Introducing Stewards Governance

Gitcoin username: @rachel-mesh
ETH Adress: 0x5626EF4869E2CFAFD38Ad3D1de6f71a811b1c5d5
Discord: rachelk#5081
Twitter: @rachelrecruits

Statement of Intention/Values & Reasons for Joining
Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m one of the folks from ConsenSys Mesh; I’m very grateful for the opportunity to help steward Gitcoin, and committed to doing my part to make educated, thoughtful decisions.

I made the switch officially from web2 companies to web3 at the beginning of this year (after some personal investing in 2020-2021). I’m here in the web3 space because I’ve been working for a long time to help open doors for anybody traditionally excluded from tech communities: women and BIPOC people, people of color, people in locations outside north america/europe, people who are economically disadvantaged, etc.

With DAOs, I see opportunity for the first time to level the playing field for everybody to affect change, as opposed to just the well connected and wealthy, and to provide a safe space to collaborate and build, and be part of a global, transparent community.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills
I’m the Talent Advisor at Mesh, so in addition to responsibility for our strategy around hiring and finding key hires, I work on building pipelines of future hires, figuring out how to work cooperatively/help hiring across our investment portfolio, and provide some best practices and tools for sourcing and interviewing. I’ve been working in tech since the web 1 days, and helped grow a couple of series 2 start-ups/high growth companies in the web2 space over the past several years. I started my career as a content and copywriter, but got bored and became a people connector. I’m also an indietronica musician. :slight_smile:


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Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I left a career in ecommerce because I felt unfulfilled and unchallenged. I was lured into Web3 for a reason I know many are familiar with, the possibility to use blockchain technology to create better systems for human coordination and through this, better conditions for humans in general. GitcoinDAO is best-in-class; it is a group of thoughtful contributors, passionate about a better world via Web3. None of us know how were going to get there, but we are going to listen, debate, and figure it out together. The emphasis on participation, shared values and transparency among the Gitcoin community makes GitcoinDAO an optimal forum to build in Web3.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I am the Head of Marketing and Brand at ConsenSys Mesh, where I have worked since the Spring of 2021. At Mesh I support our portfolio of 190+ positions, our accelerator program Tachyon, as well as develop Mesh’s own marketing strategy. Prior to Mesh, I was a marketing consultant at various consumer brands for several years having previously led brand marketing strategy at direct-to-consumer online brands. I love to build brands that emotionally connect with their audience and have always been a bit of a swiss army knife in my marketing skill set. In addition to my work at Mesh, I volunteer with the Parole Preparation Project, an organization that supports imprisoned people as they prepare for their parole hearings, and I love nerding out on my ultralight backpacking gear list.


Gitcoin username: @SLBK123

Eth address: 0x5f1E118D5DaC79786b0932eFF805ABBA478349E8

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I am from ConsenSys Mesh and have been working there since April of this year. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to participate in a community that is rocking it in Web3 space. I’ve spent my entire career on the sidelines supporting traditional corporate boards and watching people make really tough decisions and putting in a lot of hard work and time in the governance process. The fact I now can be an active participant in a community and now be able to contribute here feels familiar but yet so different. It brings me nothing but joy and excitement for the journey to come.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I have managed teams/departments and also been responsible for budgets, tracking KPIs and have sat in on countless strategic planning meetings as Administrative Manager, Chief of Staff, and Executive Assistant. I see and know how sausage is made, I’ve been up late nights with CEO’s, CFO’s and COOs reviewing, proofing and creating board materials. I believe I bring another fresh perspective to the table. I am also in the early stages of starting a community of my own for administrators like me who work in Web3 space. I love that Gitcoin is empowering communities and I am thrilled to be here.


Gitcoin Username: @abigailcarlson
ETH Address: @abigailcarlson.eth
Discord Handle: habibi #6410
Twitter: @abi__carlson

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to be taking on an active role in Gitcoin governance. I have a background in international development and social impact work and fell into the web3 rabbit hole in the spring of 2021. From cross-border remittances to transparent supply chains to fractional tokenized real estate investments to new ways of organizing communities and creating art, I quickly realized the disruptive impact web3 was going to have on most industries as we know them today. I decided I wanted to be knee deep in the action, so to speak.

My background has made me naturally interested in web3 public goods and I have been following Gitcoin for a while now. I’m looking forward to getting involved and building together.
I’m especially excited about Gitcoin Passport!

