[PASSED] Extending the Term of GG Community Council

Proposal for Extending the Term of GG Community Council


This post is to propose the extension of the term of 7 previously elected Community Council members. When initially elected, the Community Council members were elected to select the Community Rounds only for GG20. Should this proposal pass, we would extend that term beyond GG20 until December 31, 2024.


Reasoning: to allow them the opportunity to further deepen their involvement with Gitcoin Grants and to shepherd us towards more decentralization and community-led direction. They hold a significant amount of context coming out of GG20, and it would be highly beneficial to keep them on so that they can help shape the future of GG community rounds.

Each council member has shown deep dedication and commitment to this initiative, as well as providing thoughtful and excellent ideas on how we can improve the process. I would like to see us offer them the opportunity to continue working with us more long term.

Compensation for council members will reflect their new time commitments. It’s estimated that payments per round will likely increase to $1,500 - $2,000 p/council member, depending on the hours spent. The exact number of rounds that will take place in this calendar year will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

ICYMI, read the full Community Round Gov retrospective.


It would delay us inviting new council members until early next year, which could delay us in providing even more diversity within the council.


I would like to have us vote to extend the term of the 7 Community Council members.
1 - Yes to extending the term of the 7 Community Council members
2 - No to extending the term of the 7 Community Council members
3 - Abstain from extending the term of the 7 Community Council members


I am in support of this proposal, and would love to hear thoughts from current Community Council members @feems @ZER8 @thedevanshmehta @azeem @mashal @wasabi @lanzdingz


Thank you @MathildaDV for all your hard work in supporting the Community Council and putting fourth this proposal.

As a current Community Council Member, a few of the reasons I support extending the term are as follows:

  • as mentioned we have context coming out of gg20, this will help us hit the ground running on implementation and experimentation of making these rounds even better for everyone. Resources won’t be used to onboard us or explain the last iteration/results.
  • I second the idea of finding ways to help support the community rounds that don’t receive funding. Gitcoin’s Social Capital is worth a lot and would love to support in assisting some communities to access it if they can’t access the matching funds.
  • I have confidence in my fellow Community Council. We have a diverse background in terms of experience, ways of thinking, communities we come from, geographical area and more. This makes for a well-rounded council.
  • Conversations were always respectful and insightful for the speed at which we had to move through the last cycle. I look forward to having more space to explore the experience inside the council to improve the process for the entire Gitcoin ecosystem and the communities applying for matching funds.
  • we already have a rapport and flow with @MathildaDV and work well together (my opinion)

Thank you for considering the extension of the Community Council’s term. I’m available to address any questions or concerns that may arise.


Yes, i second this. I think that one period it’s not enough for this incredible group to make the difference that they are looking for. At least 3 GG needs to be something that we need to understan really what i’s happening.
Kudos to all the team and the excellent work made.


I’ve been fortunate to work with @MathildaDV and the community council for GG20 and support extending the term. The council has been responsible and shown great judgement and I’d love to give them the space/time to extend their impact on Gitcoin Grants.


gm, @CoachJonathan & @meglister thanks for the vote of confidence in the Community Council.

Echoing what @MathildaDV & @lanzdingz already stated, I would like to add that it was a wonderful experience and I agree there’s so much more the Community Council can do when it comes to the needs and wants of the Community.

The council diversity is a strategic advantage to have because IMO we’re well-equipped to the ever evolving Web3 landscape and react to its latest trends to help communities come every season to Gitcoin and host a Round in Grants Stack to fund what matters to them.

The retro on our work for GG20 already is showing a clear path for improvements that we’re excited to jam about and improve every aspect of the process to be more inclusive and provide value beyond the Matching Funds.

Thank you all :robot:


I’m so deeply grateful that we’ve been able to benefit so much from having this group of people actively engaged in GG and representing the community. I agree with the sentiment that the council has shown an aptitude in its ability to embody the spirit and mission of Gitcoin Grants.

Would absolutely vote for extending their term.

I think it’s important to note (just for precedent setting sake) that this is an extenuating circumstance in which we feel it’s best to continue with this council as we continue to learn from this experience and gather necessary learnings with the partnership of this (now) high-context group of people. I would imagine that by the end of the year, we will have more codified processes to follow as we learn more :slight_smile:


In support of this proposal, Yes to extending the term of the 7 Community Council members


This proposal has gathered sufficient support. @MathildaDV would you like to procced to snapshot?


Yes please! That would be great.

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I support extending our term as council members, we have only just gotten into the flow of working with one another and it would be a shame to start anew.

I also believe we have unprecedented diversity, nearly half the council members are women and we have representation from 3 or 4 different continents.

It’s still an open question over how frequently council elections should be held. If I had to stake a position on this, I’d say either once per year or after 3 rounds. So we are the 2024 gitcoin council!


This proposal is now live on Snapshot


This snapshot has closed and option to “Yes to extending the term” has won.

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Thank you to the author for the proposal and to all the GTC token delegates who cast their vote.