Expanding our Network of Providers

As grant programs continue to grow and proliferate across Web3, we see more teams building out capabilities for outsourcing some of the functions of running these programs.

Gitcoin offers a suite of services that our Grant Ops team can deliver, but in cases where the requirements of a client are outside our capabilities or our team doesn’t have the capacity to deliver, we can match projects with a service provider. The objectives of this approach are:

  • Adoption: Drive uptake and visibility of our product suite.
  • Progressive Decentralization: Distribute operations strategically while safeguarding Gitcoin’s core focus on grants products & expertise.
  • Expand Reach: Broaden the impact and accessibility of Gitcoin’s products across various sectors and domains.

Provider Sourcing

As Gitcoin continues to expand, we’re seeking to partner with skilled Round Operators and Service Providers. Our focus is on those who can align with our mission and values, bring expertise in managing grant rounds, and offer comprehensive program management.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Expertise and Experience: Demonstrated ability in managing grants or comprehensive program management.
  • Alignment with Gitcoin’s Values: Commitment to transparency, community engagement, and innovation in Web3.
  • Quality of Service: Proven track record of high-quality service delivery and client satisfaction.

Types of Providers

Today, we collaborate with a small group of providers and welcome more of these teams to engage with us directly to see if they fit the types of clients and engagements we come across.

We require evidence of exceptional grant management skills, adherence to ethical practices, and a commitment to Web3’s principles to uphold the highest standards. Our selection emphasizes accountability and alignment with Gitcoin’s mission, ensuring our partners contribute significantly to the ecosystem’s value and impact.

These partnerships bring qualified external expertise for clients’ needs, ensuring high-quality service delivery in various domains, from technical support to comprehensive program and project management.

Examples of providers typically fall into two categories today but may expand as the needs of programs develop over time. These two categories are:

  • Round Operators: Individuals or entities managing Gitcoin Grants rounds and ensuring successful fund distributions.
  • Fully Outsourced Partners: Organizations offering comprehensive program management from inception to fund distribution.

Building Competence: Our Investments

In addition to connecting projects with the right providers, we are also deeply invested in enhancing the capabilities within Gitcoin and our broader community. Sharing best practices is at the core of our mission. Here are a few examples of the work that has been done to this end:

  • Round Operator Trainings: Tailored sessions to equip new and existing operators with the skills needed for successful grant round management.
  • Quadratic Avengers: A program designed to support and mentor emerging projects in the Web3 space.
  • eRPGF Cohorts: Engagement and resource planning groups for fostering collaboration and learning among community members.
  • Round Operator Runbooks: Demystify setting up, managing, and completing a successful QF round. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned round operator.

These examples highlight just a fraction of our efforts to upskill our community. We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions on other types of enablement you’d like to see from us. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve and strengthen our community’s capacity.

Call to Action: Submissions:

Interested providers can submit their applications. Please fill out the form here and provide detailed information about your experience, past projects, and how you align with our criteria. We’re excited to collaborate with providers who share our vision of empowering the Web3 community.