Gitcoin Digest #32 2022

Is it GR15 season already!? Time is flying! :airplane::mantelpiece_clock:

The grants round starts September 7th and runs till the 22nd!

Check out this recent GR15 kick-off post by Laura(viriya.eth) and alexdw5 for more info. Then, be sure to come by a special edition of Memepalooza on September 9th(2-4p ET) for a contest of memelords :person_fencing:.

Check the Gitcoin Twitter account for more details.

:fire: Hot Topics:

:ballot_box: Gitcoin Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:speaking_head: Proposal Discussions:

  • None this week.

:white_check_mark: Latest Completed Proposals:

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion:

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • It’s an especially busy week as we do the last of our preparations for GR15. We’re locking in the last of our partnerships and securing as much funding as we can for public goods. We’re also making sure we have a smooth process in place for determining side-round eligibility and working with all of our partners to ensure they feel comfortable with the process. We’re making a big push to get these reviews completed before the round starts on Wednesday!

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Quadratic Voting:

    • We ran a kick-off call for Quadratic Voting this week. That was turned into a proper PRD to layout goals, stakeholders, problem, and milestones. The upcoming week will be focused on Discovery (technical and product) to jump start the solution/building milestones.
  • Operations:

    • This week we facilitated payments for August. We also created a new proposal for the format for the problem solving request submission process and proposed a process for providing transparency/getting buy in from the DAO regarding what we choose to work on next.
    • Also, a few team MC workstream members will be at MCON in Denver and we are looking forward to connecting IRL.
  • Identity Staking

    • This week, in order to get us ready for the launch of Identity Staking, we focused on two things - the Identity Staking UI and the Staking Smart Contract.
    • For our UI work, this week we finished most of the UI work for Identity Staking. We completed three rounds of usability testing and got some feedback that we will make next week. We still have some content updates to make, and we need to spend a little time on the “Modify Staking” functionality.
    • For the Staking Smart Contract, we completed our code review with three different developers on the smart contract. We shipped a new smart contract with changes based on feedback for the code review. We will deploy the smart contract next Monday.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense

  • GR15 grants are rolling in! FDD has all hands on-deck reviewing eligibility and resolving appeals.

  • FDD is doubling down on its strategy to enlist the community in Sybil detection. We’re planning hackathons, building self-serve data tools, onboarding new contributors, and forging partnerships with other Sybil defenders in the ecosystem. We’re also working with the Gitcoin Passport team on scoring mechanisms and experiments for GR15.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • Programs

  • Protocols

    • We have finalized our audience personas for the Grants Protocol and will be releasing 1-pagers in the coming weeks for DAO-wide circulation.
    • We have supported the development of, and written, new Passport articles in the knowledge base - check them out!
  • MMM OS

    • Our team has laid out a visualized roadmap of major activities over the next 6 months including details about our marketing campaigns for future grants rounds and the transition to the Grants protocol.
    • We have onboarded all existing contributors to Notion, and created training video and database logic breakdown.
  • Community Experience

    • We conducted a deep dive into audience research that is nearing completion - gov post to be released in the next week
    • Our active segment of email subscribers is now at 175k!

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • CSDO

    • We discussed the next edition of Schelling Point, which will normally be taking place again in Denver. We also discussed the ownership of all things grant eligibility, as well as the evolution of community experience and part-time’s contributors’ place in it, and the next steps for ‘light-versus-heavy’ seasons.
  • Community Governance

    • We had a successful retro call with the steward council and are getting ready to elect and announce the next council
  • Support

    • We created tons of new knowledge base articles, to offer better support for all things trust bonus and passport. You will be able to find all of them on
    • We are experimenting with a new discord flow to reduce support tickets by guiding our users first to our knowledge base, where we will hopefully already have covered most questions.
  • DAO Tooling

    • We are working on a thorough audit of access to our tools to make sure all of, and only, the right people have access
    • We will be migrating all of our users from Sobol to Notion, to make it easy for existing contributors and curious visitors to get a good view on who is working on what within the DAO
  • People Ops

    • We’ve been working on a new and improved Peer Review process in consultation with other workstreams, and this will be ready in time for the next round of peer reviews
    • Our team is working on comp models for each workstream. MMM and FDD have started testing their new models, while MC and DAO Ops are close

:hammer_and_wrench: Gitcoin Product Collective

  • Grants Hub

    • We are targeting to be production-ready with Grant Hub Phase 2 (Anchor) by Friday, September 9th. With this week’s progress, we are about ~95% complete.
  • Round Manager

    • We are happy to share that we have officially hit our MVP milestone! You can see our first version of Round Manager live at, which allows you to deploy a round and manage project applications on Optimism and two testnets.
  • Passport

    • This week we collaborated with marketing and support on Passport GR15 assets. Knowledge base and announcements are shaping up well. Thanks to MathildaDV.eth and Laura | viriya.eth. We also assisted the engineering team in development leading up to GR15 and worked on details of the GTC and identity staking stamps with @Brent | Gitcoin and Moonshot Collective.

:date: Upcoming Community Events

GR15 begins tomorrow!!! :partying_face:

Events This Week:

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

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Thank you to my senpai @umarkhaneth for training me up/proofing/co-writing this with me :goat:

And thank you to all the workstream leads who were kind and patient with me while I made sure I got all of the workstream updates in here correctly! :sweat_smile:

GR15 Let’s goooooo :racing_car: :checkered_flag:


Fantastic work @alexdwagner and a pleasure writing with you ser :yellow_heart:

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Likewise!! Couldn’t had a better coach here :slight_smile:

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中文周报 #32



Quick clarification: We ( are now disaffiliated from DAO leadership, but I plan to be present when called upon for knowledge transfer or if people have questions about history. I also plan to engage in DAO governance as any GTC holder would. Any touch points I have with the DAO should be out in the open, so you’ll see me in the public discord/gov forum channels or on twitter spaces (no private DMs pls, if you DM me i may ask you to ask me a question in a public place).

We are treating the DAO and its contributors (or any other of its agents or representatives) like any other third party or potential client - we respect autonomy but respond to inbound inquiries where requested / endeavor to be helpful.

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Thank you for the clarity here, @owocki! Much appreciated :slight_smile: