Gitcoin Monthly Recap: November 2023

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We’re excited to share what’s new!

We’re back with our monthly update for all things Gitcoin: Gitcoin Grants, Grants Stack, Gitcoin Passport and Allo.

GG19 ended this week, and we are very happy to report that we hit our goal of $600k donated! Thank you to everyone who participated in Funding What Matters to them in this incredible final round of 2023.

What’s next? The team will conduct sybil analysis, with payouts aimed to go out before the end of the year.

Our is now live!

The Allo team has been hard at work in November, deploying v2 and beginning to build applications on top of the new protocol. Some highlights:

  • Allo v2 is now on mainnets!! We’ve deployed to Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, and PGN. Our contract addresses are here and our docs are here.
  • We’re excited to introduce SeaGrants, a new app that enables communities to designate small groups of voters to approve small grants. This was built entirely using the Allo v2 SDK — we’ve been iterating on this SDK so that we can enable builders to spin up new concepts as quickly as possible. You can learn more about the SeaGrants app here.
  • Arbitrum Grants DAO is sponsoring a hackathon for Allo on Arbitrum. Check it out!
  • This month we’ve also been scoping a number of protocol integrations — we’re excited to share more in the near future!

It’s been a busy month at Grants Stack, from supporting GG19, UX updates and a QV activation at Schelling Point IST.

  • The American Cancer Society is running an independent round! View the incredible projects and donate to this round here! (Note: Gitcoin Passport is not required for matching for this round).
  • We’ve been making improvements to Grant Stack’s UX, including a new Explorer homepage and round edit flow
  • Rounds Currently Running on Grants Stack
    • Polygon
    • PowerPool
    • SpaceID
    • Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program
    • GMX
    • The American Cancer Society
  • Grants Stack Retroactive PGF page now live
  • We ran a mini QV round at Schelling Point IST to distribute 1 ETH between 4 Turkish charities. View the round’s report card here
  • Check out how Arbitrum leveraged QF to gather community insights and boost engagement within their ecosystem in our latest case study: Arbitrum Case Study
  • Grants Stack Release Notes
  • If you’re interested in running your own round, please schedule a demo

We spent the past month once again improving the experience for integrators that want to protect their apps with Gitcoin Passport, and holders who want to build their web3 reputations.

New this month:

Integrate today by diving into our Passport dev docs!