization are values that must always be upheld with good stewards.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I work on protocols and governance at stakefish I also manage grants as well. I’ve had a wide breadth of experiences ranging from general development, infrastructure services (stakefish/F2Pool), cryptocurrency mining (BTC and DOGE in 2013), operations, DEX development (0x Protocol funded DEX), community work, DAO setup (HanDAO), NFT support and development (specifically in the Korean ecosystem), remittances (Philippines), and research (cryptography and distributed systems in grad school; wrote my thesis on the evolution of centralized to decentralized consensus mechanisms and the hybrid forms we see today).

Had my Tyler Durden moment in 2013 when I ragequit my law firm in 2013 after my firm defended HSBC in 2012 for drug cartel money laundering and terrorist financing . Was disgusted with the way the traditional financial system was run and serendipitously discovered Bitcoin as the solution to changing the financial system for the better in 2013.


Gitcoin username: martz :framed_picture:

ETH address: 0x224e69025A2f705C8f31EFB6694398f8Fd09ac5C

Statement of intention / values & reason for joining:

Gitcoin’s values are similar to my own, I am currently working on Web3 projects that I hope to learn from and connect together via initiatives like this

I want to gradually create universal Web3 learning/teaching resources

specifically lightweight interactive experiences and animations

My overall intention is to use my skills in design and animation, my network and my curiosity to develop a new practice for myself that is also focused outward on others.

What qualifications do you have: .

I’ve worked in a wide variety of creative fields

I’ve been involved in crypto since 2013

prev work: title sequences and motion for viceland, brand design at headspace - recently: uniswap art direction (freelance) design for prysm (freelance)

Where can your involvement in other governance initiatives be found:

  • Uniswap Grants - (usability grant for design + making community mechanisms)
  • FWB - early member



Gitcoin Username: Zak Cole
ETH Address: zakcole.eth
Discord Handle: zscole#4084

Statement of Intention:
My values are motivated by a vision of a decentralized space which dismantles traditional systems that have acted as gatekeepers to personal data, community economies, and public infrastructures. While these motivations are largely guided by an innate need to challenge the world around us, the intent is to promote the freedom of others and rebuild an open society in a way that reflects the spirit of the Web3 movement.

I believe that the best way we can shape this world is by putting our abilities to use and building systems that enable these values. Gitcoin is such a system, and one of the first of its kind, which makes it easy for like-minded people to join this movement in a productive manner.

I support Gitcoin because I believe it is a necessary public good that will assist in our efforts to radically challenge the systems of today in order to support the development of a decentralized world.

Like the systems we build, there is power in numbers.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:
I have worked in the Ethereum space since its inception. Throughout my tenure, I’ve helped bootstrap numerous DAOs, decentralized protocols, companies, and organizations, including MolochDAO, Code423n4, Whiteblock, and Slingshot, my current company.

I have also acted as a core contributor within the Ethereum community in my capacity as a protocol engineer and developer. I’ve been involved with Gitcoin since the beginning and have both contributed to grants and received them. I have also invested in several DeFi startups.

I look forward to working with all of you.


Toby Shorin
Gitcoin Username : @tobyshorin
ETH address : shorin.eth
Discord: telos#0360

Web3 qualifications

  • I’ve worked in the crypto space since 2017.
  • I’m known as one of the authors of influential ideas (e.g. headless brands, squad wealth) in this space, along with my co-authors at research DAO Other Internet.
  • Recently I’ve worked with Aragon, Gitcoin, Zora, and Interchain Foundation, and in the past I’ve worked with people like Jesse Walden and Yancey Strickler to develop ideas that have become well known in the crypto space.
  • I have a product design background but these days I mostly consult on product and communications strategy for protocols.
  • Recently we received funding from Uni Grants and the Ethereum Foundation to pursue community management and offchain governance research.
  • Gitcoin stewardship is a way to connect many of these ideas and put them to practice.

Why I’d like to become a steward
Other Internet worked with Gitcoin leading up to the recent site refresh, and I came to truly admire the core leadership team and share its values. I know of no other project in the space that is as dedicated to building a better society, and I want to do anything I can to help this process. At the same time, through working in crypto I’ve come to believe that this technology, and the community organization techniques that are developing now, are setting precedents that will be used for municipal / regional governance, voter engagement, and resource allocation. Gitcoin is one of the projects that is closest to what I imagine this might look like. I see this as an opportunity for us all to learn and discuss what the best meta-governance practices are, and how to make funding more democratic.

  • Gitcoin Username: octopus
  • ETH Address: 0x77d40c87D423eFb7ec576e80998A48377Adf86dF
  • Discord Handle: :octopus:octopus
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Join: I highly value fair, decentralized system and am extremely interested in the opportunity to put them into practice. I find the mathematical and algorithm design problems very interesting, and I love the opportunity to explore these in the evolving cryptocurrency space. I have a strong belief in the promise of Quadratic Funding and want to help protect its practical implementation against those who would exploit it for their own personal gain. I have been around computers and digital communities since 1992, so I have enough experience to have seen some of the “digital utopia” idealism traps that can sometimes work against practical benefits.
  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I was part of the Sprin 2021 Gitcoin Grants research group in conjunction with Token Engineering Academy. I was awarded one of the “Outstanding Contributor” NFTs for technical skills, leadership, and effective communication. I have advanced degrees in mathematics and strong technical skills in things like optimization and data analysis. Additionally, I have won several mathematics teaching awards – I believe i have a gift for helping to make difficult technical ideas more accessible. I understand the technical side of the QF algorithm very well and have worked out the precise structure of the most “effective” sybil attack possible. I am happy to discuss these ideas with community members, regardless of their background. I actually do not have a lot of experience with the GitCoin ecosystem beyond investigating its mathematics and code. I see this as an advantage, as I can be more of an impartial observer who studies the system without personal preconceptions.

Philip Hutchins
Gitcoin Username: phutchins
ETH Address: phutchins.eth
Discord Handle: phutchins#6629

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reasons for Joining:
It has been a focus of mine since discovering cryptocurrency back in 2014 to be involved in the crypto/decentralization and open source communities promoting these technologies in a way that makes the world a better place. When I found Gitcoin and the surrounding community, I felt like it was a perfect match for me and a fantastic place for me to concentrate my efforts.

Being in a position where I can bring people together in a way that compensates the awesome people who build for others to use enables me to contribute my skills and give back to this fantastic community.

My Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Having built products and teams that build products in and around crypto for the last 7 years, I have experienced the difficulties and barriers that come along with decentralizing applications and products
  • I have worked closely with passionate communities very similar to the Gitcoin community, the Storj Labs community specifically, and have demonstrated deep empathy and understanding taking into account reality and balancing that with the needs and wants of that community to push a product forward in the right direction
  • I have a background in DevOps and Software development and understand the deep technical details that come with the crypto and decentralization space
  • I have designed and implemented a blockchain based solution to connect competitors in the supply chain space enabling them to benefit from each other in a trustless way which would not have been possible without blockchain
  • I have built and scaled an application to execute payments at scale on the Ethereum blockchain

Gitcoin username: ntnsndr
ETH address: ntnsndr.eth

Statement of intention: I have long looked to Gitcoin as a model example of a project attempting to solve the most pressing market failures in the crypto economy. I hope to help ensure that Gitcoin remains a space for creating commons and public goods that short-term markets alone are not succeeding in furnishing. As the creator of the “exit to community” idea, I am eager to ensure that Gitcoin’s progressive decentralization becomes a model of effective community control. In this sense, I am interested in learning from participating in this process, and sharing insights from the best practices emerging from Gitcoin to communities beyond.

Web3 qualifications: I have been involved in crypto since reporting on the early development of Ethereum, starting at the start of 2014, when it was just a whitepaper. I have written journalistic and academic publications on crypto and have been a main-stage speaker at ETHDenver and the Web3 Summit. I have also written a book on the cooperative business tradition, which is relevant to many of the ambitions of Web3 and economic democracy. So far I have not been directly involved in Gitcoin, because I am not a developer or entrepreneur in the space, but I have been following its development for several years, mainly through my friendship with @owocki.


Gitcoin username : CPix18

ETH Address : collinpixley.eth

Statement of Intent : I’m interested in becoming a Gitcoin Steward because I’ve seen first hand how big of a role Gitcoin has played in the development of Ethereum over the past couple years. Quests were a great way to learn about projects, networking through Gitcoin helped me meet people I would’ve otherwise never met, and quadratic funding really changed how I viewed funding public goods. After participating in several rounds as a donor its been amazing to watch the projects/people grow to where they are today. Gitcoin has helped me in a lot of ways so I want to do what I can to give back to such a great team/community.

