[Citizens Forward] LLM RFP - Pathway 1 (Specific Deliverable)

tl;dr: This RFP is shared as part of the recently launched Citizens Forward program. The program seeks to involve the Gitcoin community in assisting with pre-defined projects through Request for Proposals (RFPs). You can find more information about the program on the portal here. If you’re interested in applying, you may submit your application on Grants Stack before the submission deadline (see section 7 for details).

1. RFP Objective:

We aim to develop a system that not only simplifies the discovery of public goods but also personalizes the experience for users, fostering greater engagement, transparency, and accessibility. This initiative is central to our mission, embodying our dedication to supporting public goods through innovative technological integration.

This objective is divided into two separate RFPs. Pathway 1, this post, focuses on specific LLM-enabled features for grant discovery. To submit applications for Pathway 2 focusing on open innovation and creative uses of LLMs, click here.

2. Pathway 1: Specific Deliverable

We are seeking proposals that focus on developing a tool using LLM for grant discovery. Proposals should aim to address one or more of the following areas:

  • Enhanced Conversational Interfaces: Development of advanced LLM-driven conversational tools for grantee discovery and donor assistance.
  • Personalized Recommendation Systems: Implementation of sophisticated algorithms for tailored grantee recommendations based on donor preferences and historical data.
  • Interactive Visualization Tools: Creation of dynamic visualization interfaces for intuitive exploration of grantee projects.
  • User-Centric Discovery Process: A streamlined, LLM-powered interface that helps new users navigate the vast landscape of public goods available for funding. This system will employ a sophisticated branching logic to guide users based on their interests, preferences, and the impact they wish to make.

3. Potential Key Features and Filters:

  • Type of Public Good: Categories or domains of interest (including the ability to cluster similar grants).
  • Grantee Recommendations: Based on previous donations or onchain activity
  • Impact: Scale or scope of the impact desired.
  • Fraud Detection and Data Integration:
    • Utilize various data sets, not limited to but including Twitter content, GitHub repositories, official websites, and contact information, to enrich the discovery experience and aid in fraud detection.
    • Ensures seamless integration with Allo V2 for pulling in registration information and other relevant data, enhancing trust and security.
  • Registration Bonus: Offer additional functionalities or insights once a user registers, further personalizing the discovery journey.

4. Engineering:

Proposals should, at the very least

  • Be aligned w/ Allo V2 and current Grants Stack
  • In line with Gitcoin Branding (if applicable)
  • Design modular solutions that require minimal integration support from the core team and include estimates for integration.

5. Proposal Requirements

All proposals should include the following:

  • Project Description: A detailed description of the proposed project, including objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes.
  • Team Qualifications: Information about the project team, including relevant experience and expertise.
  • Timeline and Milestones: A proposed timeline with key milestones and deliverables.
  • Budget: An itemized budget outlining the funding requirements.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies: Analysis of potential risks and challenges, with strategies for mitigation.

6. Other Info to include

  • What makes your team best suited to execute this proposal?
  • Describe your team’s experience building modular web applications, preferably open source.
  • Please describe your proposed solution based on the above Solution Criteria
  • Based on your understanding of the project specifications and your team’s past experiences, outline the top one or two technical risks you anticipate encountering during the build.
  • Please describe why you consider these risks to be the most significant and outline your preliminary strategies for mitigating them to ensure the project’s success.
  • Please specify your requirements (resources, documentation, or any other support) from the Gitcoin team to ensure the success of your project.

7. How to Apply

To apply for this RFP, please submit an application before Thursday, March 14th, 11:59 pm UTC (note the round will open for receiving applications on Thursday, February 22nd).

  • STEP 1: Create a project on Grants Stack Builder with project description (including objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes)

  • STEP 2: Complete the application by submitting your project created in step 1 for the grant using this link (you will be required to submit information outlined in sections 5 and 6 above)

For detailed steps on submission guidelines, click here.

8. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Gitcoin’s Essential Intents and the RFP’s goals.
  • Feasibility and Practicality: The practicality and feasibility of implementing the proposed solution.
  • Impact Potential: The potential for positive impact in the grants discovery and management space.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The budget and resource efficiency of the proposal.
  • Alignment with Specific Deliverables: How well the proposal addresses the defined outcome, including the sophistication of the branching logic and the comprehensiveness of filters.
  • Innovative Use of LLM: Creativity and effectiveness in employing LLM technology for grants discovery and user guidance.
  • Data Integration and Fraud Detection: The proposal’s approach to integrating diverse data sources and using them to enhance the discovery process and detect fraud.

9. RFP Support

Check the Citizens Forward portal for details on the RFP workflow, submission guidelines, and milestone creation guidance. Write to rohit [at] gitcoin [dot] co for queries unique to your submission. You may use the comments on this post for all other questions.


Glad to see this blend of using LLM to build PublicGood tools and stretch the limits of developers in web3.

Challenge accepted​:woman_technologist:t4::muscle:t4:

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The costs for storing, filtering and accessing going to be burdensome

The due date has been pushed out by a week to allow teams to finalize their response. Please note the revised submission deadline is March 21, 11:59 pm UTC (will be updated in the post momentarily).

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Hi @rohit , how can we revise our milestones and be in active conversation with the gitcoin team over suggestions and features? I think an active concourse can help us deliver more value to the project.

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Hi @vaibhavgeek thanks for your interest in this RFP. While the RFP is open, you may block time on this calendar for office hour support for specific questions about your response.