Routing your request to work with GitcoinDAO 🔀

From time to time, people slide into my DMs asking if they can do some work with GitcoinDAO.

These requests vary in nature, sometimes people want to sponsor a matching round. Sometimes people want Gitcoin to join a twitter spaces. Sometimes they are partnership requests.

But in almost all cases, I cannot field the requests because I’ve disaffiliated from DAO leadership.

So I am creating this gov post to help route these requests. My goal for this post is to (1) get these requests out of my DMs + get them to where DAO members can see them (2) route them to who can actually help.

Here is an easy 3 step process to route your request:

1. Verify that this request matches the essential intents of Gitcion

Everything at Gitcoin revolves around this purpose (100 year vision) and essential intents (12-18 months vision).

From this post:

If your inquiry does not match this purpose/essential intent it is not likely to be actioned.

2. Contact someone at GitcoinDAO that can help

For DAO Operations, please contact @krisis @Jodi @Kyle
For Fraud Defense/Grant Approvals/Data Science, please contact @DisruptionJoe @tigress
For Partnerships or grants round sponsorships please contact @ceresstation @benwest @vgk
For Grant operations please contact @annika @J9leger
For marketing, please contact @CoachJonathan
For public speaking inquiries, please email
For Gitcoin Foundation matters please contact @kyle
For integrations in Gitcoin passport please contact @leone or @brent
For product inquiries please contact @lthrift @kevin.olsen @GTChase
To create a grant application please submit it on the product directly at by clicking ‘Create Grant’. This post covers how to make your grant successful.
For support please go to or email
For general inquiries, or if you’re not sure who to contact, please comment on this post and ask.

(Note for members of GitcoinDAO, if i missed the mark in this “routing table” feel free to edit the post directly to fix)

3. Engage in the DAO

If you engage in the governance forum or the discord that is a great way to get to know Gitcoin. The DAO also hosts weekly calls which you can find on the calendar at Requests from engaged community members are usually prioritized over “drive by BD” engagements.