Qualifications : I got involved in crypto in fall of 2016, mainly just buying some btc and eth reading the white papers. I was in college at the time studying sport management but once I fell down the Ethereum rabbit hole there was no going back. I spent most of my time in 2016 and 2017 just learning the basics and wasn’t until 2018-2019 I really started to interact with smart contracts. I have a basic understanding of solidity and python but my real value add is more on the end user side of things. I like to teach people how to use Ethereum to do something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I’ve deployed a few smart contracts on mainnet, interacted with a lot of commonly used dapps/protocols, participated in The Graph Curator Program, and now spend most of my time helping people use Ethereum (wallets, basic apps, DeFi, NFTs, L2s, etherscan).


Gitcoin username: monet-supply

ETH Address: monetsupply.eth

Statement of intent: Gitcoin is a powerful force for public goods funding in the Ethereum ecosystem. But maybe more importantly, it’s a real stakes experiment for building sybil resistant identity. If we view identity as the core goal, the stakes are much higher than securing a few million $ in QF - we’re determining standards of citizenship. I think the Gitcoin community is well positioned to meet this challenge with rigor and integrity, and I would like to contribute however I can.

Qualifications: I worked in consumer lending until early 2020, where I gained considerable first hand experience of identity fraud schemes and mitigation strategies. I’ve been working full time in the Ethereum governance ecosystem for around the past year; presently I’m working with the MakerDAO risk team as well as


Gitcoin Username

  • decibels42

ETH Address

  • 0xf4c7E772f24c10E3Ce60CE549059a021F60c911E

Discord Handle

  • decibels42 #9916

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

  • I want to help Gitcoin achieve its goals in trying to revolutionizing aspects of fund raising in a more fair and equitable way (for systems built on Ethereum and the broader world).
  • It’s undeniable how helpful Gitcoin has been to projects in the Ethereum space thus far. Moving forward, and as the ecosystem grows, I want to help solve some of the hard design problems around creating efficient public good funding systems.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Years of studying the ecosystem, from the consensus level of Ethereum, to the governance/organization/tokenomics structures and designs of the dapps built on top.
  • Longstanding participant in Ethereum-related Reddit ecosystems, attempting to help educate and synthesize difficult information from across the ecosystem for newcomers. My profile and contributions can be found here.
  • Active governance participant in various DeFi protocols (Aave, Yearn, MakerDAO, Uniswap, PoolTogether).

Gitcoin username : @souptacular | Gitcoin

ETH Address : 0x80D63799b1e08a80f73FB7a83264b5c31600bF3a

Statement of Intent : I’m interested in participating as a Gitcoin Steward because I think I am a pretty good decision maker and want to help Gitcoin succeed!

Qualifications : I have worked in the Ethereum space for 5 years. Previously I worked for the Ethereum Foundation on their Devops, Security, and Community teams. I co-founded the Ethereum Cat Herders whose goal is to bring order to the chaos of decentralized project management (specifically with core development work). I was a member of MolochDAO and am currently a GitCoin community multi-sig signer.


Hey all,
Gitcoin Username: Typto (@Typto)
ETH Address: 0x9ac9c636404C8d46D9eb966d7179983Ba5a3941A
Discord Handle: Typto#7037
Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: I’m a DAO promoter, and I launched a DAO named DAOSquare in China. We are promoting the concept of DAO and Ethereum ecosystem in East, and we are building an incubator based on DAO, which we called Incubator for Web3. Our goal is to help those innovators in the web3 era to succeed including those public goods. on the other hand, we also excited about the concept of decentralized Gitcoin, happy to contribute our efforts.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Community builder, I launched DAOSquare (a incubator for Web3), and MetaCartel Ventures China (a ventureDAO forked MetaCartel Ventures).
  • Translator, translated 50+ articles about DAO and Ethereum ecosystem to Chinese.
  • Promotor, promoting DAO in China.

gitcoin username : @jschiarizzi

ETH address : 0xe4b420F15d6d878dCD0Df7120Ac0fc1509ee9Cab

statement of intent :

OS builders who work thanklessly to support the greater tech ecosystem deserve to be recognized and paid fairly for their societal contributions. I will work to fund open source, and use its power for good.

web3 qualifications/skills :
4 years building in Ethereum and beyond, 10s of thousands of dollars earned and paid through gitcoin. Web3 native, Meta Cartel member, Raid Guild mage, EthDenver winner, Nifty Chess summoner, GitHub OpenSource.Guide contributor, Ruby for Good supporter.


