Digest #48: How Do We Make Gitcoin Sustainable? 💸

Digest #48: How Do We Make Gitcoin a Sustainable DAO?

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How Do We Create Sustainable Revenue Streams to Fund the DAO?

This week, we explored the question “How does a DAO become sustainable?” in our Gitcoin Community Call on Wednesday. More specifically, we asked, “How does Gitcoin become sustainable?”.

One of the main questions during the call was, ‘should we design grants protocols to take a small fee on every grants donation?’ One community member noted that “Gofundme charges 2.9% +$0.30 on every donation”.

Others on the call raised concerns that the grants protocol was more likely to be forked if we charged a transaction fee. Ben West offered his perspective that, “I think the forking risk is lower than we might think. Most of our partners don’t have the staff time and expertise to run their own rounds and will want/need our support”.

During the call, we jammed in a Miro board to crowdsource potential answers to these questions here.

This is a topic that we will continue to discuss in the coming year! Check the #dao-citizens channel for the recording of the call.

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:newspaper: DAO News

This week’s DAO news from the Gitcoin community

:seedling: This Week’s Content

:ballot_box_with_check: Top Posts From the Gov. Forum

These are the top posts from this week in the Gitcoin Governance forum. See the latest here.

  • Improving DAO-Community Relations, by chaselb

    Gitcoin core contributor, Chase, provides an audit of “all known sources of information” for Gitcoin community members, and offers feedback on how each source might be improved, by adding context and transparency. If you are a community member, and you have questions about CSDO, Gitcoin Stewards, or other internal DAO programs, jump into the comments and add your feedback!

  • A BULL/BEAR case for Gitcoin/GTC in 2023, by a33titude

    Gitcoin community member, a33titude, provides an analysis for both bearish and bullish scenarios for Gitcoin and the GTC token in 2023. They also recently posted “Web3 Crowdfunding Tool Competitive Landscape” on the forum.

    Bearish scenarios include: the bear market drags on and GTC continues to lose value; grants protocols struggle to find product-market fit; and/or Gitcoin runs out of runway before finding sustainable sources of funding. Bullish scenarios include: grants protocols finds product-market fit and has billions of $ going passing through; Passport becomes “the foundation of a new sybil resistant economy in web3”; and/or GTC finds true utility as a governance token in the DAO.

  • CSDO Charter V1, by krrisis

    CSDO stands for “Cross-Stream DAO Operations”. Kris once-and-for-all answers the question, ‘What is CSDO and what does it do?’. He also shares CSDO’s “charter, operating rhythm and membership definition” in this post. TL;DR: “The CSDO Charter is an agreement and a commitment between the workstreams as to how we work together”.

:date: Upcoming Community Events

Weekly online and IRL events in the Gitcoin community.

  • Wednesday, January 11th – Gitcoin weekly Community Call

    Happens every week in the #dao-citizens channel!

For up-to-the-minute updates on Gitcoin events, check out our Events Calendar!

:construction_worker_man: Opportunities for Builders

  • Algorand Greenhouse Hack 3. Began this 12/21 and runs until Feb. 8th, 2023. Various bounties available. Take a look at the winning projects from GHH2.

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