Introducing Stewards Governance

Gitcoin Username: @hibbb

ETH Address: liubenben.eth ( 0xd5D171a9AA125AF13216C3213B5A9Fc793FcCF2c )

Discord Handle: liubenben

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I love the blockchain industry and hope to get more deeply involved in the blockchain industry and the Ethereum ecosystem. I’ve been involved in the crypto industry for five years now, and the various aspects of the industry have become part of my life.

I am very interested in Gitcoin DAO. Although there are many DAO Ethereum communities out there, their governance seems to be a long way from the DAO I imagined. An important part of this is that participation in DAOs is currently not high enough. And Gitcoin DAO’s Stewards can solve this problem to a large extent, which is groundbreaking, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in this organization.

In addition, over the past two years, we have established an ENS Chinese community:, and we have done a lot of work for the popularization and application of ENS in China. I myself have a very clear understanding of the principles of ENS and its place in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I will continue to explore in this industry, I hope I can join.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  1. Solidity
  2. ENS Research
  3. Decentralized Finance
  4. Non-Fungibles & Gaming
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Cool, it would be very interesting to see you on the team of this project, given that you have a lot of experience in interacting with the community DAO Rarible. I hope that such bright personalities will not be ignored!

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  • Gitcoin Username - DHannum8
  • ETH Address - 0xC1FDB60CFB2FbbD6EDc9b445D9B508Da2dBF2c9b
  • Discord Handle (optional) - DHannum8
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

With the wealth creation in the space, there is no reason crypto shouldn’t be able to build and fund public goods for the diverse values of its different communities.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

Founder and CIO at HCM // COO ZenLedger

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Hello everyone!

Gitcoin Username: @rsthornton

ETH Address: 0x77b175d193a19378031F4a81393FC0CBD5cF4079

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

I’m interested in being a Gitcoin steward because I want to help support the growth of digital public goods and gain more hands-on experience with DAO governance.

I’m a big believer in the concept of “open-source-everything,” that we should strive to make all of humanity’s critical hardware, software, and socio-technical infrastructure open-source.

For now I’m most interested in understanding and determining what kinds of public goods the community cares about. In the future I’d like to become more involved with conversations around meta-governance and progressive decentralization.

I’m also working to help spin up a DAO investment and support fund focused on long-term DAO infrastructure and am interested in understanding ways in which GTC (and other governance tokens) may accrue value.

I believe that DAOs hold enormous potential to help humanity coordinate in more efficient, transparent, and equitable ways. I’m eager to play an active role in shaping the future of Gitcoin while gaining practical experience working with DAOs!

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Researching and investing in crypto since 2012. Early investor in ETH and participant in “The DAO” along with other early DAOs (MakerDAO, 0xDAO…)

  • Writing about crypto since 2015 on Medium and my personal blog

  • Regularly using and experimenting with Web 3 apps ( Gnosis Safe, Colony, Enyzme Finance, Augur, Audius, etc.)

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  • cb1629966
  • 0xafecebe1c14325c2212624ac710af3a1b5da595d
  • cabrock1#5851
  • As a longtime member of the crypto space, and an even longer advocate for homeless/impoverished individuals, I have been seeking ways to merge the two interests of mine. After spending years with several people in the homeless community in my area, I have learned how talented and innovative some of these people are. I intend to onboard these individuals in an effort to allow them to use their skill to build things in this space, while simultaneously allowing for them the opportunity to earn and grow financial stability.
  • I have served as a community rep/ambassador for over 6 projects, using my skills in intrapersonal communication, community growth and aggregation, and social interactivity, to help strengthen and grow this community.

I would love to be a steward, as I’ve been seeking a way to become an active participant in this community for years, and think this would allow me such an opportunity–specifically in the realm of Public Good.

Gitcoin Username: accelerated-capital
ETH Address: 0xC714a62A4BF7ff475C8dc3E589e1388342A38BB8
Discord Handle: Accelerated Capital#5756

Statement of Intention: As we transition to an increasingly digital society, our economic and cultural interactions will be dictated by the technological standards underpinning our applications. I believe that if we are truly embarking on an age with programmable money and assets, where our economic and cultural systems run on software, it makes sense to re-architecture the the way in which we fund public goods in order to incentivize open source as the default way of building things. Gitcoin does just that, and it is my intention to help the DAO succeed in this mission.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • Investment Account leader within Index Coop’s Treasury Working Group.
  • Contributor at LlamaDAO, working on treasury-related projects for Aave, PoolTogether, Gitcoin, and more.
  • Currently working to help create an investment management strategy for the Gitcoin Leadership Wallet.
  • Co-author of two Gitcoin proposals: Form a Treasury Management Workstream and Proposal to Sell 10% AKITA & Place 90% AKITA in 2-year Sablier Contract.
  • Content writer for Index Coop.
  • Writer of a regular publication on DeFi, the Metaverse, and Web3 here.
  • CFA charterholder with experience in ultra high net worth asset management prior to transitioning into crypto full-time.
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Gitcoin Username: @linht.tran
ETH Address: 0x09a8F717fAE8D03bEb13b93b88Ff62f76EeEf7b2
Discord Handle: LinhT.Tran#8783

Statement of Intention: I’m always looking for mission-focused orgs that empower people, and Gitcoin definitely fits that area. Though relatively new to this, I think the concepts of DAO, crypto, web3, etc are so interesting and I’d love to help build the community to where members on this platform feel connected and supported.

Qualifications / Skills: I have experience in online community building and branding, working in a couple of communities that scaled to thousands of followers and subscribers each. My focus is in marketing and communication (content, copywriting, strategy). I’ve written newsletters to a total of 15k readers for organizations.

Gitcoin Username: tarunsachdeva
ETH Address: 0xb3D1a413968f7133EF644e720F74E216090C51a8
Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: I’d like to join to support the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystem, and especially Gitcoin because of a number of reasons. I resonate strongly with the ethos of broadening participating in crypto outside of speculative investment use cases (which are great, but not the big unlock for the general population). Gitcoin has pioneered here with a number of models, supporting so many Web3 projects along the way. I’d love to play a role to support it’s future as a Delegate/Steward.
Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I’m currently actively participating in the formation of BountiesDAO, which is a DAO that is trying to make bounties flourish through the StandardBounties contracts. I’m also building a toolkit to help individuals and project owners that want to use crypto bounties to get work done. Before this, I’ve tinkered in crypto and written about web3 for a few years. All said, I’m actively learning along the way.

Hey folks, adding an intro here, really looking forward to working with the public goods funding workstream!

Gitcoin Username - @krisjpi

ETH Address - My main DAO address (aka thoroughly doxxed) is 0xeC952ED8e7c2AA466cac36fD611D2E87Df1243D7 - you can also find me on DeepDAO :slight_smile:

Discord Handle - Kris#8703

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining
I have been aligned with Gitcoin’s vision for a very long time - I am very interested in and supportive of open source development, and community-driven projects. I have a very mixed bag of skills and tend to bring a social science perspective to web3 project design. I work in various communities throughout the space, and am very interested in pushing forward experimentation to leverage funding for public goods.

Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve mostly worked in communications and community building, but have also produced social research on the blockchain ecosystem (see thesis + paper), and while not a solidity dev, have a working knowledge of blockchain concepts and system design. I am currently working with both Commons Stack and Keep Network and have a strong interest in developing and promoting open source development and public goods funding mechanisms.


Gitcoin Username -@zyks678

ETH Address -0xc34b5288AB4116d946FB7bE8215664B368E2D429

Discord Handle -hwz#6418

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining:

Since contact block chain is very interested in, now has been four years, has always been the ETH community and DEFI active participant, I very love learning, and like new things, including Gitcoin community, so I hope to be able to participate in Gitcoin housekeeper role, I have time and like this community, I will pay great enthusiasm e

Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

As a manager of a Chinese community, I have been actively involved in blockchain projects. We are evangelists and witnesses of value. I believe that valuable things are recognized by everyone.


Hi @zyks678

I am sure you need to fill in Gitcoin user, not governance forum user.

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Gitcoin username : @publu | Gitcoin
ETH Address : 0xa475aF18A0D5f3De67a498d91dAb86F6ecCbf843

Statement of Intent : I’m interested in becoming a Gitcoin Steward because I want to support decentralized public goods and help steer Gitcoin as it decentralizes

Qualifications : I have worked in the crypto space for the past 4 years. I have worked in dozens of web3 projects. I was previously at marketing in gridplus at Consensys and I am currently maintaning a stablecoin protocol on 0xPolygon. I am passionate about onboarding new users to the crypto space and hosted many events in Dallas while in university. Now I help host fireside chats to onboard new users into 0xPolygon

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Username: SkyFarm
ETH Address: 0x0f7A2839B1ee86a4A539166EAC356d2A02aBb6AF
Statement of Intention: I’d like to remain anonymous (sorry! op-sec is hard to maintain, but I hope the community will come to value me), but I’m already helping organize the Moonshot Collective, the Discord server, and plan on helping make Gitcoin much more welcoming and open to the larger community as a whole.
Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: Scott and Austin can speak to this, but I’ve been in crypto for almost 5 years now. I’m a founder, community builder, well networked, and extremely good at making systems more efficient and helping scale projects. I’ve been involved with some of the biggest crypto projects of 2021 and have brought in multiple developers to the Gitcoin ecosystem.

I will be a productive and valuable member of the community and hope that being anonymous is understandable.

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Gitcoin Username

ETH Address:

Discord Handle

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

My values have been developed in my work and entrepreneurial journey building educational, community-based products in the education, blockchain, and wellness industry. I deeply believe in designing better systems to create a more equitable world.

After going through Gitcoin’s Kernel Fellowship Block 3, I have grown even more optimistic about the direction of the industry as a whole. I’m certain that Gitcoin is one of the places that people will be looking at first to find the infinite players looking to build long-term in the space. As a steward I’d like to support Gitcoin in building and growing a healthy community.

My focus is on the long-term success of the crypto ecosystem through education, community building, and onboarding non-crypto natives to crypto protocols. I’m a community builder and entrepreneur, and I’ve always been excited about sharing resources about the latest frontier technologies and educating others. My expertise is in building community-based products, marketing, and education.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • I started my explorations and learning in crypto while I was at Blockchain at Berkeley in 2015, I have focused on education in the crypto space.
  • In 2021, I jumped in full-time to work in the crypto industry, I previously worked at The Graph and Hashflow helping grow their communities.
  • I recently completed the Kernel Fellowship Block 3 and started RenaissanceDAO, a decentralized collective of content creators building the future of the web through creator patronage, with a group of 11 people, most of them are other Gitcoin Kernel Fellows. We’ve recently grown to 25+ creators with a total reach of 1+ million people across all social media platforms.
  • I’m a Kernel Community Steward for KB4.
  • My focus at the moment is community building, crypto education, and onboarding people from web2 into web3.

Username: wizardjuanz
ETH Address: 0xB922a0a797026D5C45145503E1976989B05Cf307
Discord Handle - zero#648
Statement of Intention: Hello I have been involved in crypto for a number of years and want to further align myself with the projects I support and my own values. I believe that distributed ledger technology has the ability to create a more inclusive economic system with institutional transparency and improved efficiency with regards to resource management. I support GItcoin’s efforts to build web3 applications through the use of quadradic funding in an open source environment. Discussions around what constitutes the public good and how to address the tragedy of the commons in web3 are incredibly productive and essential. Crypto is currently in an interesting place and the next few years will determine the long term direction of what we will refer to as web3. I want to work to support the civic use of DLT so that we all might collectively benefit from its ability to transfer value in a trustless environment.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I have participated in a number of different communities since 2017 as a community member. I have seen more projects fail than succeed. Those with the most vibrant communities with high levels of participation are the ones that seem to maintain long term success. I’d like to help a DAO, aligned with my values, grow their community and strategize on the future direction of the project. I am excited to be a useful member of the Gitcoin community and hope to become a trusted resource. I hope that my enthusiasm and motivation make up for any lack of experience. I too am learning along the way and hope to gain more experience through participating in this great community.