Gitcoin username : @willyogo

ETH address : willywonka.eth

Statement of intent :
I align with Gitcoin’s vision, values, and mission, and intend to uphold these values in governance decisions.

web3 qualifications/skills :
I’ve worked full-time in web3 since 2017, and have contributed to the development, launch, and evolution of multiple projects, including Bitfract, ShapeShift (web and mobile apps), and Giveth. I’ve also used Gitcoin as a donor, grant creator, and bounty creator, and have donated to every Gitcoin grant round since round 4!


Gitcoin username (Suji Yan):

(please use Suji Yan as preferred name)

Discord Handle : sujiyan#2968

ETH Address :


Statement of Intent :
I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Steward Governance because both myself and the project I’m work on ( have witnessed the early days on Gitcoin and the beauty of it. Personally I’m strong believer of Open Web and FOSS, and been developing in this field for years. I feel the current Open Web ecosystem and FOSS community are lack of projects like Gitcoin and would love to contribute all I can to help pushing the limit of open web.

Qualifications :
I’ve been involved in FOSS/ Open Web movement since high school as engineer and independent journalist. So far I have been working actively in Ethereum/Open Web ecosystem (mainly through ). I’m also active contributor of RadicalxChange (especially about the QV/QF) and was mentor of RxC fellowship. I’ve also co-drafted Anti-996 license and been helping FOSS for many years. Sujitech (related with ) also maintained largest instances of Mastodon and Fediverse, sponsored many open source events, and is member of ECMA/TC39.


Gitcoin username: Raullen Chai ( )

ETH Address: raullen.eth

Statement of Intent : I’m interested in participating as a Gitcoin Steward because I want to support digital public goods and contribute my expertise and influence to help Gitcoin move towards complete decentralization.

Qualifications : I’m the cofounder of IoTeX Network and ranked top 30 on gitcoin’s leaderboard. I started as a cryptographer (500+ citations, member of IEEE/IACR, editor for crypto conferences&journals), and an early community member of Bitcoin@Canada. In 2012-2016, I led teams at Google and Uber to build cryptography and security/privacy tools, some of which are contributed to the open-source community. In 2017, I cofounded IoTeX to really focus on the real-world information marketplace (RIM) on top of the high-performance and decentralized public blockchain which we built from scratch, running in production with 100+ global delegates and already processed 13M txs. I am full of experience and passion for engaging with dev and gitcoin communities. Also, I am an angel investor and mentor for some well-known crypto protocols/dapps and active in crpyto circles.

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Gitcoin Username: itsencrypted
ETH Address: 0x4f0a1940De411285ad0455a7F40C81B5E0BC8492 / itsencrypted.eth
Discord Handle (optional): itsencrypted#6766

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I’m interested in joining the Stewardship program because I’m a big fan of the Gitcoin community and work that the team has developed in the past few years. I’m a web3 dev and thanks to the Gitcoin Quests I got a lot of knowledge in Ethereum.

I see a need for improving the Funding Rounds process by detecting fraud and collusion. I’m not a pro in quadratic funding, but I know that collusion is a serious problem that needs to be solved. I’m here because I would like to get involved in a more equitable and fair distribution of public resources.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
Since I came back to Brazil in the end of 2018, I delivered many free events to the developer community locally. I started a Meetup Group called EthDevs Sao Paulo: and a community chat channel on Telegram called BlockchainJuju where I post all interesting reading/material and events. I believe in the power of community building and I can see that developers empower each other with web3 knowledge.
I participated in Hackathons(EthBerlin, EthWaterloo, Eth Denver) and online (DragonQuest/ ConsensysHealth - STOP COVID19) and got hooked into web3 development. In the DAO community, I got Meta Gamma Delta deployed (was the initial summoner and learned tons with governance and shareholder value discussions internally).

