February CSDO Digest

Many of you may know about our Cross-Stream DAO Operations, or CSDO, powerhouse team. If you don’t, CSDO is all about creating coherence. We provide the space and conditions for higher-stake cross-workstream decisions to be vetted and discussed, enabling our DAO to efficiently and responsibly fulfill its purpose.

With all the world-regenerating we’re doing - from questioning the foundations of our knowledge to building scalable infrastructures for public good - it’s easy for things to get lost. That’s why we’re introducing this monthly CSDO Digest! We’ll be breaking down all the most important CSDO outcomes from every month, so let’s dive into February!

DAO-Wide Updates

DAO Ops Dissolution

In S17, DAO Ops will be dissolving and some of its remaining initiatives will be moving into new workstreams or CSDO. These changes include:

  1. Using the CSDO budget to cover Steward Council payments,
  2. Moving People Ops’ coordination into CSDO and sunsetting the Thursday Gathering Hour calls after February 23rd,
  3. Moving professional development coordination into workstreams, and
  4. Transitioning Support into the Allo workstream.

CSDO was aligned in agreement on all these changes.

You can find more info on the dissolving of the DAO Ops workstream, as well as the full conversation that led to this decision, here.


Budget Proposals

Budget Proposals for Season 17 are getting posted to Tally! You can read each workstream’s integrated budgets (linked below) to get more information on fund allocations, and don’t forget to vote!

Allo Budget Proposal

Passport Budget Proposal

MMM Budget Proposal

PGF Budget Proposal

DAO Ops Budget Proposal

FDD Budget Proposal

Key Discussions & Thoughts

Most Important Things

CSDO spent a strategy meeting discussing the 3 “most important things” the DAO should be focusing on over the next one to six months. The first most important thing for the DAO is the Allo protocol. Getting the protocol launched is the top priority, with efforts surrounding the protocol’s success being a close second. The second most important thing for the DAO is the grants program, and the third is Passport. These will be the top areas of focus as we move through the next few months.

You can check out the notes, Miro exercise, and call recording here.

Grants Stack / Allo Protocol

Allo’s Nate walked the group through a status update on the Grants Stack / Allo roadmap! Future focuses include work on payouts contracts, developer community engagement, and creating a project reputation system. Contributors from MMM, Allo, & PGF will be syncing to define the user experience and next steps for launch. You can check out the roadmap as well as get a wealth of information on Grants Stack & Allo Protocol here.

Foundation/Passport’s Kyle shared the Allo Protocol & Grants Stack readiness guide, which outlines their progress and the upcoming steps and announcements being done to get Allo Protocol and the Grants Stack ready for launch. You can take a look at the guide here.

Other Discussions

Foundation/Passport’s Kyle raised the question to define when a workstream is no longer a workstream, given some workstreams are winding down. The discussion led to the understanding that most workstreams will naturally slow down as the work is moved to new homes, but a special emphasis needs to be placed on retaining best practices honed by the original workstreams.

FDD’s Alex brought up the topic of “guilds” and best-practice as workstreams begin to dissolve. The idea of “guilds” and “communities of practice” have been popping up all over the DAO, and will become a larger topic of discussion in the future.

Foundation/Passport’s Kyle raised the question of how to incorporate the feedback received from the Steward Council during Monday’s call. There have been some proactive efforts thus far, but more could be done. The group will be discussing this further in person at the retreat.

FDD’s Joe started a discussion about transition partners to help the contributors of winding-down workstreams settle into their new homes. His suggestion was a WS lead take responsibility for the smooth transition, and help ease the contributors in. This conversation will be continuing asynchronously and throughout ETH Denver.

FDD’s Alex shared FDD’s efforts to better understand how workstreams are sourcing and using data. As FDD dissolves, they hope to provide better data support to workstreams on a closer level. Reach out to Alex with any data questions you have!

For more information on how these discussions went, you can check out all of the CSDO Meeting Notes to read more, or the Gitcoin Transparency YouTube Channel to watch recordings of CSDO calls!

And that’s it for this month! Keep checking back monthly for future editions of the CSDO Digest!


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