Gitcoin Digest #12 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • @Joel_m shares a progress update about the Q.E.D. program after two weeks in, covering the lessons learned and providing technical updates on the metrics for assessing outcomes and Python as a tool for minimum distance on the Ethereum network.

  • @kyle shares a GTC recap, highlighting how the organization has evolved from being a platform for experimentation to a decentralized protocol and community only after two years of its launch. Read the full post to gain a holistic perspective on the developments and learn more about how the GTC governance token is now being utilized.

  • @epowell101 is seeking $65,000 from the Gitcoin Treasury to support the OpenData Community (ODC), a non-commercial DAO dedicated to protecting public goods funding and supporting decentralization at the data layer. Check out the proposal to learn how the funding will enable the delivery of complementary open-source and free-to-use software, algorithms, analysis, data sets, and data scientists for users of Gitcoin protocols.

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • Drip campaign continues this week on Allo Twitter. EthCC/FTC Stickers are now available!

  • Keep an eye on key dates in the targeted timeline for Allo V2: testnet launch around July 25th, audit start around August 7th, and mainnet launch around September 1st.

  • MVP versions of Project Registry and Allo core are finished and the team is sprinting towards an MVP of the completed flow by EOW once the protocol fees are figured out and finalized. Whitepaper draft in progress will be shared next week.

  • The architecture revisit has led to significant upgrades, including the migration from factory to Singleton pattern (a similar approach to Uniswap v4), the expanded functionality and flexibility of the project registry to make our lives easier from round to round (rounds will be referred to as pools on a protocol level).

  • Endaoment Integration for QF (GPC) is live, enabling donor-advised funds to hold GTC to receive and make donations. Check out the portfolios displayed on their app website.

  • Impact Stream is building tooling to run QF rounds on developing countries, starting with Togo, Africa. “Call to Build” article writing is underway, aiming to provide an overview of the architecture and how the core components of the Allo V2 protocol work.

  • AIP-13 has been implemented in Allo contracts to enable multi-round checkout and contracts deployed to PGN testnet. The design document of the multi-round checkout contract has been audited. Researching new methods for adding matching estimates.

  • Upcoming focus on adding support for PGN testnet, deploying Subgraph to PGN testnet, building multi-round checkout contract, finalizing designs for Multi-round checkout, building matching estimates into checkout flow, and improving multi-round checkout UI.

  • Check out the Allo Brand Design Elements with updated slides, animations, illustrations, and banners. Refined graphics, stickers for FTC Paris, and the brand book and forum post are in progress. V1 of Brand Book is complete!

  • Check out the new Manager Toolkit: your guide and inspiration for running a Quadratic Funding grants program.

  • Support Ticket Stats (June 19-25) decreased: 541 new tickets via live chat and 45 new tickets via email, revolving around Passport stamps -ENS, NFT, GTC Possession stamps. Use or intercom for filing issues.

Public Goods Funding

  • Strategic planning including exploring new revenue generation and scalability models for public outreach and support by establishing a “top of funnel” program with the partnerships team.

  • The final round of manual review has been finalized, and the lessons learned from the Beta round process are being incorporated into future review plans.

  • Next program round will be in August (Gitcoin Grants 18 - GG18). Planning is in progress for the core rounds as well as revenue generation mechanisms for community and sponsored rounds.

  • Azeem was a Guest lecturer at Questrom School of Business at Boston University. He was asked to be an Advisor to Foresight Ventures.

  • Report on the future of global fintech in collaboration with WEF and Cambridge University Business School coming soon.

  • Next Gitcoin Grants Program Round (Season 18) pushed from July to August. More to come on the process and structure of Core/Featured rounds. Process for selecting the core rounds and adding featured rounds in progress.

  • A simplified CRM entirely built in Notion to bring spatial awareness, track partnerships, business development efforts and integrate institutional knowledge.


  • The focus remains on reducing support tickets while improving UX scalability not only for users but also for integrators based on load testing and rearranging documentation content. New partnerships are interested in pushing the Passport creation for load testing (1m-5m passports/ day).

  • Revamping stamps that are not effective at removing sybils, closing down attack vectors from Github and others currently present in the system.

  • Multiple case studies are in progress and already receiving positive feedback. Publishing {r}elinked case study this week. Discourse plugin development is in progress.

  • Announcing new stamps this week. Campaigns for Galxe and On-chain Stamps are under planning.

  • Passport Brand revisions continue in progress (the cross-functional working group has been activated to ensure alignment between mission, vision, and marketing assets).

  • Release Notes #10 is now available.

  • Snapshot integration has been migrated from SDK to API, documentation and adoption strategy are in progress. Recent or upcoming integrations include: {r}elinked, Thrivecoin, Linea,, newcoin/newlife, and Metaforo.

  • @0xZakk published his first developer-focused video walkthrough of the interactive score API docs and is working on a bounty for a set of Prebuilt Passport components that will be covered in a future video. Subscribe here to stay up to date on his weekly video guides.

  • Content simplification is in progress, including the creation of a Data dictionary to define what fields deliver via the API as well as ongoing Information Architecture reviews, such as the recent update for the rate limits on the endpoint definition page.

  • Major improvements will be reflected in new documentation structures and upcoming tutorials, including: moving the docs hosting platform over to Nextra, IA content overhaul, merge user content into a support knowledge base, and airdrop example app.

  • Supermodular team has built a Passport-gated faucet starter that can be forked and run on any network. Prebuilt Passport components are under planning.

  • Linea campaign in progress, featuring the new zkEVM L2 created by ConsenSys. Running weekly Voyage Quests (7 so far). New quest to remove bots & Sybils, Passport is one of 3 options including: Guild Pin, Galxe Passport (KYC + SBT mint). 480k total net new Passports created since the campaign started.

  • The current influx of new Gitcoin Passport holders has resulted in additional GTC staking with a max stake of 404k GTC in the last week. We are also seeing the number of integrations increase from 7 at the start of the season to a total of 15 integrations.


  • Since #GitcoinBeta ended in May, we have embarked on an exciting journey that enhances our existing offerings and accelerates innovation. Get up to speed and share the new thread on WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO AT GITCOIN.

  • Research & Impact Hub has been updated with project tracking, proposal ideas, and GCP & RFPs process. Current research underway: State of Web3 Grants, State of QF, exploring new research opportunities such as reputation systems and coordination mechanisms

  • Ongoing updates: sunsetting cGrants, EthCC planning (SP House, FTC & Gitcoiners coming together), Passport visual touch-ups, Gitcoin Grants and PGN brand work are underway.

  • Gitcoin Grants is the word of the week, defined as the largest Quadratic Funding grants event in the world. Check out the shared glossary of terminology where the DAO documents common language and reinforces our shared vernacular.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

Gitcoin Community Call: Weekly discussions to seek community opinions on the latest DAO decisions happen every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET. Catch up on recordings of recent conversations here:

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

One more thing! ​The 6th edition of Funding the Commons will take place on 15-16 July in Paris, France. Use the coupon code GITCOINER to get 35% off the tickets - limited spots remaining!

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