Gitcoin Digest #38 – Bogotá recap, Open Data Science hackathon continues, and DAO Stewards V2 vote is up!

In this issue: Bogotá recap, Open Data Science hackathon continues, and DAO Stewards V2 vote is up!

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High-level, here’s what’s happening in the DAO this week:

In This Issue of the Digest

  • DAO Kudos :clap:
  • Hot Topics :fire:
    • Twitter Roundup :bird:
    • New Posts in the Governance Forum :postal_horn:
    • This Week’s GreenPill Episodes :seedling:
    • Weekly Gitcoin Blog Roundup :newspaper_roll:
  • New and Active Governance Proposals :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Upcoming Events :calendar:

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And now, this week’s DAO Kudos!

:clap: DAO Kudos

Kudos from Core and Trusted DAO Contributors.

  • Kudos to June for locking down ops at MMM while CoachJ and Virya were at DevCon – CoachJ
  • Saf for stepping up and being a deep thought partner in DAO Ops S16 planning/reorg & pod thinking - kris
  • Kudos to Lindsey for being a top-notch facilitator in our MMM <> GPC Strategy Sprint sessions – CoachJ
  • ePowell is crushing it with the open data hackathon AND the seeds to starting an open data community - Joe
  • To Nate for navigating a call remote with a full in person team. Big kudos to you - Janine
  • Will for doing an awesome job driving the development of our design system :art:Lindsey
  • Melissa & Laura H for jamming on this - Will
  • Tigress for driving our S16 objective setting workshops in a spectacularly thought provoking and effective way. - Joe
  • Shawn for his super structure skills - kris
  • Kudos to Azeem for killing it in Bogotá and doing an all-around amazing job representing Gitcoin - CoachJ

:fire: Hot Topics

A roundup of interesting topics of the past week from within the GitcoinDAO ecosystem.

:bird: From Twitter

:ballot_box_with_check: From the Governance Forum

This week, we continued our discussions about the V2 Stewards Council, and how best to run GR16.

:newspaper: From the Gitcoin Blog This Week

  • The Secret to a Healthy web3 Community, by Alex Wagner

    Alex writes about how Web3 projects survive and thrive because of their communities, with a focus on cultivating healthy dev communities in your ecosystem, as well as how exactly community helps your web3 ecosystem grow.

:studio_microphone:Latest Episodes from Green Pill

  • Green Pill #52: Employment Commons with John Paller of Opolis. John Paller is the founder of Opolis, the next-generation employment ecosystem, as well as the Executive Steward of ETHDenver. Additionally, John is active in Colorado state politics, helping to drive his state towards a brighter and more just digital future. As a bridge builder between the old and new worlds, John discusses his approach to the regenerative Web3 movement as a buidler and leader. Building digital public infrastructure is paramount to creating a more positive future, and in America, Colorado is the place to do it.

  • Green Pill #53: MetaGame with Peth. Peth is working on MetaGame, the MMORPG interface for exploring the crypto world. As a place to explore and onboard into the ecosystem, users choose a house based on their interests and dive down a rabbit hole of building the MetaGame. In this episode, we explore MetaGame’s role in promoting the idea of Game B—creating an omni-win human civilization through coordination and collaboration. We provoke questions about emergent systems, and how we can first route talent into projects, and then route that talent into a more just ideological system.

  • Green Pill #54: Web3 Social with Stani Kulechov. Stani and team are building Lens Protocol, a permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that might just be the future of Web3 social platforms. In this episode, we dive into the current state of social media, how Lens Protocol is disrupting web2 social as we know it, and why the future of web3 social is so important.

  • Green Pill #55: Pluralistic Political/Economic Spaces w Jeff Emmett & Michael Zargham, BlockScience. On this episode Kevin chats with Jeff Emmett and Michael Zargham of BlockScience, an engineering, R&D, and analytics firm specializing in complex systems. In this episode, the three go deep on fascinating topics and discuss rabbit holes such as, what BlockScience actually is, the intricacies of complex adaptive systems, quadratic lands, and web3’s purpose.

:ballot_box: Gitcoin Governance Overview

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:speaking_head: Proposal Discussions:

:white_check_mark: Latest Completed Proposals:

:date: Upcoming Community Events

If you have an event you’d like us to include in the Digest, reach out to @alexdw5 on Twitter or Discord.

Every Wednesday:

  • 12p ET – DAO VIBES – our weekly open community vibes call. Happens in the Citizen Forum on Discord.

Every Thursday:

  • 1p ET - Gitcoin Gathering – Gitcoin Gathering is a series of personal development workshops led by Jon and Laura! Open to Core and Trusted Contributors. Let Saf know if you have any Trusted Contributors to add to the calendar invite!

For up-to-the-minute updates on Gitcoin events, check out our Events Calendar!

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