[Proposal] DAO Operations Workstream Budget - Q1 2022

[Proposal] GitcoinDAO Operations Workstream

TL;DR using table 2 from the DAO governance process:

Workstream Stage Required Information
Vision See preface for details
Initial Target In Q1, we will continue to deliver Operational leadership (details below)
Budget Proposal for funding is below. tl;dr 39,500 GTC to fund 6 distinct initiatives (Accounting, Regulatory Considerations, People Operations, Community Experience, Community Governance, Support) Where Gitcoin Holdings funds DAO contributors, they will not be eligible for DAO funding as well - ie, no double dipping
Milestones See Budget section for outcomes we are committing to
Timeline Q1 2022
Steward Responsible TBD
Official Team Kris Is, Simona Pop, Loie, Chris Dean, Bob Jiang, Kyle, Yuki


It is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to propose the GitcoinDAO Operations workstream and move it from an informal workstream to a proposal stage workstream.The DAO Operations (DAOops) workstream, is a workstream in service of the DAO and our adjacent workstreams.

It is important that we define this workstream with a clear purpose (of serving the collective workstream’s operational needs) at the onset and ensure we limit this workstream’s power as we believe in a Decentralized and Autonomous approach to the GitcoinDAO. This however does not mean each workstream should recreate the wheel for most basic operational functions. We would advocate that this new workstream should take over the responsibilities previously started by the FDD workstream, and manage best practices for accounting, regulatory considerations, support, onboarding, recruiting, DAO experience, and operational interactions like Notion, Discord, etc. – ie. our purpose.


With great power comes great responsibility. We would like to continue to shepherd operational excellence in GitcoinDAO with a handful of others. We are proposing a co-leadership of this workstream with Kyle, COO of Gitcoin Holdings and Kris, who has been leading much of the community experience and DAO operations to date. We would like to build this workstream in a way that leads by example, and is in service of the DAO and workstreams first. This means, though we will operate as an independent workstream like all others, we take direction from the workstreams, and offer best practices, support and guidance in a non-binding way. (eg. workstreams can still handle their accounting function as they please so long as there is transparent book keeping for how GTC is spent - they would not need to use the budgeting templates created by this workstream, but hopefully it offers a guide to reduce operational burden. Note: the need for transparent book keeping is an example requirement we could see a larger body ratifying for all workstreams.)

We also have a Cross Stream DAO Ops (CSDO) group that continues to decide and ratify cross-workstream decisions, this workstream (DAOops) would merely carry out the outcomes of that body’s decisions where relevant.

Gitcoin Holdings currently funds (but does not govern) some of the DAO Ops workstream initiatives and we would love to combine efforts and continue to transition the already trained employees to the DAO when and where it makes sense. This progressive decentralization has been announced since the launch of GTC, and it is our intention to continue to decentralize as much of the organization as we can.

As a result of the FDD budget proposal already passing, we have been funded through Q4. We are now proposing a budget for Q1 to this workstream’s multisignature wallet. The current Multisig signers are (workstream leads and a signer from Gitcoin Holdings - Kyle):

  • Kris Is (DAO Ops)
  • Owocki (Moonshot Collective)
  • Disruption Joe (Fraud Defense and Detection)
  • Philip (dGitcoin)
  • Fred (MMM)
  • Kyle (Holdings)
  • Scott (Public Goods Funding)

Q1 Plan

Work is already underway to bring expertise from Gitcoin Holdings to the DAO, and to continue to combine efforts where possible. We are excited to formalize this effort within this workstream and to keep the community updated on our progress.

Here is where we would like to dig in:

  1. Continue combining DAO / Gitcoin Holdings meetings and calendars to ensure we have one contiguous experience.
  2. Continue to advance regulatory considerations at both the DAO level and the workstream level
  3. Establish to bolster recruitment, onboarding, member growth, and retainment
  4. Continue to champion accounting best practices and templates to assist workstreams with budgeting, accounting and bookkeeping.
  5. Support CSDO with implementation of ratified items (like Discord changes, Notion changes, etc.)
  6. Continue to improve the Stewards experience and engagement levels
  7. Grow and combine our User Support efforts to ensure protocol users are well supported
  8. Finalize open community experience tasks like Notion, Discord, Sobol, etc.
  9. Open source much of this workstream’s work so that we may act as a guide for other DAOs

Budget Request

The following table breaks out the potential budget spend if we scale to the operational size as proposed in the FDD budget:

Initiative Outcomes (By EoQ1) Budget
User Support (Bob) 1) User questions are responded to within 24 hours. 2) NPS of experience with support is >7. 3) Knowledge base is up to date and is used by the community (measurement TBD) $80K (8k GTC)
Accounting (Chris) 1) Budgeting templates are well received and adopted by the majority of workstreams. 2) Payments within this workstream happen within 21 days of service being performed (net 21). 3) Monthly financial reporting is available and shared with outside contributors (ie, Llamas) $55K (6k GTC)
Regulatory Considerations (TBD) 1) DAO entity guidance is delivered in Q1. 2) Workstream guidance is delivered in Q1. 3) Ongoing questions are answered within 3 business days $50K (5k GTC)
Community Experience (Kris) 1) Users are not confused when interacting within the GitcoinDAO ecosystem (Notion, Discord, forum and other entry points), can navigate workstreams and can easily find initiatives and squads to contribute to. 2) Onboarding is a streamlined process with clearly defined entry points both on the overall level & workstream level. 3) Workstream leads are complimentary of CSDO interactions and governance. 4) Processes are streamlined to ensure regular sync calls are effective and productive (CSDO, community experience call, team demo & hangouts, …) $80K (8k GTC)
Community Governance (Simona) 1) Ensure 75% of the top 15 stewards are engaged and able to hold workstreams accountable to outcomes. 2) Ensure stewards feel informed of key information to guide their voting and interaction. 3) Ensure a quarterly / season update cadence of the report cards $65K (6.5k GTC)
People Ops (Loie) 1) Ensure 75% of DAO contributors who contribute more than 30 hours a week have had a 360 review. 2) Roll out a conflict resolution program that helps at least three workstreams. 3) Provide guidance on job description and roles thereby improving how 5+ people work (measurement TBD) $60K (6k GTC)

This brings our total budget request to 39.5K GTC for Q1 of 2022. It is expected this budget will grow as we meet our goals (defined outcomes) and continue to build teams in the DAO as opposed to Gitcoin Holdings.


As the governance rails begin to form for the DAO, it has become evident that operational support is a necessity. This workstream seeks to bring core operational functions to Gitcoin, while meeting the other workstream’s needs with templates, best practices and structure that will enable the growth and scale of Gitcoin for years to come.


Fully support this proposal. As mentioned, there was a lot of intention and collaboration to get this from functions FDD supported due to necessity to where it is today.

This workstream will serve as an example of beginning the process with a clear governance outline, intentions, and expected outcomes.

Additionally, the expertise coming from Gitcoin Holdings should be made legitimate via this proposal which clearly is a step towards further decentralizing Gitcoin.


I would support this proposal as Steward.

I am so lucky to work with Joe, Kris and Kyle.
User Support team will focus on build a great support team and improve the service quality for GR13.

Thank Joe (FDD lead) to initiate user support and help building the first team, and also dReward experiments. (which is fun and workable)


I would add that i think a slush fund for this stream would be appropriate. It could be used for paying SaaS services, one off odd jobs and such that this stream would uniquely encounter.

My suggestion is to add 5 - 10k GTC to the total budget for ops slush fund. (It can also serve to make sure the stream stays operational in a market downturn.)


Fully supporting this proposal too!
I think the proposed table is really clear and easy to understand, reading the 6 main category, we should keep this model for subsequent proposal.


Thanks for the feedback folks. I will see if I can get some other stewards to weigh as well.


Very well done. Clearly, I’ll support it.

I’d like to push back just a tiny bit on the quoted sentence above from the Accounting section. I think it should be a priority to decentralize the accounting portion of the operations first. This shouldn’t say, “…financial reporting is available and shared with outside contributors”. It should say, “We recognize, given all expenditures of the DAO are through smart contract transactions, that full financial reporting is already completely transparent. We pledge to enhance the ability of outside parties to acquire and analyze this accounting and operational data without this group’s participation.”

In the section called, “Community Governance,” it says that “…stewards should be able to hold the workstreams accountable.” I think this is only truly possible through completely independent and accountable auditing.

I think that if this DAO is truly going to ‘lead the way’ and teach the rest of the world how to “DAO”, then this would be a very good first step – if not in actual practice – at least in the words we use to describe the tasks involved.


Full support for this with the additional 5-10k as per Joe’s slush-fund suggestion.


I fully support this proposal with the slush fund addition.


Thank you for the detailed breakdown and following the workstream accountability framework! Much clearer and easier to extract relevant info :+1:


I would support this proposal as Steward!


When I first saw this proposal I thought that we start to have way too many workstreams …

But after reading it I have to say that I find it pretty concise and something that this DAO is missing. So I would definitely support it.


@loie or anyone else working with this

I would love to hear more about how this is being conducted! Would love to combine the efforts and learnings in executing this process.

Trying to vote yes on this… but blocked by an error

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Thanks for flagging Griff! I am hoping folks can vote now as it looks like a few other votes are coming in again.

Yes, Loie is leading the peer review process. You can learn more here