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rly liked ur renaissanceDAO pitch

Gitcoin username: @annikalewis

ETH address: wombat.eth (full address: 0x894Aa5F1E45454677A8560ddE3B45Cb5C427Ef92)

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I’ve seen the power of Open Source in Web2 firsthand through my involvement with the analytics/data infrastructure companies I’m invested in. I want to be a part of creating/improving upon that ecosystem in Web3. I’m in whole-hearted alignment with the vision of building & funding the open web, and hope to play a role in creating financial freedom for humans in the process.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have : I bring an investor lens to Web3, but not your typical hands-off-investor-who-doesn’t-want-to-get-their-hands-dirty. I’ve begun getting involved in a more hands-on way in several communities in the crypto world, and I’m actively writing about crypto. The skills I have that are most relevant to the steward role come from my Web2 experience: as a VC, I’m very engaged in governance / board involvement with multiple private companies, and I’d love to play a role in shaping the uncharted territory of DAO governance.


Hi everyone,

Gitcoin Username: yungskum

ETH Address: 0xaeE1470033a6396169a4d87d68ADC3717d705671

I am a senior computer science undergraduate, web 3.0 technical education intern, and open source enthusiast. I was researching OpenLaw for a presentation when I discovered Boardroom and the Decentralized Governance Hackathon occurring. I understood this as a great opportunity to work with these products.

Like many of you, learning about crypto and the web 3.0 movement has opened up an incredibly innovative space to explore, and I have been learning more about this ecosystem and the decentralized protocol space as a whole ever since. Growing up with the internet, I am excited to learn and to contribute to the innovations being developed on the new stack. Some of my technical knowledge/skills include: OOP, computer networks, analysis of algorithms, and cryptography.

Gitcoin has a special place in my heart as one of the first dApps I found very valuable for my education and technical development. My goal is to provide meaningful support to the web 3.0 ecosystem.

Thank you for your consideration!


Hi @a-jwc,

I hope you are doing well! Thanks for showing up your interest around GitcoinDAO!

I would be interested to discuss with you since I am looking for a Data Scientist to contribute with us.


Gitcoin Username

ETH Address: 0xC9a238405ef9D753D55EC1EB8F7A7b17B8d83E63
ENS: huxwell.eth

Discord Handle
Huxwell | Cali #2172

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I’m very interested in supporting open source projects in a sustainable way, and I think the decentralization of Gitcoin opens the door to many new possibilities for collaboration, such as co-creation and thus co-ownership of projects :

  • where people are rewarded for their added value
  • where a share of the profits flows back into public goods by supporting other projects with similar values/missions
  • and where everyone has a say (e.g. voting on features, priorities, etc.)

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

I have 4 years of professional experience in software engineering and my hobbies are primarily around learning web3, security, devops/infrastructure and sharing knowledge.

My side projects were primarily focused on education and I’m currently working on a project to decentralize Gitcoin quests.

I became an active Gitcoin DAO contributor in early September 2021, joining :

  • The FDD Workstream, I worked on improving the Notion by creating templates that can be used by other workstreams as well as migrating the current knowledge base to a Gitbook space.
  • I joined the Moonshot Collective, and contributed to Quadratic Diplomacy to implement gasless voting and also helped improve the Notion and the onboarding workflow.


  • Product : Interaction design, Figma, Excalidraw, Lucid Chart, Miro, Agile/Scrum, Jira, Trello, ZenHub
  • Front-end : HTML, CSS/SASS/JSS, JS, TS, React, NextJS, emotion & styled-components, State management libraries, Apollo
  • Back-end : NodeJS, NoSQL/SQL, REST APIs, GraphQL, Serverless Framework, NestJS, TypeORM, Sequelize, Mongoose, PostgreSQL
  • Web 3 : Hardhat, Web3.js, Ceramic, IDX, Solidity, ipfs-js,,, Chainlink & Subgraph development basics
  • DevOps : AWS EC2/Lambda/S3/RDS, GCP, Terraform, GitLab CI, Docker