Qualifications /skills

I’ve worked for a non-profit focused on global anti-slavery work, for several social enterprises / B corps, on a political campaign in Arkansas in a coms capacity, and have volunteered with a refugee assistance organization in DC and more recently an anti-poverty advocacy org called RESULTS.
I started my web3 journey at Celo and am part of the SheFi community. I’m in lots (too many!) of DAO Discord servers but this is my first time taking on a more active involvement within a DAO’s governance. Outside of the impact side of web3, I try to keep up with some things happening in the generative art space. Nicolas Sassoon is my favorite in that space, but I might be a little biased because he’s French and I grew up in France. Oui oui.
It’s great to meet you all, I can’t wait to dive in.

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  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    Diversity and inclusion play a fundamental role in maximizing productivity, driving innovation and generating strong long-term performance. Despite the growing amount of research that supports these linkages, overall progress on gender and cultural representation in traditional markets remains slow. Through funding public goods, Gitcoin is building critical infrastructure that can serve as a foundation to foster diversity and inclusion in Web3. Gitcoin has established itself as a hub for communities to build systems that have tremendous growth potential and distribute value in a more equitable way relative to traditional markets.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I am an analyst on the portfolio management team, where I focus on early stage venture investing and digital assets. Prior to joining Mesh, I worked with endowments and foundations advising on investment strategy and portfolio management. Additionally, I conducted crypto investment due diligence, surveying the emerging investment landscape to identify opportunities for institutional investors.


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Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I intentionally chose to pivot deeper into Web3 as an effort to further merge my unique career skills with my life’s passion: to be of service to my own community. My goal being to further expand & better understand the benefits of DAOs and how Web3 can assist in not only cultural preservation, but also helping erode social and economical inequalities for minorities and POC. I am enthused, inspired and invigorated by a greater return to the spirit of community and am truly passionate about the philosophical approach (and integrity) which so many of us seem aligned on within this space. My goal being to contribute value, continue learning from mentors/ peers and offer honest thought-provoking feedback/ food for thoughts from the point of view of a woman of color within Web3. Thankful for the opportunity and privilege to be a Steward with such an intentional team at Gitcoin.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I recently became Project Manager for the Portfolio Management team at ConsenSys Mesh, since spring of 2022, after spending the past 6.5 years in a newsroom (as Exec Coordinator for Vice News.) At Mesh I support our portfolio managers, our accelerator program team (Tachyon), as well as help log, implement workflow processes and annotate/ standardize best practices. Prior to Mesh, I was a career executive assistant/ chief of staff for several decades having helped support/ nurture the genius of executives, notables and their respective infrastructures. I’ve navigated landscapes ranging from luxury brands, to media, to tech. I love all things organizational, and have a keen eye for patterns, forever seeking harmony & balance via mindfulness be it with my work, or personal life. In addition to my work at Mesh, I am the founder of the African Artists Coalition (nonprofit) with a heavy focus on Cultural Preservation & Heritage celebration via the lens of the digital landscape. I’m also an artist of Rwandan descent, and created the first traditional Rwandan Imigongo Art NFT collection in an effort to explore legacy logging. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more about what I’m passionate about within the space

Looking forward to connecting/ learning with you all.


Gitcoin Username: [@shawnyetothe]
(@shawnyetothe | Gitcoin)

ETH Address: 0x0314cc74e461d881ba3b5c93bba34cc81e4f7004

Discord Handle: shacheng#2843

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I am interested in Gitcoin Governance because of the shared values to create the next generation of coordinating mechanisms that result in a more open, equitable and just world. Not every project in Web3 is thinking about how to use these tools for good much less how to create new public goods that are sustainable for the regenerated world ahead. I want to help guide and support with the experience, knowledge and skills I have as an individual but also fine tune what it means to participate as a ConsenSys Meshian.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I have been full-time in Web3 for nearly 5 years. In running multiple investment programs during my time at ConsenSys, I have found operating in a way that embraces decentralization, self-sovereignty, and self-organization is extremely hard but well worth it. When I first joined I started with helping to run ConsenSys Labs our incubator to expand the team’s capabilities to support more founders and upgraded the way we allocated capital through Resource Allocation Circles (RAC).

Whether you call it RAC, a core unit, a sub-DAO, a guild, or a scout unit, these groups help facilitate decentralized decision-making. ConsenSys and Mesh as entities are no where near perfect but we learned a lot along the way in taking these risks. I wrote a small piece to help highlight some stops along the way we tried to support and grow the DAO space here: A Brief History of ConsenSys Mesh and DAOs | by ConsenSys Mesh | Medium

Why now?
I see amazing key primitives appearing across our portfolio of of 180+ positions and more broadly with friendly collaborators that tell me we the Year of the DAO may be upon us shortly and we may not need to settle for simple summer-of-X flings.

I’m on the board of Tribute Labs, Liquality and have driven our DAO investment strategy at ConsenSys Mesh to join / form / invest in The LAO, Neptune, Dark Horse, Neon, Ready Player, Muse0, PoolTogether and most recently C0C0 DAO. When Gitcoin was being incubated, I led Gitcoin’s resource allocation sessions and still have the materials from 8/16/2018. :slight_smile: I’ve worked with the early MetaMask and Infura teams, been a mentor for multiple Kernal0x blocks and in harder times helped to consolidate, restructure and streamline many of our key investment activities: Ventures, Tachyon, Token Foundry, Strategic Investments, and Opportunity Fund.

My current day-to-day involvement is focused on Tribute Labs, The LAO, Neon, Ready Player and C0C0. And casually participate in a few fun DAOs like MADDAO (Moms & Dads), CryptoDADs, and too many genesis groups on tg to count.

I’m excited to play a role in both Meta Governance and think there is a lot for Mesh to learn from the group within Progressive Decentralization. Lots of people are thinking about how a DAO functions and I’d like to figure out the ways institutions and groups of people can seamlessly support and grow alongside and within these new structures. DAO2DAO systems are great but DAO2 regular old companies and institutions are likely very valuable as well.

Excited to meet more of you and collaborate with other communities outside of the Mesh, ConsenSys Alumni, and Tribute DAO network.


Gitcoin username: @eugyal
ETH Adress: 0x85E69D4872CD61B570a7098922d38F2E2FdE64fc
Discord: euxo#0745
Twitter: @eugyal

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Hello, My name is Tashi and I’m super thrilled to be participating is Gitcoin governance. My exposure to Crypto/Blockchain space started in early 2017 and I have not stopped learning since. I believe that smart contracts will shape the future of the internet and excited to see where our collective work in Web3, specially around NFTs and Identity will take us. Gitcoin’s work in Public Goods space and democratized model for project funding has surely taken strides to empower developers and lay the proper ground work for Web3 and crowdsourced future. I look forward to days ahead to share my perspectives to the DAO.

Qualifications /skills

I am currently the Senior System Administrator for Mesh. I manage Mesh’s SaaS system architecture, System integrations, ISMS, Security and User management. Prior to joining Mesh I had a long tenure at Apple where I held positions of Technical Expert, Genius, Lead Genius, and Training Lead. In 2021, I finally made the plunge into Web3 and feel fortunate to join Mesh where we are championing the global adoption of Web3. I hope to learn and grow as I spend more time here and contribute in this space as much as possible.


Welcome to new our newest Stewards @maialepine @Shawn and @eugyal (Tashi)
These three bring loads of diverse IRL and web3 experience and we are happy to have them join us.

@maialepine, @Shawn and @eugyal here are three steps for you:

  1. Find your name at
  2. Check your details and track your progress as you participate
    and finally -
  3. Get started on the DAO Stewards onboarding plan here

Thank you for this warm welcome & added intel! :pray:t4:

It would be great to have a new steward meet and greet! As I understand, the Mesh stewards are interested in actively participating as advisors. They intend to be the active investor al founders hope to find by having many Mesh experts with different skill sets participate in our governance.

I know that FDD would love to learn from any subject matter experts on fraud detection, exploratory data analysis, machine learning, MLops, data engineering, onchain dispute resolution, building open source communities (open data/participatory data science), and other areas. I’m sure other workstreams would love to find some great advisory relationships as well.

It would be even better if we could schedule this hour or two event sometime between Monday, October 3 and Friday, October 16. This would provide proper timing to have their input materially impact our planning for Season 16 budgets.


Gitcoin Username: @azeem

ETH Address: 0x9600e2eE6377DAdad7299B120026661c336A5e6d (azeemkhan.eth)

Discord Handle: azeem#8305

Statement of Intention: Honestly, I never really started out looking to be a steward. It’s something that’s a big responsibility and is quite a bit of work to do right. But after having been at Gitcoin these past few months it’s been a responsibility I think would be one that would help the DAO as a whole, especially as we make this transition from the centralized grants program to the protocol world. As the Lead for Fundraising and Partnerships at PGF, I’m in a unique position where I get a chance to see things from a different perspective being able to speak to our partners as well as we make this push towards complete decentralization.

What Web3 Qualifications/Skills I have: It’s been almost a decade that I’ve now been in web3 for a variety of reasons. It started out with just buying and selling crypto early on to then writing about it for the Huffington Post back in 2013. From there I’ve had a handful of things I’ve tried to launch from launching Kim Coindashian in 2014 to a venture backed web3 crowdfunding platform for creators last year with a mix of things in between. And now that I’ve been in PGF I’ve really had a good chance to understand how different organizations go about governance as we’ve tried to raise capital for grants rounds as well.


hi @alismith.eth - I need to get in touch with you regarding your stewardship role. Can you send me a note in discord? shawn16400#5507 thx!

Gitcoin Username: @CoachJonathan

ETH Address: coachj.eth

Discord Handle: CoachJ#0481

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I have now been working for Gitcoin for almost 1 year and have never felt so energized about working on a project before. I was originally drawn to Gitcoin for similar reasons to many others - to promote and fund public goods. What I discovered was an entire community that was just as passionate as I was to create a flourishing world. As a current co-lead of the MMM Workstream (alongside the amazing @Viriya) I think I am in a great position to provide valuable insights as a steward to move the DAO in an aligned, strategic manner.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Passionate about leadership and leading in decentralized environments
  • +5 years of marketing experience on both the agency and client side
  • +3 years of project management and operations experience
  • +2 years spent as en entrepreneur and founder of my own business
  • Experienced professional leadership coach, having worked with dozens of start-up founders
  • Extensive training in a number of communication and leadership modalities including Nonviolent Communication, Landmark Worldwide, Harvard Negotiation Project

Gitcoin Username: @Viriya

ETH Address: 0xf93F0b770784602fC3079eb1D2fB1Ff488Bb02B0 (viriya.eth)

Discord Handle: viriya#3410

Statement of Intention: I had been invited to become a steward some time ago by Fred and Shawn when they were leading MMM and I had hesitated for some time. Stewarding a DAO is a huge responsibility that I don’t feel should be taken lightly and so I waited. Now that I’ve been co-leading MMM alongside @CoachJonathan, I feel I have adequate knowledge and insight into the org to really be able to steward responsibly and intentionally.

Why Gitcoin?
Beyond just being my place of work, I feel that Gitcoin is a signal for all forward-thinking optimists. Its success is important to me because it is a hub for democratic communities to empower their members to make what they care about a reality.

What Web3 Qualifications/Skills I have:

  • I currently run the MMM workstream
  • I’m a DAO maxi, have done extensive research on (and am passionate about) decentralized organizations
  • I have deep understanding of organizational design, business development, brand development, and community engagement
  • 6+ years of communications, PR & marketing experience
  • 2+ years spent as an entrepreneur/founder
  • Experienced professional leadership coach, having worked with dozens of start-up & scaling founders
  • Extensive training in a number of communication and leadership modalities including iPEC, Landmark Worldwide, Conscious Leadership Group, Hendricks Institute

Gitcoin username : @collinenke
ETH Adress: 0x915d906523E6fC4e928b15313FEcCD78ff432B4D
Discord: collinenke#3025

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Hey! I’m Collin. I crossed over to Web3 not too long ago in June, joining Mesh for many reasons already stated. After a global pandemic and a decade in corporate tech, along with many others, I felt a sense of tedium and a longing for something more that I couldn’t shake. Was this… it? Capitalist Realism was biting at my heels.

I didn’t just want a day job. I wanted to contribute to something historical; to help solve problems that have never occurred before. So many things in Web3 aligned with my values: democracy, equality, autonomy, transparency… There’s a sense of novelty, excitement, and nonconformity in this space that feels like it hasn’t occurred since the DotCom era. I sensed I may not have this chance again. So I jumped.

All that said, I’m beyond thrilled and grateful to continue my immersion by participating in one of the leading DAOs in the space. I believe Gitcoin will be foundational to the way we interact and operate in the future. I’m fortunate for the opportunity to continue my learnings here and contribute alongside some of the best and brightest.

Qualifications /skills

Does ordering pizza in college with BTC back in 2011 count? While I was interested in the blockchain early on, I’ve also got about 10 years of People Operations under my belt and lead this function at Mesh. My last gig was building out the nuts and bolts of the People Team at a Series B startup, from early innings to a Fortune 50 acquisition. Some of my background includes onboarding, HR systems, integrations, workstreams, equity, and compensation. In many ways, I like to leverage technology to streamline, automate, and create an ideal user (employee) experience. As I continue to see these similarities and grow in this space, for now I hope to use my skills to help Web3 navigate, and ultimately subvert a world with Web2 rules.


