Gitcoin Digest #8 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • Alex shares a risk mitigation initiative to foster community safeguarding. Passport Stamps are one of the first steps being taken to enable more transparency in the selection process for providers and stamps within passport.Check out the post to explore a high-level framework of the risk areas under consideration.
  • Momus.eth, a long-time supporter of the Gitcoin climate grant round, has built a contract-based review system deployed on Arbitrum: DeReSy (Decentralized Review System). The first use case is reviewing climate round grantees’ impact and use of funds. Read the post to learn more about Momus and the challenges faced in determining what Gitcoin grants to fund.
  • Get up-to-speed on the proposal and latest discussion to Ratify the Results of Gitcoin’s Beta Round

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • The Allo worksteam is standing up the AIP (Allo Improvement Proposals) process for ongoing, public protocol development. Check out the AIP repo if you´re contributing to the community of core and ecosystem engineers to discuss protocol updates and new feature requests.
  • Ongoing development work focused on drafting AIP for making the round contract leaner (to unblock new allocation strategies on Grant Stacks) and putting together the Allo roadmap to provide a holistic view of the projects.
  • Gitbook updates have been merged for project registry and AIP docs. Further documentation and tutorials in progress including strategy starter kit, documentation site, wrapped voting. Upcoming focus on Priv, Endaoment, integrations next week.
  • Branding & UI Kit project with MMM, working on roadmap + mid-season update. Brand elements (logo, typography, palette, first round graphics) shipping this week. Ongoing development of additional assets (graphics, merch) underway.
  • Co-marketing & case studies planned through July. Ongoing Allo Summer drips planning in progress
  • A new round edit flow has been shipped, multiple bugs have been fixed on round finalization & QF algo
  • Checkout improvements: on-page, multi-round and passport flow are in progress. Upcoming focus on accepting rolling applications, UX copy audit, round application flow.
  • New processes and ways of working are coming up soon by adopting the Shape Up method. New team structure is official this week, revisiting pointing, and firming up the product support process.
  • Drip campaign starts next week. Grants Operator toolkit development work underway.

Public Goods Funding

  • Zuzalu Round happening July 25 - August 8! Details for summer round coming soon!
  • A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT! Alberto, former Gitcoin Grantee from Force DAO found 26 ETH in an old wallet and decided to donate it to an upcoming Gitcoin Grants round.
  • New passport stamp provider risk mitigation guide coming up. By sharing this broadly, the goal is to make risk a fully distributed process by collectively evolving risk mitigation and ownership. Additional plans underway for other areas of DAO-life so that everyone can put on their risk-cap to prioritize and reach consensus for what’s “risky”.
  • How are our partners growing as a result of Gitcoin Grants Program? What’s the impact of feature and core rounds on grantee outcomes? Why do top NGOs and Web3 groups use Allo? The answers to these questions and more, forthcoming in a case study.
  • View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for the Gitcoin Beta Round.
  • View the new round-wide data visualization tool from Supermodular here.


  • Focus remains on improving features and building new onchain stamps (EAS) - (MVP on Sepolia, working Arbitrum).
  • Upcoming updates for introducing new stamps (e.g. Hypercerts,ZKSync Era, Phi, Holonym, Idena) in progress.
  • The new stamp meta-data endpoint is completed, enabling integrators to display user stamps within their own dApps by pulling dashboard data (icons, text, credentials) and decoupling from our UI to make it more accessible.
  • Planning in progress for Unique Humanity Score improvements, UX improvements, Ceramic ComposeDB Upgrade.
  • Civic stamp proposal is completed, score gating technical guide in progress, prebuilt Passport Components
  • Zakk is on a quest to spread use case awareness by experimenting with live streaming while building applications that leverage the passport. The live stream starts on June 5, follow along on to see the first fun application for events.
  • Integrations with Thrivecoin, Linea, and underway.
  • Passport Brand revisit in progress (cross-functional working group has been activated to make sure we’re very happy with mission, vision, etc, so we can confidently launch large marketing campaigns)
  • Beginning to flesh out a Protect What Matters campaign brief—our likely overarching campaign for the next two months
  • Released Release Notes #6
  • Your local Data Guild builds and owns all data infrastructure for the DAO, along with all analysis, dashboards, and data studies that are requested by each workstream.
  • Features shipped include Rule-based sybil defense prototype, score bands for passport risk tolerance, How did Donor Behaviors in the Beta Round compare to Previous Rounds?. Working on QF Counterfactuals (´what if´ questions - inspired by Vitalik)


  • Website updates underway. 2-week sprint to develop Allo page, revised homepage, updated nav. Next 2-week sprint to develop program page, Grants Stack v2 page, WTFisQF site (bounty kicking off), brief, posting, selection, build, deliver
  • Notion 1-pagers media/press and Design Hub are underway. Outstanding: Grants Stack, Allo, Canva template creation almost done.
  • Merch & Illustrations design sprints. EthCC planning & visuals in progress. Gitcoin Grants Brand Strategy & Visuals (yes, already)
  • As part of efforts to reposition Gitcoin as a tech-first organization, the Gitcoin Thought Leadership Program will help existing and emerging thought leaders share their expertise to build eminence. For details on participation, see the Notion page here.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

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Thanks a lot @gaoa97 for your weekly digest, I love it :wink:

(maybe I didn’t find it)
just one comment, would you share the slides in this post as well?


Totally agree with @bobjiang - as part time contributor I am not able to join as many meetings, and discussions as I would like. This summary helps maintain some level of context. Thanks @gaoa97 - I am sure this might get tedious or feel like a thankless task, but I for sure appreciate the effort and read every single one. thank you.


I appreciate your positive feedback and acknowledgements (+ @bobjiang 's). It’s also a great way for me to keep up with the continuous progress you’re all making! - I actually love sensemaking and KaaS in general.

PS: I included the updated slides on Digest #9