[SUMMARY] S13 Budget Proposal Recap - Kris’s Voter Guide


Below you can find a direct link to my comments on the current GitcoinDAO Workstream proposals that are up for funding for Season 13.
This can help other Stewards on voting.
If you’d like a more in-depth view on the various proposals and linked objectives before voting I’d highly recommend looking into Kyle’s voter guide.

Moonshot Collective: Abstain
FDD: Proposal to reduce funding
MMM: Voting yes
dCompass: Abstain
DAOops: Proposal passed previously, abstained, part of the team
PGF: Proposal passed previously, voted yes
DGitcoin: on hold


Thanks so much for posting! I love seeing more voters guides crop up. I am hoping more stewards and workstream leads can post their thoughts to build a culture of accountability and collaboration.

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To any voter who look at this guide, please look at this thorough rebuttal of the points Kris has made in justifying his recommendation to reduce funding to FDD.

I am also directly asking him to sustain for the reason outlined in the response.