Gitcoin username : @MichaelRR
ETH Adress: 0x57017dc0270bb96125aa4abf0b6779a3b20be073
Discord: MichaelRR#2010

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I’m super excited to be participating in Gitcoin governance. This is the first time I’m actively participating in a DAO and agree that this will be the future of work. I look forward to this open space with many ideas and viewpoints from people all across the globe and am excited to be a part of Gitcoin’s continued success in the Public Goods space. I appreciate the collaborative partnerships and transparency of Gitcoin DAO and am happy to be a part of this incredible journey. I think Gitcoin’s democratic funding mechanism allows this to truly be for the people by the people and I look forward to the future of Web3.

Qualifications /skills

Spent several years working in Finance and Accounting for public companies and a few startups, collaborating with teams in several different countries. Setting up important framework around internal contols and meeting with audit committees. Prior to joining the Mesh Finance team, I spent a couple years working with several different tech teams, reviewing business plans, helping with project valuations on the accounting side of things. In 2021, I decided I needed a change from the traditional corporate world and took a role with the Mesh Finance team in order work for a company that champions and supports Web3 initiatives, and I haven’t looked back.


Gitcoin Username: ccerv1

ETH Address: 0x5a5D9aB7b1bD978F80909503EBb828879daCa9C3 (cerv1.eth)

Discord Handle: cerv1#9695

Statement of Intention: Gitcoin is to web3 what Florence is to the Renaissance … It’s a place where people from all spheres of life come to exchange funding, ideas, creations!

As a steward, I intend to focus on the following priorities for the DAO:

  • Financial sustainability. I care about extending the DAO’s runway and finding greater utility for $GTC. I will pay close attention to finances and budget proposals particularly during the bear market. I am keen to find some additional revenue models for the DAO and its people, taking sell pressure off $GTC.
  • Further decentralization. I am deeply inspired by the work done so far to decentralize and turn all of Gitcoin’s once-centralized functions over to the community. I intend to engage closely on proposals that turn core Gitcoin functions (like grant eligibility reviews, trust scoring, Sybil defense, etc) into tools for the community to use and compose with.
  • People. Gitcoin is what it is because of the incredible people it attracts and combines. I would like to see proposals that contribute to the DAO having a deep liquidity of exceptional people, both at “entry” levels and in core functions for each workstream.

What Web3 Qualifications/Skills I have:

  • I have firsthand operational experience with a range of organizational models - startups, nonprofits, cooperatives, traditional businesses, and DAOs of course. I’ve had firsthand DAO governance experience with DreamDAO for over a year.
  • I’m a repeat founder and comfortable both at the 0-1 and growth/scaling stages. I’m also on the Board of several organizations, so I’m familiar with making executive decisions without knowing all the details.
  • I’ve been a trusted contributor with FDD since July. I helped get the DeSci Round off the ground for GR15. I’ve advised a number of grantees during past rounds. I am a pretty reliable Gitcoin shill on Twitter!
  • I’m deeply committed to social impact, worked with various NGOs, lived abroad for a decade, and helped mobilize millions of $$ for public goods in a non-web3 context.
  • I’m pretty savvy with data and won’t hesitate to do some onchain graph analysis or dataviz when duty calls.

Gitcoin username: llllvvuu

ETH Address: 0xCac66811f65DeF7F6EdEc327AF877Bb6ccaE4984

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:
I am deeply interested in markets and market failure. Mutually beneficial trades require a give-and-take of information and commitment. If there are too many parties, parties are distant, or parties are unable to make credible commitments in a fair game/sequence, this process fails.

Web2 closed the distance between us (or did it?), and now Web3 has the opportunity to build further upon this while empowering un-powerful people to make credible commitments, even in large groups.

I admire Gitcoin as a leader in applying these ideas to reality, to problems that really exist and matter.

As Gitcoin prepares to release its protocol to the broader world (Grants 2.0), its successful adoption and ability to shoulder more weight hinges upon the test of reproducible credibility. I believe that this deeply game-y challenge requires not just visionaries but sound technical and quantitative perspective. In this capacity I would be thrilled to serve in governance.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Protocol Design in several DeFi projects
  • Software Engineering at successful/exited startups in solar, voice interfaces, and autonomous vehicles
  • Academic and industry experience in AI/ML, finance, and math
  • Gaming and trading
  • Local nonprofit leadership - leading volunteering, fundraising, web development, etc

Welcome @llllvvuu!
Great to have you here and I agree web3 has the ability to amazing things.

Let’s create this together.
Please find our onboarding plan and to get you caught up to speed, drop me a message and I will be happy to get you on your way as an active and involved steward.