GG20 Proposal: ENS Identity

Name (or Topic/Theme) of Proposed Round

  • ENS Identity Round

How many times has this round been run during a Gitcoin Grants round?

How big is your team that will run this round? Who is your team?

  • The ENS Ecosystem Working group will take on the role of round operators, comprising of the following stewards
    1. slobo.eth
    2. limes.eth
    3. 184.eth

How does this round align with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents?

  • Identity is critical infrastructure for decentralized networks and the better identity is, the better the network operates as a whole.

    By funding projects that grow, enhance, and support ENS, we are funding the community that is expanding the feature set of sovergn identity. We are aligning with Gitcoin’s mission in funding what matters by promoting community-driven innovation which creates even better decentralized identity.

What do you anticipate the size of the matching pool will be?

Please realistically estimate based on existing relationships and demonstrated interest. Who will be advisors for this round, if anyone?

  • None

Please describe the eligibility criteria you envision for this proposed round.

  • The GG20 ENS Identity Round round is meant to support projects actively building on top of ENS. Any project that is growing, enhancing, or supporting the decentralized identity system around ENS can apply.

How large is your community approximately?

  • As of March 12, 2024, there are 2M+ registered ENS names to 838k+ wallets. (source)

What type of projects would you like to fund?

  1. Projects that provide infrastructure for ENS functionality
  2. Projects that have made an impact on/for ENS
  3. Projects that have introduce a novel implementation of ENS

Approximately how many grantees do you believe will be eligible to apply to this round?

  • Based on historical rounds, we expect to have 100 approved projects

Impact Assessment: If and how do you intend to assess grantee impact over successive rounds? This could include, but is not limited to Hypercerts, GAP, Deresy, etc.

  • To assess grantee impact over successive rounds, the application criteria will state that previous round grantees have to provide a detailed report on the progress since the last round they applied in.

Is there anything else that community members should consider when voting for which rounds to focus on in the upcoming GG20 grants round?

  1. Other Funding Sources: Community members should assess what other funding sources the applicant has secured to determine whether or not the Gitcoin funding is meaningful to their operations.
  2. Presence in the Community: Evaluate the round’s active engagement and visibility within the community. Rounds that have a strong presence, engage with stakeholders, and foster collaboration are likely to have a greater impact on the ecosystem.
  3. Present Impact: Consider the current impact and outcomes of projects supported by the round in previous funding cycles. Look for evidence of tangible results, achievements, and contributions to the decentralized technology sector.
  4. Future Impact: Evaluate the potential future impact and scalability of projects funded by the round. Assess how the round’s initiatives align with the long-term goals and vision of the decentralized technology space and their potential to drive meaningful change. How novel is the tech they have introduced

Hi @limes! Thank you so much for your proposal. Can you please provide your funding address in your proposal as well? Thanks!

Thank you once again for your proposal! Please note that the council will review and vote the week of March 18 - 22. Voting won’t take place in a public setting (to avoid any collusion).

Results will be posted on the gov forum March 25th. Please be available the whole of next week to answer any questions on this post that the council may have!

Good luck !

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Sure thing, added the funding address here


In addition to being a highly aligned proposal, ENS has been a long standing contributor to Gitcoin. I would like to urge the Grants Council to approve this request.


The ENS rounds have had great engagement from the community.

I like that past grantees will be asked for updates and progress made since their past funding. This is crucial. I want to add on another recommendation since I noticed it missing from past rounds-- to ask all applicants to share success metrics and more details around impact + work they’ve done. The beta round prompt didn’t require this, but would rec making this mandatory for future rounds.

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