DAO Digest #23 2023

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:fire: Hot Topics

:white_check_mark: GG19 has now ended. Stay Updated

:telephone_receiver:Upcoming Steward call on Monday December 11 at 17:00 UTC - Click this link for more details

:money_mouth_face: Happy Hackadays! Gitcoin Hackathon: Dec 11-15th (More details and prize info can be found in this document)

:shield: Don’t get wrecked! Anyone with access to anything sensitive like grant rounds/multisigs, to reach out to Ben/Mathilda/Jon for a quick rundown on how to set yourself up security-wise if you’re unsure!

:classical_building: Enhancing Our Stewardship: Leave your vote on a “More Unified and Impactful Governance Approach” and have your say on What should Stewards vote on?

:eyes: USDC coming soon to PGN: Contract identified and waiting for verification from Circle (Layerswap will add USDC once we deploy). SAFE UI implementation moving forward

:moneybag: Gitcoin Citizens Retroactive Funding Round: Establishing the Citizens Rounds as a cornerstone of the DAO’s way of working could be a key driver of Gitcoin’s essential intents.

:ocean: Meet SeaGrants (fka. Microgrants): A use case within the grants ecosystem to incentivize work through small grants.

:brain: The Shape Rotator’s Guide to Funding What Matters: Dive deep into the evolution of funding mechanisms in the context of Gitcoin’s mission to “Fund What Matters” (read Capturing Value like a Slime Mold to dive even deeper).

:woman_teacher: Round Manager Training Cohort key takeaways and next steps!

:open_book: Vocabulary: Gitcoin Grants, Programs, Rounds, etc

:nail_care: New branding: Refined graphics & illustrations to further drive tech-centered future

:earth_africa: Gitcoin IRL gathering in Q1 2024? promoting team cohesion and encouraging cross-workstream communication…

:crystal_ball: Gitcoin’s Vision for S20 & Beyond

:briefcase: DAO Financial Report: November

Read this gov post to get the full lowdown on what November held for Gitcoin :love_letter:

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • [Vote on Snapshot] Vote to Lower GTC Voting threshold
  • [PROPOSAL] - [GCP 017] Gitcoin Citizens Retroactive Funding Round

:compass: Biweekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the biweekly workstream update - (latest video on Gitcoin Transparency)


What’s new?

V2 documentation is available here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • COMPLETED: SeaGrants use case built from scratch in 2 weeks, entirely on top of the Allo v2 SDK, enabling modular voter eligibility — same mechanism using allowlist, governance tokens, and Hats


    • Pursuing integration partnerships on top of Allo v2 (Impact Stream, 1Hive, Superfluid, GeoWeb Streaming QF…)
    • Refining partnerships process
  • ON THE HORIZON: Arbitrum Grants DAO is sponsoring a hackathon for Allo on Arbitrum

    • Bounties will be to build novel capital allocation applications using strategies
    • Bounties (~$25k)
    • Rounds/Pools (~$75k)

Grants Stack

What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes :slightly_smiling_face:read @meglister ’s article on funding innovation!

Project Updates

  • COMPLETED: New Features were implemented on GG19

    • Matching Estimates
    • Passport sliding scale + widget
    • Round Edit flow v2
    • Explorer Redesign
    • Project Search & Discovery – Explore Projects tab, Search, Collections & Categories

    • Launch database for indexer service – moving away from subgraph dependency
    • Deploy GS on Base and zkSync Era
  • ON THE HORIZON: Complete and stabilize community donation experience

    • Stabilize and improve new Direct Grants feature
    • Connect Grants Programs with best builders for their needs
    • Scope and kick off next-gen architecture, including Allo v2

Actions & Progress


What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes, Roadmap and the new brand identity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Project Updates


    • Verax Dashboard
    • Istanbul was a success—built out Trusted Humans list; preached the Passport gospel at many events
    • New UI for onboarding flow & Sidebar
    • New Identity staking round during GG19
    • Cleaning and growing Sybil list: 35k → 175. Prevention of Sybil attack from GG18 (ecc.eth)

    • Completing UX / UI work with: welcome page & support banner
    • Citizen’s round Sybil analysis
    • Prevention of Sybil attack from GG18 (ecc.eth)

    • Linea Proof of Humanity promotional campaign that will give Passport a boost going live in the next few days!
    • Consolidation of stamp signatures. This will reduce the average number of signatures a user signs on Passport from ~8-10 a session to 1!
    • New Coinbase stamp (taking advantage of the onchain Identity Verification attestations)
    • Fix Cyberconnect stamp Issues
    • Begin work on Identity staking v2

*Actions & Progress

  • Snapshot integration announcement coming soon

  • Identity Staking V2 - Phase 1 promo taking place this week

  • Building out Trusted Humans list in Istanbul—through attending many events

  • Refreshed competitive research beginning soon

  • Discourse and Collab.land integration announcements have been published.


  • Grant Programs Team (GPT) Goals:

    • Grow and operate Program Rounds
    • Community Round Support
    • Dogfooding and Protocol Adoption
  • Get Stuff Done (GSD)

    • Allo: Impact Stream, 1Hive, SuperFluid and more!
    • Polygon: Initial Agreement closed
    • American Cancer Society: Contract Signed, Round Launched
    • Base: Agreement and Contract Progressing. Multiple Community Rounds (regional focused + advocacy).
    • Scroll/X1/Ripple/ZetaChain/LivePeer: all notable opportunities we are progressing forward for Grants Stack.
    • zkSync: targeting Juanuary to kick things off a campaign of multiple community rounds ($500K+ Commit)
    • Taiwan MODA (Ministry of Digital Affairs): Interesting opportunities for Passport (integration with State DID) and potential GS Community Rounds.
    • DevConnect/Arbitrum: $200K+ Commit for Program Matching Funds.


:date: Events Updates

Gitcoin Community Call – Taking place every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET on X.

Catch up on recordings of recent X conversations here:

Gitcoin Pulse – Weekly episodes covering a few of our top happenings at Gitcoin followed by short interviews with active contributors to better get to know the Gitcoin community and the projects they are working on. Listen to the latest episode here.

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