And thanks to that I was invited to be a part of Meta Cartel, Raid Guild, MetaFam and I’m very active in the DAO Haus ecosystem.
When I’m not doing community work, I’m actively programming. I’m a dart developer, big fan of flutter.
More about my web3 work: itsencrypted dot com



Username cnukaus a.k.a 懂数据

ETH Address 0x8477981dbd957ae4c6a249544E43915218948404

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reasons for Joining

The most fascinating part about Gitcoin/Blockchain communities in general, is that there are so many geniuses and even more fun and inspiring people here, we share, and learn. I told my son - “you went to meet up (get free pizza, learn with warm support from talents). When you grow, you will provide pizza and help other people to learn”

That’s how a grassroot Joe like myself start to connect, learn, then share to bring in more people.

I am not very active on Gitcoin (because already so many geniuses there), but I was able to help quite a few average Joe and Jills to gradually setup their crypto strategy (mining, regular depo, coding and earn eth, learning) and getting exposure since ~2013 (not an easy task)!
I am a bloke but I onboard more Jills (except my wife) :tipping_hand_woman:

Buidl and hodl (also I spendl), envision it will change the world since like 12 years ago and 6 years ago. So I spend most of my time connecting the degen world to the routine physical world, where our neighbours and friends and co-workers are.

My exposure as a grassroot crypto user and IT professional will allow me to have input to stewards governance, and we can get better exposure to Chinese crypto communities.

My Web3 Qualifications / Skills

Data analyst, buidler, spendler

Some of my buildl:
15 hours video tutorial/examples on data analytics (a bit is for blockchain data), [recent Solana tools]/solana_batch /fulltextsearchanalytics

I wrote Bitcoin for dummies (in Chinese) since 2013: btctalk index.php?topic=182135.0

I buy stuff (not pizza) using BTC/ETH since then ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hot_face:)

Now I also work with some of the best KOL such as Dayou 王大有 in Chinese crypto community. Below is his profile in English that I created with his consent (I am his diplomat and Twitter/Discord operator):

a KOL that always be open and transparent, influence reaches 50,000+ actual crypto users including ~1000 paid subscribers

How both of us differ from other opinion leaders, is that always consider how the influence would impact people who may take my action/thoughts as investment advice (for example, DaYou created the ‘Hodlers of XVS club’ while the token was ~$2 as can see the strategic position it is on Binance Smart Chain (sidechain of ETH), 900 holders joined because of Dayou’s detailed analysis, and most of them hold it until it reached $100.) But Dayou and I always make sure people don’t follow KOL advice blindly (always ask people to learn through the way to analyse the pros/cons of the project and how the project team will realise their vision, not just follow cz/vb to ape in. Dayou is also one of earliest and the most influential evangelist of BadgerDAO.

Let’s connect and share!

DeeL auto translated to Chinese:

意向声明 / 我的价值观和加入的原因


我在Gitcoin上不是很活跃(因为那里已经有很多天才了),但我能够帮助一些普通的Joe和Jills逐步建立他们的加密货币战略(挖矿、定期存款、编码和赚取eth、学习),并从~2013年开始获得曝光(不是一件容易的事 令人惊讶的是,我是男性,但我能够股东更多的小姐姐







我从2013年开始写《比特币傻瓜》(中文):btctalk index.php?topic=182135.0





:heart: 0x6BCa50D16b45D6092362caDD70a65955E65c2f8e

  • Gitcoin Username - adamsc1-ddg

  • ETH Address - 0xf07A2439296e07Bc4320AF924E655a01fb69D89C

  • Discord Handle (optional) - N/A

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I care deeply about the funding of public goods, and have long believed that there are many components of need within any society that create a net benefit for all participants but are not ones that can be safely tied to a for-profit pursuit.

But, I also understand the complexity in managing the oversight of any system that attempts to represent and hold up the voices of a diverse community.

I’ve long been passionate about Gitcoin and the challenges around funding public goods in the space and have been an active participant around conversations in how we deal with challenges such as manipulation of quadratic function.

During this discussions I grew concerned that often these solutions are over-engineered and we reduce the actions of people down to numbers in a machine and forget to take into account the different behavioral patterns that others may have in different socio-economic and cultural lots of life.

My hope in partaking in Gitcoin governance is to be an active voice in representing under represented individuals and preventing our public goods infrastructure from becoming a cultural monolith, or popularity contest.

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